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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

En el centro del obscuro cuarto, en un trono de cuerpos ban~ados en sangre, descanza la figura de Remilia Scarlet, sus alas de murcielago estrechadas hasta el doble de su tama~o original.

Entre ella estan dos peque~ost rios de la sangre exprimida de los cuerpos de los zombis capturados por su monstruosa esclava.

La vampira abre sos ojos rojo-brillante para mirar hacia Aya y Satori, dando a demostrar esos orbos sangrientos, brillando como si fueran una luna llena, y les sonrie para demostrarles sus colmillos venenosos, los cuales han adoptado un color sucio y amarillento.

"Bienvenidas a su muerte prematura. Diganme, quisieran algo de beber antes de morir?" pregunta la due~a de la mansion, estrechando su mano mientras hace sus ofrecimentos.

"Tal vez quisieran un vaso de sangre coagulada, o un pedazo de bizcocho de viceras."

Ella estrecha su ojo izquierdo, y antes que las muchachas puedieran contestar, ella dice "no? Bueno, es mejor asi. Las puedo matar mucho mas rapido, sin necesidad de formalidades."

Se levanta de su colchon de cuerpos, expande sus alas de manera intimidante, y grita "AL INFIERNO CON USTEDES!"

Friday, March 27, 2009


To anyone who read this, I am currently learning how to draw on a computer in order to start adding illustrations to my work. I'll be adding more soon.

~Fly High, Take Care, and Many Blessings~

~Edit more than a year after~

So many things have been going on. Right now, I'm not writing my original stories in order to write fan fictions for a game called Touhou (Eastern) - Project Shrine Maiden. This world belongs to a man by the name of ZUN, and his one-man team of Team Shanghai Alice. Still, I believe you'll still enjoy the read, as I have written these "fics" myself, and some with help from a friend. Anyway, here's the link, so if you are interested, please pay a visit to my homepage there. I am also posting them on another blog here at You can find this blog by clicking on my account icon. Anyway, here's the link for the fan fictions:

Hope you like them. Oh, and don't think for a second I have given up on these originals. Sadly, I am not inspired to write them since there are virtually no visitors here... Anyway.... take care

Friday, March 20, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Rejuvinate 2

Morning hits Lumia. Jennie wakes up and while stretching and yawning, she sounds like she's singing. After brushing her teeth and having some milk and cereal, she tells her dad she's going out to play. Puts on a light white dress, then flies out. Luke sends her off with his blessings, then goes back inside. On Dekmoniac, Geo wakes up to a beautiful twilight. He looks outside his window and notices the dead and dry tree next to his window was growing leaves, for the first time ever. He runs to the kitchen to tell his mom about this, but she had left a note saying she was going to be in town for a long time. He grabs a small apple from the table and eats it quickly, then belches as he heads out, then laughs saying "if mom heard me do that, she'd probably get mad... hahaha!" He heads to the farming regions of Dekmoniac wondering what to do now. In the city of Dekmoniac, the demons and people were all cheering as one of their leaders curses the name of Lumia. "The accursed city of Lumia is NOTHING compared to our fair city. One day that shield of them will crumble and they will ask for our help, yes! Will we help them?" said the human with demon wings and limbs as he riled up the rest who immediately answered "NO!!" and there was Aria screaming at the top of her lungs "LET THEM ROT IN HELL!!!" They even had pictures of Lumia, made by themselves, and they started to rip them, shred them, shot at them with all sorts of blades, guns and magic spells, smiling contently as they did.

As Geo headed further into the farming region, he met three bigger kids. One was a human with a purple demon tail, the other also human with one skinny demonic wing and two horns, and the third, a full blooded demon. "Hey kid, where do you think you're going?" asked the one-winged kid, but Geo simply ignores him, so the full demon trip him, making Geo fall face-first on the ground. Geo doesn't get up so the others start mocking him "oh look, the clumsy baby fell" "Yeah, you should learn how to walk, kid" "HAHAHA, I bet he's going to run home to his mommy now." Geo gets up and smiles, then snaps his fingers, turns around and starts walking to his destination once more. The three kids were going to chase him, however, the ground under them crumbled, then three blunt stones rose up, hitting each of them in the face, and knocking them unconscious on the floor, then still smirking Geo says "The correct answer was kicking your sorry butts" then he heads to the dark forests of Dekmoniac. Going deep into the dark forests, the trees looked at him with a mean expression, and looked as though they were ready to strike at any moment, however Geo walks by as if nothing was happening. One of the trees came to life and tried to grab him, however, Geo jumps and points at the ground next to the tree, then the tree sinks underground until only it's branches remained above ground. "Anyone else wants to try their luck? No?" said Geo in a very cocky attitude. All the trees straightened out and opened a new path to a strange swirling energy field. Geo looks at the energy but was not surprised at all. He calmly walks in, both his hands behind his head and whistling a strange tune.

Back in Lumia, Jennie was flying to the farming regions of Lumia. All the trees were so beautiful, the grass was so green, and it appeared the farmers were having a great time. It was hard for her to believe the news about Lumia's decline, when she sees everything so positively. Something catches her eye going into the woods. The others waved at her asking her where was she headed. "I'm going into the woods today." said Jennie. "Be careful" said one of the fox farmers "remember to give us the signal if anything happens." Jennie nodded as she smiled and entered the forest. Again, something seems to catch her attention again, so she investigates. It was a white rabbit, however he had a red lightning bolt shape on it's fur,a nd Jennie found this very curious, so she tries to grab the rabbit, however it starts running away, and Jennie, of course, started chasing after it. Deeper and deeper into the woods she went. Sunlight hardly touched the ground, the trees were tall, and had thick roots, but Jennie was concentrated in catching the rabbit, she didn't notice how far inside the woods she was, then suddenly a swirling energy field opens up right in front of her and the rabbit, but she did not notice, her attention fixed on getting the strange little rabbit, then in she goes. Once inside, the rabbit spots Geo. "Huh? What's a Zabbit doing here?" asked Geo to himself, then Jennie storms inside and grabs the rabbit "GOTCHA!", she said laughing. Geo's eyes filled with shock and fear "HEY GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?" Jennie looks at Geo puzzled, but then the rabbit turns it's body into a red electricity, thankfully the shock made Jennie let go of the monster just in time. The zabbit started to rush her, making her trip. Geo got in front of her and the zabbit, and as the monster stared at Geo, Geo places his hand on the ground, realizing there was no ground here. the floor was made of a swirling white energy, as was all around them. Just a swirl of energy. Geo got scared; he could not use earth magic in here, and he did not know what was the zabbit's next move. Jennie gets up and asks him to get out of the way. "What are you--" but before he finished asking, Geo noticed the girl was taking a deep breath. He opens his eyes widely then jumps out of the way as she expelled the air, creating a shock wave of shrieking sound directed at the zabbit.

Inside a small decaying ruin in the outskirts of Lumia, Jacob and Lynn were exploring, looking for something. They are inside a room surrounded by strange drawings and symbols, a large door, and to the left of the door, three levers. Jacob had a ball of light to illuminate the room and he was looking at the symbols and drawings, as if trying to decipher their meaning. "Any luck?" he asks Lynn, who was on the wall to the right of the room, doing the same as him. "No, just doodles of children and their families" replied Lynn, who was looking at a carved picture of a girl, her two parents, their house and what appeared to be a sun, or maybe a cat. Suddenly Jacob exclaims "A-HAH, I found it" He then heads tot he levers and pulls the one in the middle upward. The door opens as Lynn jumps on him, kissing him on the cheek and calling him a genius, then he warns her "be careful honey, if he happen to even touch the other two now, the whole room will collapse" and so he heads into the next room. As Lynn fallows him, a few strands of her hair get tangled up with the left-most lever. She stops before pulling anything and releases her hair, but after the did, the lever falls down, and she lets out a loud "Oops..." then gulps. Jacob's face turns blue then faces her "you said oops.... Why oops. Oops is bad." Lynn smiles as she enters the room, then the door behind her slams shut, making her shriek a bit, and the entire room they had just been inside can be heard collapsing. Jacob started to sweat a little softly saying "that... was out way back". Lynn lowers her head apologizing then spots something "Ooh, ooh, honey look!" A golden cup was on a pedestal at the end of the room. Jacob gasps "that's it! We just need to take that and get out... somehow." they get close to the pedestal and look inside the cup. Inside were three beads, one orange with five holes in it, one indigo with two holes, and one green with just one hole. "Alright, we are supposed to pick the one that has a cross in it, and since the only one that has holes crossing it is the indigo one, we'll take this one" said Jacob confidently. The second he touches the bead, the room starts rumbling. "Oh crap, why do these things ALWAYS have to be booby trapped" screams Jacob with a frightened expression in his face. The room started to collapse from the entrance to where the two were now. Lynn closes her eyes and concentrates a ball of swirling black and purple energy, then the ball expands and turns into a laser, then she blasts a hole that lead back outside. Both Lynn and Jacob fly to the newly made exit and escape the death trap. As they both floated on the air, they watched as the ruin turned into dust. Jacob sighs and says "so much for that ruin. Ohh well, at least we found what we were looking for." Lynn quietly smiles at him, then suddenly Jacob realizes something "Wait a minute! Lynn, when did you learn that? That spell was just amazing." Lynn giggles and smiles as she says "Starstriker taught me that", then she points her left index finger up and a small ball of black and purple swirling energy materialized, then shrinks and disappears. Jacob flies close to her, grabs her and kisses her on her cheek saying "I love you, you amazing woman, you know that?" Lynn giggles as they fly to their next destination, and as they fly, Lynn asks Jacob "honey? Think we should have told Etherin that we both can fly?" Jacob looks back at her and says "that would spoil the fun of seeing his face".

Jennie continued shrieking until the zabbit gave up and ran away, back to Dekmoniac. As soon as it did, Geo looks at her and quite calmly says "hey, that was cool. I've never seen anyone do that before... in fact..." he looks at her up and down "...I have never seen anyone like you around here." Jennie looks back at him and giggles. Geo blushes as he scratches his left cheek, trying to ignore his burning face, then says "well, anyway, thank you for helping me get rid of that zabbit. They can be quite dangerous. Oh, my name is Geo, what's yours" Geo extends his hand to hers, then she quietly tell him "...umm, my-my name is Jennie..." She giggles again as she shakes hands with Geo, again, making him blush, but then she abruptly asks "so that was called a zabbit? I have never seen something like that before." Geo looks at her seriously for a second "so, you've never seen one? That's interesting. Everyone knows about zabbits." Jennie looks at him puzzled but then asks "and what where you trying to do to that... zabbit, was it?" Geo starts blushing again, and hurries to come up with a good excuse, but get takes a breath of air and answer "nothing... it didn't work here any-" suddenly Geo realizes he can't find his way back home and panics. "Oh no! I don't know how to go back now!!! Argh, Mom's gonna yell at me if I am late again!" Jennie tries to calm him down, but he was too overexcited, then as if an idea just hit her she tells him "oh, home's this way." Geo stops in his tracks, then Jennie walks back to where she came from, as if instinctively knowing where to do, then she vanishes behind the swirling energy wall. Geo was about to panic again, but Jennie pops in her head again, then her hand, then signals him to follow, so he quietly follows her in. Once in the forest of Lumia, he notices that Jennie was surrounded by a light green light. His face turns ghostly pale, then he sees the trees, so green, full of leaves and life. Jennie got worries, seeing him in such a state. "Geo...? What's wrong? Are you sick?" Geo was too scared to answer back, then he realizes... he looks at his arms, then his feel, then around his torso, behind him then he looks at Jennie, his eyes filled with so much fear, it was as if he had just seen death, then he quietly says "Red--red light? I'm-I'm in... Lumia... no..." He could not move, he was in complete shock He was surrounded by red light, he was in a place completely different from his home, and realizing where he was brought even more fear into his heart. Jennie tried to bring him back into making sense, but he let himself fall on the ground and started hugging his knees. Jennie continues to call out to him, and make him wake up, but the shock was too much, and all Geo could think about was what to tell him mom, if she should find him there.

To Be Continued...

MAR. 20 2009
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Legends of Lumia : Rejuvinate 1

Night of the new moon in the town of Kelin-Tao; everyone locks their door tightly and hide in the comfort of their homes. It is twelve in the morning, and only one light brightens the intense darkness of the night. "So, you believe it is time already?" said Hito as he places his tea cup on the inn's table. "Yes, it has been two years since Zak's death. The pendulum slowed down, but it seems it's only a matter of mere months, maybe days, before it happens" said Xato, sitting on the other side of the table, facing Hito, and to his left, Kira sat quietly listening. "But Xato" continued Hito "do you really believe this world is ready for this? I mean, last time this happened, the sirens were almost wiped out from existence." Xato closes his eyes and thinks for a minute, then answers "whether we are ready or not, it is going to happen, and when it does, may the gods and angels save us all, of something goes wrong" said Xato. Xato then looks directly at Hito then asks "and when are you going to tell me your real name?" Hito was a bit surprised, however he merely smiles and says "I did not expect there was still someone in this life that could tell. I am sorry, but you would be safer if you never knew my real identity." Xato nods and sips on his cup of tea. Kira looked at both men quite puzzled, but decided to stay quiet for now. Hito continues speaking "when last this event took place, we had that warrior... Starstriker with us. *Sigh* If he were here now, he would help us." "How do you know of that name?" asked Xato, but Hito kept quiet. Xato smirks "so I was right. I will not ask more in the matter but I will let you know this... it was Starstriker who sent us on this mission." Hito could not believe his ears. It was as if he just heard the most wonderful news in his life, but then realizes what Xato had just said "...b-b-but how can he be...?" but Xato lifts his hand in front of Hito then says "in due time all will be revealed. Besides, we have an eavesdropper just outside. Damien enters through the window and sits on a free chair, three tables behind, then waves with a smile "I am SO sorry" said Damien sarcastically "but the conversation was too interesting to ignore." Xato recognized the man, however he seems different from before, but before he could say a thing, Kira storms off her chair demanding explanations from Damien. "Who do you THINK you are, after almost killing my Xato, now you act all friendly and... grrr" but Xato holds her by the shoulders and pulls her back to her chair, then he continues "you seem to know a lot more of what's going on. Care to share?" Damien ponders for a minute then looks at Hito, who was still sitting on his chair, sipping on his tea, facing Xato's back now. He opens one eye as he sips, then nods at Damien. "I know almost as much as you do, wolf man, however I have a task of my own." said Damien, looking rather serious for once. "I am sure that as always... HIS predictions will come true, and we'll have a mess on our hands like always." Xato looks at Damien's eyes and could tell he was not evil, however still was arrogant and mysterious. "So you claim you also know Sta-" "DON'T!!! Mention his name to me. It's not to my liking, and wouldn't be to yours either I guarantee it!" blurted Damien before Xato could continue. Damien gets up and heads out the door and right before he leaves he looks back with his left eye and says "we will meet again, just not as soon as you'd hope." and with that, two large demon wings sprouted from Damien's back and in the blink of an eye, he was already high in the air, heading to his next destination. Xato stood at the door looking at the direction of Lumia and tells Kira "Kira... I want you to contact Etherin and tell him Leena was right. This is not just Lumia's problem anymore" then Kira closes her eyes and started glowing blue, then a thin beam shoots from the crown of her head and flies toward Lumia at the speed of light. Hito sips on his tea once more, but grips the cup so hard this time, it cracks a little on the side.

In an unknown part of the world, in a city were the sky is always in twilight, the streets are barren, the water fountain, adorned with demonic figures, runs on black slime, a boy plays innocently on the streets, alone. "GEO~" calls a woman from a very dirty house. The roof was made from straw and had many holes on it, the windows were all broken and the surroundings had no sign of life, yet the child happily answers his mother's call. "Coming mama!" yells the seven year old Geo. As he ran to his house near the city he passes by many tall buildings that had been closed up and their entrances and windows covered barricaded by wood all around. Only a few businesses were left, one being the small supermarket, the other being a night club for demons only and on the gates to the city, a large sign, it's letter almost completely gone do to wear, read "W lc me to Dekmoniac Cit " (Welcome to Dekmoniac City). The child arrives home and politely greets his mother, a woman that looked like a big human woman, however she had the eyes of a cat, green in color. She wore a dirty white head band over her dirty unkempt hair and wore a yellowish green dress and over the dress, a purple apron. "There you are child, it's dinner time, so have a seat already" said the woman in a tired tone. The child enters the kitchen and answers "fine, fine. So what are we having today?" The woman places a very large metal pot that had some rust on the sides, then lifts the lid saying "Wings of bats with some vegetables I found in that old refrigerator" she says poniting at the ancient looking refrigerator they had. The handles were broken, the color had faded, yet it worked like new. The child grabs a portion of the meal with some carrots then thanks his mother, which seem to lift her mood a little. Once dinner was done, the dishes cleaned, the woman heads outside the house and stares at the twilight sky. Geo come out looking a bit sleepy, then rubbing his eyes he asks his mother "momma? are you talking to dad again?" The woman looks surprised but just sighs and nods. "Mom, if dad saw you like that, you know what he'd say" He lifts his hand up to his elbow and points a finger up then mimicking his father he says "Aria, stop thinking about things you can't do anything about, just do what you can HA-Ha-HA-HA~~" The woman stares at the child for a second, then start laughing "your right, you're right, that is So what your father would say. Oh, how I wish he were here with us. I miss having a man around the house." Geo pouts, but Aria pats him on the head then rubs his head, messing his already messed up hair. "Let's go sleep, ok son?" Geo smiles then runs inside, then immediately heads for bed, but Aria looks back and stays looking at the twilight sky from teh window a little longer, then a tear drops from her left eye as she whispers "I really miss you.. Zak... My love" and then she heads to bed, crying herself to sleep.

In the city of Lumia, a small half siren half human child plays with three other children, two being human girls, and another being a red fox boy. A man's voice is heard from the distance "Jennie~! Time for dinner!!" "Coming father!" yelled the siren girl in a tone that made it seem she was singing. She waved her friends goodbye and using her odd pink petal-like wings, she flies home. She has bushy blond hair that reaches her shoulder, her eyes are completely aqua with reddish pupils, her arms were covered in silky turn-color feathers. She had a human face and a human torso and limbs, with the exception of also being covered by light blue and green silky feathers all over and her feet looked like falcon claws, although she had her claws smoothed out so no accidental cutting would occur. She arrives at her home, her father, a tall thin man wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt, awaited for her at the house's entrance. As she lands on her father's arms, she gives him a big hug and says "I'm home" in a singing tone. Her father laughs and smiles as he hugs back saying "it's almost dinner time, sweetheart. Oh..?" She holds her by her arms and gets a good look at her and asks "only wearing your shorts today?" and as he gently puts her back on the ground she casually answers "well, it's a little too hot today, and besides, I was just playing with my friends." Her father laughs hard and tells her "it's ok child, I was just curious". She laughs with him as they head inside. After a spaghetti and sauce meal, Jennie's favorite food in all Lumia, they talk for a bit while her dad cleans the dishes. "Dad..." she said in a somewhat low tone of voice. "What's wrong, my child?" responded her dad with concern. "Dad, I think... I'm forgetting about mom." As she finishes saying this, a tear falls from her eye. Her father cleans his hands from the soap he was using in a hurry, then hugs her tightly "my child, you can never forget your mother. She lives in your heart, as in mine. Can you feel her? Our hearts beat together for her, and as long as you remember this, you will never forget your mother." With tears in her eyes, she forces out a big smile, then hugs her father again, then heads to her room, stopping by the small shrine with the picture of her mother in it, praying in front of the shrine, then heads to her room. That night her father was writing in a small blue book:
"Dear diary,
What I feared one day might happen actually happened sooner than I expected. She's missing her mother deeply. I do not know what to do, but I'll do what my heart tells me what is right. That is what she would have told me, right my darling Ria? My name is Luke Sypake, and to this vow I stand, I will do my best for my daughter... but I must confess, sometimes my own heart feels weak and makes me wonder how far I can truly go. Ria, I know you check up on us from time to time. Please give me the strength I need to go on."

And with that, he closes the little book and starts to cry. Jennie was outside the door looking at her father worriedly, however she wouldn't dare enter his room for fear that he might get mad or disappointed in her, so she heads to her room and quietly sobs as she falls asleep.

On the destroyed white castle, where Etherin, Xato, Leena and all their friends defeated Zak, the evil that threatened existence itself, in the room of Lumia's and Dekmoniac's prophecy, the pendulum above the pictures stopped for a second or two, then suddenly swung violently, then both pictures rapidly got so close to each other, they almost crashed. Only one inch of space remained between the two pictures of prophecy, then the pendulum completely stops moving, hanging above the two pictures. A red star started to shine, it's light touching the gap between the two pictures. Suddenly, in an unknown location Hedder gasps, his glasses almost falling off. "What's wrong sweetie?" asked a women from another room. "N-nothing. It's nothing. I'll just need some fresh air". He goes to a white balcony and looks up at the sky, then sees the red star. His face turns pale, his expression suggested as if he had just seen something too horrible, then he runs back inside, goes to the room where the woman was, then trembling he yells "The red star... it's the RED STAR... AYA, AYA! Call for a meeting. This is not good. HURRY PLEASE!" The woman with red eyes gasps and nods, then sends a whit spark flying toward the large coliseum in the sky. Many beings answer the calla nd head to the large white dome.

To Be Continued...

MAR. 18 2009
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Character Descriptions

Once again, here are the characters descriptions. Yes, yes, I realize my descriptions can be vague at times during the tale, but don't you like it when it gets right to the point, instead of constantly beating around the bush? No? Ahh well. It's nice to sometimes use one's own imagination, I mean, for me each character looks in a certain way, but... what about you? Do you see them the same way as I? Well, it's all good because here are the descriptions. Again, if you haven't read "Legends of Lumia: Illuminate" yet, then you should skip this since it WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Please enjoy reading these tales. I hope to continue adding more and more, when more people read them *smile for you* :).

ETHERIN: He is the son of Jacob and Lynn. Loves wearing cloaks and goofing around. Usually wears white shirts, long black or brown pants that are torn, broken, or dirty at the bottom, thick brown leather boots, and on rare occasions, he wears a blue bandanna stained with trickles of blood around his forehead. He has brown unkempt, spiky hair, and brown eyes. He is 40 years old, however he looks like a 20 year old, and acts like a 16 ear old at times, particularly when playing video games with Amy, however, when he needs to, he can act seriously. Whenever there is an injustice or misdeed, he is second to none when dealing with this. He is not as strong as his father, but acquired his mother's magic skills and constantly combines them with the sword his father made for him before vanishing from Lumia. The sword has a golden yellow hilt and the blade is made of a strange white metal that is as hard as diamond, but also as heavy as iron.

LEENA: She is the 25 year old daughter of Kolbeth, the White Knight, a hero of old from Lumia's past, and Meraii, a human whom already possessed extraordinary powers, but was branded a witch, and hunted down by other humans. Leena's eyes are dark blue, and her hair is wavy, dark brown with blond highlights in three separate areas, making her hair look as if it were shining from her crown downard, however, when filled with hatred, her hair turns bright yellow, her wavy hair turns to snake-like strands and her eyes glow crimson. When she enters Lumia, her light pushes back all darkness consuming the light shield of the city. She also possesses a unique trait that nobody in Lumia has ever experienced before. She has an inner aura that changes it's color depending on her mood or needs, which, according to Xato, is a trait exclusive to their Goddess Epheria. Whether Leena is or is not the goddess reborn, it is yet to be seen. She has incredibly strong magic and is able to summon a large sword made of light, and sometimes can summon a hammer made of darkness. Although she is still learning, her healing already surpasses Lynn's level.

XATO HIKERO: He is a mix of human, fox, and wolf. His fur is light blue with white all around his chest and stomach, and his snout. He also has a small scar on his left cheek, but his fur covers it well. He is the son of Xetto Hikero and Geerenma Ageto, and so possesses great skill, power and wisdom, however, when in despair, he can be very hard-headed. At first, he saw Leena as the enemy due to ancient legends he once heard, however it changes when he discovers her true nature. He and Etherin have always been friends, and have been in countless adventures since their childhood, when training under Xetto Hikero, and a few other lumian explorers and warriors. Xato and Etherin both had the blessing of both Xetto and Alanos Hikero's wisdom and guidance, as well as special training from Jacob himself.

KAYLA HIKERO: Shy, reserved 14 year old girl, daughter of Vron {Vrrun} Hikero and Jean Ferrin {Feh-rin}. Her hair is long and lilac colored, her eyes are silver colors, although at times they look blue. She is very gifted when it comes to magic, and can cast spells and even amplify their power ten times her own level, however, doing so drains her significantly. She cares for her younger sister, Amy, who often gets in trouble, for the fun of it. Whenever her sister is in danger or hurt, Kayla will lose her temper and use ever ounce of magic to harm whomever has hurt her little sister. She almost died during their adventure following Etherin and Leena, however, she was saved miraculously by her sister, and ever since then, the magic power has doubled, and so has her wisdom, although she keeps it a secret them to rest, including Amy.

AMY HIKERO: Complete opposite to her sister, she barely keeps things to herself at all, which gets her into heaps of trouble constantly, not to mention under her sister's skin. She's 13 years old, has short blonde hair, and although she looks human, she has the ears of a silver fox and also has a silver fox tail. She has incredible agility and speed, and can also be incredibly stealthy. Unlikeher sister, she lacks magical powers, but makes up by being naturally gifted with weapons, specially dual short swords. She loves beating Etherin in the video games they constantly play, and the score stands at 150 - 0 in Amy's favor, which has Etherin frustrated to the point that he'll play games 24 hours straight, but still loses. During her adventure with her sister while following Etherin and Leena, she was able to use magic for the first time, but she refuses to practice it, however, in reality, she secretly trains in the outer forests of Lumia, since it is in there that her magic abilities are their strongest. Amy tries to enter Lumia's warrior ranks and is constantly training for this, for as soon as she reaches the age of 14, she's going to be allowed to participate in the entrance exam.

VRON HIKERO: A simple farmer in the town of Kelin-Tao, he fell in love with Jean at first sight, however Jean would refuse him often. He won her heart the day he saved her from a vicious pack of dragegons {dra-gee-gons} (small dragon-like creatures that feast on the living flesh of other beings and hunt in packs of 3 or more). He is now 45 years old, always wears overalls, constantly chews on the stems of the rice he harvests, has a thick gray mustache, short hair, small round brown eyes, and although is it portly, he is very srong and quite agile. His Hikero heritage is a bit of a misery although Etherin explains Alanos had a brother who left Lumia ages ago, this sill leave some gaps to be explained, but Vron prefers secrecy overall.

JEAN FERRIN: A sliver fox demi-human woman. She is 42 years old, but looks 25 and acts 18 at times. Has silvery-blue eyes, and her fur is almost completely silver except for the tip of her tail, which is white, and her left foot, that is black. She also let the hair on her head grow a bit, however, it looks more messy and unkempt than Etherin's, but she doesn't care as long as Vron doesn't mind. When Kayla was born, a little snag hit their relationship, since neither Vron or Jean had lilac hair, their daughter did, but love conquers all, and Vron accidentally found information regarding the mix between humans and demi-humans to cause certain mutations, mostly beneficial to the offspring.

HITO THE INNKEEPER: Not much is known of Hito. He came to the town of Kelin-Tao when he was already an elderly man. He has always treated Leena like a grandfather would treat his grandchildren, and has been taking care of the Inn for 10 years. He has not aged a day, ever, but the children love him a lot, and many of the young towns people have grown too accustomed to his presence, so they never ask questions. In his inn, there is a miracle, as the lower rooms contain an endless amount of food and water, a feat impossible by magic, but that is yet another mystery that nobody has bothered to uncover.

KIRA LEENOA {Kee-ra Lee-nou-ah}: Life partner of Xato. When Xato departed to try and destroy Leena (whom he had though was evil at first), she was left behind to take care of their newly-made house. Shortly after Xato had left, she received word he had fallen to his death before reaching the first checkpoint. Devastated, she locked herself inside the house, hoping to die of hunger, however, she has the ability to communicate with the dead, and after realizing Xato's soul was not wandering outside his body, her hope rekindled, continued living, waiting for his return. Her fur is dark blue with some black areas around her ankles and wrists, her eyes are violet and although she is half wolf, her face looks like that of a half-fox.

JACOB: Hero of Lumia and father of Etherin. He is now 1028 years old but hasn't aged a single year. Still uses his sword of light whenever needed. His hair is now short light-brown and his eyes blue, although his right eye is brown, but only he and Lynn know this. He came back to Lumia, but instead of relaxing, he came with news of a prediction for Lumia's newest heroes. He and his life partner, Lynn, now hide in the borders of Lumia as cloaked figures, searching for something inside the many forgotten ruins and temples in Lumia.

LYNN SILVERSTAR: Jacob's life partner, Etherin's mother, and the one being in Lumia who can use black magics for healing and even resuscitation. Although she helped Jacob save Lumia before, she hasn't completely forgiven herself for opening the portal for the demons to enter the city. Her Hair is pink and has grown so long, it's reaching her lower back and her eyes are lilac colored. She is also proud of being 1026 years old, but still look 22. When she came back to Lumia, the combination of her Aura, along with Leena's presence, has brought clam and peace tot he heart of the lumians who had succumbed to so much wrong. She now accompanies Jacob, searching the hidden temples and ruins as cloaked figures.

DAMIEN: Much mystery surrounds this man. Shaggy, long black hair, his skin is pale, wears a black outfit that looks expensive, however, he also carries two large swords that seem to be linked to a chain, always behind his back on his belt. His motives are still unknown, and although he helped Leena decide her path, he is still unknown whether to be ally or enemy. He can be arrogant to many... at times.

HEDDER {Head-er}: A wiseman, leader of a secret society that believes that dark and light are one in the same. When he's addressing the society, he wears robes of white or black, along with a blue and lilac scarf. He has short brown unkempt hair, and stern looking brown eyes. He seems to know Damien well, however they constantly fight over the most trivial of things.

OPHALT {Oh-falt}: Large country composed of 3 cities, 5 small villages and of course the town of Kelin-Tao, along with 3 more towns. Ophalt also has one of the most beautiful beaches in the planet, which lies two miles away from Kelin-Tao, going through a small desert. A dark mass had started to corrupt the beautiful country right after landing on the mayor's office in the town of Kelin-Tao, however, thanks to Etherin and Leena's intervention, the land was saved. Ophalt is also very blessed, being the country in which the entrance to Lumia lies.

KELIN-TAO {Ké-lin-Táo}: A relatively large town, rich in farming of grains and healing herbs. A tragedy befell the peaceful town one day, when a disgusting blob landed on the mayor's office and began to corrupt everything. People started dying, then coming back to life as ooze spitting zombies. Leena, who was a regular visitor of the town, was in shock after seeing it in such a state of decay, but thanks to Etherin and herself, the town was brought back to it's normal state, however, tragically, the mayor had become a symbiotic life-form inside the blob, and so he died along with the decay.

LUMIA: It has also fallen in a state of decay, however, it not by a monster's hand, but by the own lumian's hands. Greed, selfishness, no consideration towards their neighbors, and now vanity. Leena's arrival at the city saved it from becoming a dark dwelling for humans and demons, just like Dekmoniac. Lynn's reappearance inside Lumia has also helped the city to stabilize, however the damage is already done, and the people have to relearn unity, humility, love to one another, respect, and selflessness.

DEKMONIAC: A city of demons and people without light. These legends have been questioned by many lately. IS Dekmoniac really a city of evil, or completely misunderstood? An ancient castle in Lumia reveals that both Lumia and Dekmoniac are destined to reunite, however it is unknown, at these times, whether the cities were united once. Legends tell of this being true, however, these legends are now forgotten by many, becoming mere whispers or myths.

MAR. 13 2009
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Epilogue

A week after their return from the evil castle, and the battle against Zak, all involved in the incident were invited to a quick reunion at Etherin's house. Xato and Kira were last to arrive and sat together. Kira had Xato handcuffed all the time ever since he returned to her. He did not seem happy about it, but that is expected. Amy and Etherin were at it in the video games, and Amy would win every single game, which frustrated Etherin. Kayla sat behind them on the couch, laughing every time Etherin would make a mistake that would give Amy the edge over him. Leena and Jean, Amy and Kayla's mother, were at the dinner table talking and serving the meal Etherin had prepared just a few hours ago, and Vron, Amy and Kayla's father sat in front of Kira and Xato, just talking with them, asking the reason for the handcuffs, and Xato would get for his help, but every time he did, Kira would look at him with daggers in her eyes. Right after Amy beats Etherin on a fighting games, oddly enough based on them, she happily skipped to the dinner table.

Once the meal was done, they started discussing various things: "Amy, something is bothering me" asked Kayla, and Amy looked at her puzzled "when I was knocked out by that horrible monster... you healed me, right? But how... you don't have magic." Amy lowered her head and a tear fell down her cheek and said "I was just so scared, i though you were going to die, and.. I really don't know how, I just wanted you to be well again and I started imagining myself curing you with energy and... well it just happened." Kayla smiles and hugs Amy tight, whom had her eyes filled with tears. "So you never told us how did you get inside Lumia without a lumian's help... I mean I know Etherin helped me but...?" Leena asked Jean and Vron. "To be completely honest with you..." said Vron "Jean had followed our daughters' scent to the entrance, however all we could see was a mountain wall, too smooth to climb, and to hard to break through with anything we had". Jean continued "but I insisted they went through the wall, so Vron somehow closed his eyes, pushed hard against the wall then went right through. I freaked out when I saw that, didn't I honey?" she said looking at Vron who continued "yes darling, which made it that much harder to help her in, but I said to her "Jean, you just have to close your eyes and believe", but she still couldn't come through". Jean smiled and continued "but then Vron had the smartest idea and asked me "do you trust me?" then looked at me in the eyes and, oh, he always knows how to handle me so well" she blushed and smiled then continued "so I closed my eyes, just as he asked, and I trusted him, then he pulled me in. I was amazed when I saw him covered in that lilac light" then rubbing noses with him, Vron continued "not as surprised when I saw my Jean shining that gorgeous light blue color" then they suddenly realized where they were and separated immediately, clearing their throats. Etherin was quietly smiling at the other end of the table, so Leena says to him "you know something, and you are not telling! Spill it!!" Etherin rests his back against the chair, crossing his arms behind his head and looking up "well, the reason it was so easy for you to enter here is because Vron is a Hikero, and even though he was born outside of Lumia, his bloodline allowed him to enter with ease, which is why Jean could not enter as easily, needing his help." Xato was a bit surprised and asked "so they are... part of my family?" "Exactly" said Etherin, pointing at Xato. "But before you ask, it is because Alanos Hikero. your grandfather, had a brother who went venturing outside of Lumia, eventually falling in love with a fox-woman. They lived very hard lives, I must tell you, since by those times, half humans weren't accepted outside of Lumia as they are now. Somehow, though, his lineage continued through humans, and so Vron, here, is you ten times great nephew or cousin or... well thing is you are related."

Jean and Vron looked at each other and Jean said "related or not, I would have dug a hole in that wall for my babies" and Vron nodded saying "and I would have helped her definitely". Amy and Kayla shrunk their heads blushing and said at the same time "WE ARE NOT BABIES!!!" Jean and Vron looked at them and Jean said "but to us, you will always be our children, don't forget it." They all laughed as the two girls blushed in embarrassment, then Leena skilfully veered the conversation "I want to know, Etherin, about that castle,a nd those pictures of the two cities. Who built that, and why? And how come they had so many prophecies drawn there?" Etherin ponders for a second "well, Lumia has quite a few ruins and ancient architectures hidden all around, and us finding that one leads me to believe they aren't myths as Xato and I though." "Then that means..." continued Xato "that the pictures of the two cities coming together... think it's true?" Etherin pulls himself from his lazy position, placing his elbows on the table and resting his head on his hands, looking very serious "well even after half the castle was leveled, the pictures were intact. Even now they continue moving forward, closer to each other. When that time comes, it is obvious that, ready or not, the two cities WILL join, however I do not understand how is this going to happen, or exactly when. I just hope it doesn't end in a catastrophe." Etherin notices the mood changed from a happy one to a glum one, then he cheerfully said "aww, come on, this is a happy occasion. It's Kayla's fifteenth birthday. Let's not spoil it now. Besides, I am positive that we can handle anything, should it arise" One by one they all cheered up and agreed with Etherin, then Etherin smirks and asks "hey Xato, Kira, what's with the lock-up?" Kira blushes and giggles and Xato yells "NEVER YOU MIND!!!" They enjoyed the rest of the day, celebrated Kayla's birthdate, and even got her a surprise cake and candles. As soon as she blew on the candles, her light grew thicker, startling her a little then Etherin explains "relax. Whenever someone in Lumia grows a year older, their lights grow as well... although it is only if the lumian is strong enough for further growing" then he smiles at Kayla. After a while, when the party was over, everyone went back home, saying their see you laters and great party, and a threat from Amy for another beat down for Etherin during online gaming.

Three days later, a grand celebration in Lumia took place as the 15th mayor passed on Lumia's key on to the 16th mayor, but so many lumians had succumbed to vanity, not caring for the celebration, paying more attention to their physique and clothes than to the great event taking place. As Etherin and Leena walked around the streets, wondering how to break the lumian's free of that vanity, Amy, running around at great speeds spots them and stops to say hi. "so, what'cha doing?" asked the speedy girl. Leena giggled and said "oh, just walking about. And you? Where are you off in such a hurry?" Amy smirks and answers "I am training to become part of the explorers group." Etherin smiles "well, I am sure with you in there, they won't need more recruits. Just remember to never overdo yourself." She brushes her hair saying "when have I overdone myself?" then rushes off, running at incredible speeds. Leena laughs "I think we woke up a powerful warrior in her, huh?" Etherin nods, then they continue their walk. At noon, they headed to their home, and just before they entered, Etherin felt something in his skin. "Leena, inside" then points at the left of the door. He burst open the door, his hand on his sword, ready to strike, but to his surprise, sitting in the living room, two familiar figures. "So this is how you greet us after so long?" said a man. "And here I though you missed us" said the woman beside the man. Etherin lowers his defenses, and so does Leena. She looks at them as Etherin walks toward them and gives them both a big hug. "I really missed you guys. What happened to you, where were you?" asked Ethrin, then Leena looks at the two figures and says "these are Jacob and Lynn?" "Oh my goodness" exclaimed Etherin "yes, these are my parents, Jacob and Lynn. "Leena was in a bit of shock, seeing them for the first time. They looked as young as Etherin, only a little taller, but they had to be at least one thousand years old. "Lumians can last up to five thousand years, even more if we allow it" said Jacob, before Leena could ask. "Mom, dad, this is Leena, my life partner and soul mate" says Etherin with a smile, then Lynn says "Oh we already know. She's just as Starstriker told us, right honey?" "Right" exclaimed Jacob. Etherin and Leena both looked quite surprised. "Starstriker?" asked Etherin. Lynn and Jacob nod "and we also know what you have been through and we have to say we are so proud of you all, and you friends are just amazing." said Lynn, then Jacob continued" those two little girls are to become Lumia's greatest hope in a near future, if Starstriker's predictions are correct. We need to talk, so call you friends immediately. We haven't much time." and so there was another sudden reunion filled with many surprises for all in the house, and as dawn breaks Lynn and Jacob cover themselves in black cloaks then head to parts unknown inside Lumia saying "remember what we just told you, and keep close contact with each other." said Jacob then Lynn adds "and son, remember we love you very much."

High above the lands outside of Lumia, a large dome of white adorned with many pillars and statues, strange being, pale skinned, some tall, some short, other looked mean, others looked kind. They were all inside the dome, where the light of the Sun could not reach, in a stadium. They were accompanied by many wizards and wisemen of all kinds. In the center of the stadium, a single wiseman stands. He wore a long robe of white with a long light blue and lilac scarf and small glasses. Brown, unkempt short hair and a stern, serious look in his face were always present. "Brethren of the secret society, high above the clouds take heed" said the wiseman in the middle of the stadium, his voice resonating against the walls "the time is upon us. Lumia and Dekmoniac will join, and although this is a happy occasion, we will be needed to assist on the events to come. Vampires, wisemen, wizards, werewolves, sirens, and dragoons, be prepared to spread the message and defend those who's lives are to be threatened by those filled with ill-wishes. My brethren, never forget that we can also be consumed by these ill-wishes, so go but being very careful of yourselves. May the light and the darkness guide you!" With this, great cheers roared inside the stadium. Soon, the stadium started to empty. The wiseman in the middle of the stadium was preparing to leave, but someone approached him. "Ahh, Damien" said the wiseman. "And so, Damien? How did it go?" The tall pale skinned man, wearing the black button shirt that talked to Leena before stood next to the wiseman, his two large swords still secured tightly on his belt. "The mission was a complete success, although some difficulties arose, but were easily overcome." said Damien. He brushed his hair with his fingers upward then continued "that Etherin sure proved to be something. That Leena was quite difficult to guide. She was as stubborn as you when you were young." The wiseman scoffs "is that all?" "No", continued Damien. "Jacob and Lynn are back; all nine of them know of the union of the two cities and are well aware of what's to come. This will surely set back our plans for Leena." The wiseman accommodates his glasses with his left hand saying "perhaps not. Remember this is just how Sta..." "DON'T SAY THAT NAME IN MY PRESENCE!" bellowed Damien. This made the wiseman smile then continued "this is just as HE predicted. My guess is that we might have to interfere this time, my old friend." Damien smiles widely as they start to walk to the exit, and just before entering the exit doorway Damien asks "so how are things... mister Chris?" The wiseman stopped. He was annoyed but tried to hide it... poorly. "I told you many times... do not address me by that name here. My proper name is Hedder, and don't you forget it." Damien was sitting on the protective tubes on the first row of chairs then asks "so you're still a virgin, huh?" Hedder's face turned completely red, took out his staff and started to shoot blots of lighting at Damien, missing him, saying "THAT, is a VERY inappropriate QUESTION!" Damien mocked Hedder as he missed ever shot he fired, thanks to Damien's inhuman speed. "Ha ha, you missed me... what are you aiming at? A blind old lady could shoot better" Damien would say, and Hedder got so mad he screams in rage, shooting faster and faster at Damien.

MAR. 04 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Final

Xato continues his assault on Zak, who, for some reason would not fight back, and just took the punches head on. Behind them, Leena and Etherin held both then hands, slowly being able to move inside the trap barrier they were in. Xato finally punched Zak so hard, he sent him flying against his throne, blasting it into pieces. Zak gets up laughing harder and harder as he got up. "Is that all you GOT!?" asks Zak mockingly. Xato was a bit winded, but he stands up straight, takes a deep breath, then stretches his arms, saying "I'm just getting warmed up." "Oh quit bluffing, wolfie" said Zak calmly. "My power goes beyond what any of you can even comprehend. Not even that petty sword of light could harm me now." Zak looks at Leena and Etherin, then his blood red eyes fill with wonder then mocks them "so this is it? You're going to dance? That is your secret weapon? Please... DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!" Zak launches himself at the two, but Xato gets in the way and punches Zak in the face, sending him against a wall. The impact was so great, Zak was coughing as he got up again. "Sneaky little wolf. You concentrated your own light around your fists... very impressive. Let's kick this up a notch, shall we?" As soon as Zak stops speaking, he starts absorbing red energy from his surrounding, then the food and beds vanished, revealing a room full of acid to the left, and a room full of thorns and spikes to the right. As soon as he absorbs this power, his body becomes buff, the white fur replaced by more thorns and scales around his body. His face now looked like a deformed lizard, and his voice turns deeper and raspy. "Let's see how you can handle me now, wolfie!?" then launches himself at Xato.

Back at the courtyard, Amy is hanging on for dear life. Exhausted, and hurt, she continues fighting the weakened monster, while her sister, Kayla heals her with the last of the herbs left, as her magic is almost completely depleted. The monster turns it's weapon into a small pike and tries stabbing the quick half fox girl. Amy, after avoiding an attack from the monster, sees an opening and slashed open it's head. The monster roars in pain as it's size starts diminishing. Shortly after it was already the same size as Amy. Without thinking for another second, Amy lunges her swords at the creature, stabbing it on the chest and face. It stops moving and roaring for a few seconds, then suddenly Amy is pushed back, her swords flying alongside her, as the monster turns into a thousand tentacles, then expands, roaring furiously, then explodes, and as it does, Zak feels as if his heart is being stabbed then receives a punch from Xato, straight in the face, sending him flying against the window where he sees the girls alive, and his monster turned to mere pieces. Kayla runs to Amy "Amy, Amy! re you alright?" Amy lies on the floor, out of breath, then raises her fist giving her sister the thumbs up. Kayla smiles and laughs, celebrating their greatest victory. Zak was furious "HOW!? Two little girls KILLED IT!?" Xato smiles "what's the matter, Zak? Not as strong as you though, huh? Come, I wish to give you some more medicine for that face." Xato's mockery only made Zak that much more furious. Etherin and Leena, inside the barrier sigh in relief for the girls, then Zak calms down, which scared all three heroes. "No matter" said Zak calmly, summoning the pieces of his monster to him. "I'll just have to improvise" and with those words, his tail sprouted large thorns all over. Xato prepare for the worse, and Etherin and Leena continue to store energy.

Zak punches Xato on his stomach, giving him the chance to continue to beat up the wolf-man. After a small beating, Xato is sent flying to the acid filled room, but he is able to grab on to the doorway just in time, then Zak rushes to him and grabs him by his neck. The weakened wolf could do nothing to escape as Zak immediately starte syphoning energy from him. "Mmm, this energy is just what I needed. Thank you kindly wolf." said Zak, as he tossed Xato like a rag doll to the destroyed throne. Zak begins to chant a spell "Ke-minai-nimo-noke... HIREGI!!!". Xato weakly gets up "what... what did you do?" Zak smiles, his jagged teeth bare for all to see and says "I just sent those two children a parting gift". Xato's eyes widen, Leena gasps, Etherin asks her to concentrate "Leena, please concentrate, we are the only chance they have now! CONCENTRATE!!!" Outside, Kayla used the last of her magic to heal Amy back to perfection. "Well Amy, you're all better now" she said smiling. Amy got up "we sure showed that monster, huh Kayla?" Kayla giggles saying "what are you talking about, sis? You're the one who beat the living daylights out of it." They both laugh, unaware of the danger behind them. A second red goop monster was right behind them, this one was as fast as Amy. It rapidly turns into the statue, it's hand a large spike ball, then swings the weapon, landing a mighty blow at Kayla's head. Amy's smile slowly fades as she realizes what just happened. Kayla's body bounces twice on the ground before stopping just beside the shield that prevented their escape. The monster, as fast as it materialized, it turned back into red goop and vanishes underground. Amy was barely able to follow, she still could not believe her eyes, but after staring at her sister, lying there on the ground, for a few second, she realizes what just had happened and runs to her "Kayla! KAYLA, GET UP!" She drops next to her sister and tries to get her up. "Sis, sis, come on, get up! Sis. Sis?" Blood flows from under her lilac hair. Amy was still in shock and could not believe what was happening, then start to cry. "sis... come on, wake up... look, that thing... it-it broke my knee, ouch, ouch!" but Kayla would not get up. Amy started to cry, yet somehow finds enough control to summon a lilac light to the tip of her left hand, places it gently under her sister's head, curing the wound, but Kayla would not wake up. Amy places her face on her sister's neck, crying uncontrollably, but she hears a heartbeat. She slowly stops crying then forces a smile, softly saying "you're alive... you're alive, sis."

Back in the throne room, Zak was using Xato's body as a wrecking ball, then smiles at Leena and Etherin who struggled to maintain concentration. "I'll get back to you as soon as I am done with this garbage. Don't worry.." he says turning to Xato " will be all over soon" Zak wraps his scaly hands around Xato's neck and squeezes hard. Xato was too weak to fight back, struggling desperately to get lose from Zak's grip. Xato begins to lose consciousness, then he sees a tunnel made of many lights leading toward a bright white light. Xato immediately realized... he was dying. His life passes by before his eyes, then his thoughts turned to a woman and thinks "I am sorry Kira. I will not return home as I was, but as light" then his thoughts drift away. Outside, the monster reformed behind Amy and roars loudly, turning both it's hands into sabers. Amy gets up looking at her sister "don't worry sis, I'll protect you" then turns around, her eyes filled with fire, baring her teeth at the monster "you hurt my sister" screams Amy as her swords slowly fly back to her hands "and for that I will show you WHAT HELL IS LIKE!" when her swords reached her hands, both blades were surrounded by orange light. "I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!" She launches herself against the monster, immediately clashing blades with the creature, blocking, swinging, dodging, repeating. Each time she hit it would roar in pain, she kept on going fiercely, not leaving any respite for the creature. Inside, Xato wasn't moving, but Zak would not let go of him saying "I want to hear that neck snap!" Xato was reaching the light when all of a sudden he heard Etherin's voice "is that all you got? Come on, the Xato I know would never give up so easily. Come on, you can fight... and I will be there to help. But you have to first help yourself... chicken" Xato's spirit got surrounded by red flames "WHAT!? you got some NERVE calling me a chicken, COME BACK HERE!", then Xato's body regains strength. Zak was caught off guard, and Xato uses his left hand and claws Zak's eye out, getting free from the demon's clutches. Zak screams in pain, and behind him a large ball of light shines. "What's this?" asked Zak, holding his eye in pain.

Back outside Amy fought fiercely against the monster, but she was getting very tired, very quick. the monster took the chance and turned it's left hand into a hammer, hitting Amy hard on her back, sending her flying beside her sister. Amy tried using her sword to get back up but she could not. She tried again and again, but she could not get up, once more a tear falls from her eye "sorry sis... without you, I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. The monster joins it's arms and turned both into a gigantic spike ball. It lifted it's arms high above it's head ready to strike. Amy closed her eyes, hoping it would end quick, then heard the sound of impalement. She though it had aimed at her sister, but when she opens her eyes and looks up, a fork was lodged into the monster's head. The monster roared in pain, then a silver fox woman, baring teeth and claws, started clawing and biting the monster while a large man with a thick gray mustache takes out the fork and stabs the monster on it's back. The monster roars again, then it's body melts to the ground as the beautiful silver fox woman continued to claw it to it's death. Amy opens here eyes wide and smiles wide "MAMA!!! PAPA!!!" The man and fox-woman walk toward their daughters "Amy, my baby!" said the fox-woman as she holds her daughter in her arms and gives her a big hug. The man grabs Kayla, just as she wakes up, and weakly she asks "papa? Is that... you?" The man nods and says "yes darling, your mama and papa are here. It's okay now". Kayla weakly asks "but how did...?" Amy had fallen fast asleep on mother's arms as the fox-woman answers "we would go to the ends of this world for you, don't you forget that... ever." "Now we have to wait until those up there finish the job, and we can go home" said the man. Kayla smiles, then falls back to sleep.

Leena and Etherin had unleashed the energy they had been storing, breaking the barrier that had them trapped. Dancing around in the air, ever step they took shot a beam of light toward Zak, who would scream in searing pain with each blow. Xato would look at the battle from a safe distance as he got out the last of the elixirs and drank it, healing himself. Etherin looks at Xato and warns him "Xato, this spell might level this castle, get out while you can, we'll give you some time!" Xato smirks and says "I'll be out before you know it" then rushes out a window and climbs his way down. The shield surrounding the courtyard broke piece by peace as Zaks powers waned, and Xato finally spots Kayla and Amy and their parents. "What happened? Are they alright?" asked Xato from a distance as he headed toward the family. "Who are you, sir?" asked the man. "I am Xato. We were worried about the girls, are they okay?" "Yes" said the mother and Xato replied "good, now let's get as far away from the castle as we can. It's going to blow any minute now!" They all run for the mountainous edges of the courtyard and wait. Back inside, Leena and Etherin's magic was drawing Zak to them. Zak was trying to get away as best he could saying "this CANNOT end like this, I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!" Leena and Etherin looked at each other, nod then smirk. "Let's finish this, and go back home" said Etherin as he smiled at Leena. "Yeah, I REALLY want to take a nice bath after this" replied Leena. They stopped dancing, then let go of their hands, then rapidly clapped them together, then their light turned to swirling shadow. Zak smile thinking this will aid him, and lets go, confident this shadow will give him more strength, but as soon as he touched the swirl he started screaming in great pain "ARGH!!! HOW CAN THIS BE!? How can this shadow burn more than LIGHT!?" Etherin and Leena smiled and Etherin explained "because, Zak, light and darkness don't necessarily mean good and evil, and we tend to forget, there is as much good in the darkness as there is in the light, and combining both for good creates a power that even the feared "god of evil" cannot deny!" With that, Zak screams a bloody scream as the ball of swirly shadow consumes him down to his very bones. Once the job was done, the shadow disappears and light surrounds Etherin and Leena once more, softly letting them down on the ground. Once on the ground, Etherin and Leena look at each other, then Etherin says "god, I love you Leena" then kisses her". He then smiles at her, and she smiles back, just like the first time they met, then she grabs hold of him and kisses him back.

The two come out of the castle through the entrance gate. Xato smiles, overjoyed to see them well, then runs to them. When all three regroup by the stairs leading up to the castle, the ground begins to rumble and a grumbling voice in the air penetrated their ears. The girls and their parents, whom were getting closer to the three warriors fell to the ground due to the magnitude of the rumbling. "HOLD ON!" said the father, as both him and the mother hold to their daughters, doing their best to cover them. Half of the castle begins coming down and from there, a black dragon, it's eyes red in color, it's body full of thorns and scales that looked as strong as steel, arise. The dragon was twice the size of the castle itself opens its wings threateningly and roars at the heavens, turning the skies into dark thunder clouds. Loud thunder and bright lighting surrounded the dragon. The dragon, with a loud deep voice said "this world shall be covered in chaos, I shall be victorious and you will be blamed for all this!!!" The dragon opens it's wings ready to strike, but a bright yellow sword slashes right through it's neck, and slowly, the dark dragon's neck slides down, then before the head touches the ground, it turns to dust, it's body rapidly follows. The dark thunder clouds vanish as soon as the dragon turns to dust, and behind all the dust a silhouette of a long wavy haired woman is seen absorbing the large light sword back to her hand, and from inside the smoke comes Leena smiling. Etherin and Xato both had their mouths wide open, their eyes looked like they were about to pop out, then placing her right hand on her hip she winks and says "What!? You've never seen a girl kick dragon butts before?" Etherin and Xato look at each other in a state of shock, then start to laugh. Etherin runs to Leena, hugging her and kissing her on her cheek, making her giggle. Happily, all seven return to Etherin's house. Celebrating their victory was the entire city of Lumia, filling the streets with many smiles, and lots of parties, but the heroes were too tired to party. Inside Etherin's house, Amy was beating Etherin in every video game they played, Leena and Kayla were talking, the parent's laughing and smiling, but Xato had something on his mind. Etherin quits the game, Amy mocking him, calling him a loser, then Etherin tells the solitary wolf "go. Don't worry about a thing. You'll see, she'll forgive you" Xato looked at Etherin, rising his sights to Etherin, but leaving his face down, sighs, then gets up saying "thanks Etherin. I'll leave you to your fun... my journey continues for a bit now, but this one is on my own". Etherin smile and places his hand on the wolf-man's shoulder then nods.

Xato leaves Etherin's house and heads to the farms. He arrives at a large white house with yellow windows late at night. The right window was still lit. Xato takes a deep breath then goes on, and knocks at the door. After a few moments the door opens. A wolf woman was standing inside the house. She had white fur that went from her mouth down to her tail, the rest of her fur was grayish blue. She was stunningly beautiful, and as she opens the door she asks "yes, who is...?" She stands there in shock looking at Xato, who had his sights down, his ears lowered, then he says in a very low tone of voice "Kira?" Kira stands at the doorway then grabs the wolf-man's face and lifts his head. She whimpers, then slaps him "do you HAVE any idea how WORRIED I was!? I though you were dead I though...!" yelled the woman as she embraced Xato tightly in her arms then continued "you idiot; you fool, don't you ever do that again" then started to cry. Xato holds her back saying "I'm sorry sweetheart. I am home now. I will never leave you again... that's promise." And so the two wolves stay outside for a little longer holding each other before going inside, Kira eager to hear Xato's tale. In the morning, Leena and Etherin visit Merkob's tomb. "Uncle Merkob, we did it. You are free now" said Etherin, then suddenly Merkob's ghost materializes in front of them saying "good job, Etherin. Thank you so much. You saved this entire universe, and freed me. But how did you manage to beat Zak and still be in one piece?" Etherin looks at Leena and says "Uncle, i present to you, Leena, my life partner. Xato helped a lot too. If it weren't for them, I'd probably be dead, and Zak free to do whatever he wanted." Leena gets closer to Ehterin and he wraps his hand around her. Merkob opens his eyes wide saying "that's quite a catch". Leena and Etherin blush then Merkob continues "ah... it's time I moved on now. Etherin, your parents, before I leave, I must tell you that they are about to return, but there is something else, surrounding them. I can't quite say, but it seems Lumia and Dekmoniac are in for the ride of the eons." And so Merkob's soul drifts up into the light before Etherin could ask him more. Leena and Etherin look at each other concerned, but they decided they would handle whatever came, whenever it came. As they head back home, they stop by Amy, and Kayla's new house that was just a few houses away from Etherin's. Outside the house was a gold plaque that read "The Hikeros". Etherin opens his eyes wide then Amy, who was sitting on the window says to them "What? What did you think? That we were just plain Amy and Kayla? Give me a break." then she bites on an apple she just swiped off Kayla's plate from inside the house. Etherin, very surprised keeps pointing at the plaque as Leena, very confused keeps asking what was wrong, and so ends the tale in the Legends of Lumia.

The End... Epilogue up next.

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