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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 6

Amy was still sobbing about all that food and her clothes on the other side of the shield; Kayla was desperately banging on the shield to get her new swimsuit back so nobody could see it. They both eventually got tired and started to eat some bread and drink some tea. While Amy sipped on her tea, she started to remember her home. She wanted to go back home, with her sister, back to her mama and papa. She turns to Kayla, but as soon as she did she notices she was, again, by the shield. When Kayla turned around and faced to Amy, she had recovered the food and clothes on the other side of the shield. Amy was in total shock and shakingly asks "H-h-how did you g-get those?". Kayla looks at her a little puzzled "what are you talking about?" she asks Amy, but this only makes Amy furious "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!!? HOW did you GET those things from the other side of the SHIELD!!? And where is that swimsuit you were bellowing about just a few minutes ago?" asks Amy suspiciously, Kayla now showing a bit of concern "dear sister, you must be tired, here, I'll prepare your sleeping bag" said Kayla while smiling, while she had her new swimsuit tied behind her back on her belt.

Inside the castle, on the large round room filled with the pictures of prophecy, Leena and Etherin stare at each other. Leena was starting to get impatient. "Why won't you attack!?" she yelled. Etherin stood there, looked her in the eyes and responded "I do not needlessly attack loved ones". "Then allow me..." said Leena, while raising the dark hammer " HELP you with that", then she swung the dark hammer, making it grow twice it's size right before reaching Etherin, but Etherin was able to block the attack, only to be sent flying back against the picture of Dark Leena. Impacting the wall with his back, his sword flew out of his hands. He coughed a little, then jumped up just in time before Leena's light sword would cut him in half. He started to run around the room, closing the circle around Leena, getting closer to her, but before he could do anything, she slams the hammer hard on the ground, sending a dark shock wave that knocks him out, and before he could recover, she is able to land her sword on his chest, giving him a deep wound. "Leena" he yelled, hoping to make her stop, but she immediately slammed the floor again with her hammer. This time, Etherin bounced off the ground just in time using his arms, then he lands next to his sword, which he picks up and immediately blocks Leena's light blade. As they locked their swords, Etherin got a good look at Leena, her inner aura turning blood red, her eyes were filed with hatred and grief; "Leena, you don't want to do this. If you want, I can get you out of here, somehow, I can erase these memories. It will be like I never existed to you!" As Etherin said these words, his heart felt as if thousand of knives were picking at it, toying around in there, but his mind was made up, as Leena was suffering too much, all because he brought her into this. He though to himself that if he'd only left her home that morning, maybe she would be living her life, away from all that pain, all that darkness, but it was too late for that. By the time Etherin leaves his mind, Leena had raised her dark hammer and swung it with such force that he was sent flying against the picture depicting Leena's slavery. The impact destroyed the picture, burying Etherin under the rubble. Leena slowly walks to where Etherin was buried, she calls off her hammer, making her sword of light longer, more bright. She grabbed the magical blade with both her hands, lifted it up, ready to strike, kill Etherin and begin her reign of terror. She looked into his tear filled eyes as he weakly said "I am sorry for causing you so much pain." She closed her eyes, and stabbed the sword hard, then released it, making it vanish in thin air. Etherin opened his eyes and realized she had stabbed the floor right next to him, then she dropped hard on her knees. "Leena", yelled Etherin out of worry, for he could not see her, but he could hear her sobbing. "Of all the people, the beings..." sobbed Leena "of everything that could have happened, why? Why did I have to meet you!?" Etherin's heart began to calm down, and instead of fear, he now felt something different. It was the same heavy feeling when Leena left him back in Kelin-Tao; that same heavy sorrow as he walked alone to Lumia, when he though he would never see her again. He slowly removes the rubble from him as she continues to sob and speak "I do not want to forget you, I do not want to forget anything that has happened." As Etherin got up, she open her eyes, he hair was back to that wavy golden brown color with the blond highlights he remembered, and her eyes were back to that angelic blue color. "But I do not want to be a slave either... I beg of you, please kill me" she said starting to cry again. Etherin stopped removing the rubble from on top of him, instead he said "if I did that, then I do not think I could live on". Leena looked at him, her eyes filled with tears "but if you don't I might have to, and I will not be a slave, I rather be dead." Etherin looked around, trying to find the words to say, but then he look above him, his eyes fill with light, his frown turns to a big smile and very happily says to her "how about choice number three?" Leena opens her eyes and lifts her sight. Etherin points her upwards with his eyes, and above him she sees a picture where both Etherin and herself were holding hands, pushing back hatred, darkness, and demons, with just their light, then Etherin continues to speak "Leena. I do not understand exactly what this is... this feeling I have whenever I am with you. But I do know, that being apart kills me. Seeing you sad makes me sad as well. The thought of losing you makes my heart feel heavy and... Is this...? Is this what they call falling in love?" Leena's eyes started to fill up with love and hope once more. This picture above them showed a new destiny. "I love you, Leena", and with those words, Leena's inner aura started turning lilac; her body got stiff, she could not move, she could not speak. To her it felt as though colossal amounts of energies were entering her body at the same time. Etherin started screaming her name, getting up and pushing the last of the rubble from him by just standing up, and hugged her, calling out of her, asking if she was well, and she was able to hug him back, now her inner aura shining white with gold sparks. As soon as she hugged back, all their wounds healed, and as if being filtered, Etherin's light shone brighter still.

When it was all over, they both looked at each other and started laughing "that's what I wanted to hear from you. Since that night when you saved me, I knew I had to be with you. But you were treating me like just a friend and then I thought you were just using me from the start. I felt like such a fool." "Guess I'm pretty dense, huh?" said Etherin chuckling, but Leena just shook her head "don't worry about it anymore." They got up from the ground and looked into each others eyes, got their faces closed, closing their eyes, but just before they could kiss, a loud howling startled them. It was Xato. Etherin's face turns serious "seems Xato found whomever is causing all this trouble for us." Holding Leena's hand he looks into her eyes, but before he even opened his mouth,s he said "Oh no, I am NOT leaving you two alone fighting great evils. We are going to fight it together, and together we will win." Etherin then exhales then says "how is it that you girls know what I am going to say? I mean, I didn't even get the chance". Leena giggles as she pulls him to where the howling was coming from. As they left the room, the new picture they found behind that horrible picture of Leena being a slave started to shine on it's own, disintegrating the rubble of the old picture.

As Leena and Etherin followed the howling, they passed a few rooms, all big in size, some had a few small monsters that they took care off quickly, but before they continued on, they heard heavy footsteps heading their way. Leena was going to hid, but Etherin told her that the footsteps were familiar, then Xato comes running into the room. The moment he spots Leena, he runs to her, his ears lowered down with a saddened expression in his face "Leena, I am so sorry, please forgive me. I just... I don't understand why I felt such darkness from inside you before, please forgive me" Xato kneels before her, then bows down begging for Leena's forgiveness, revealing his back, all burnt by powerful magic. Leena gasps and opens her eyes wide. Etherin asks him who did that, but before he could explain, Leena's inner light started shining again as she healed the wolf-man and even fixing his armored shirt. When Xato looks up and sees her, he gasps loudly, a tear falls from his right eye and once again he bows down saying "My... My goddess. It's you, Goddess of Lumia, the one who blessed Lumia with her light. I am not worthy!" Etherin and Leena look at each other quite puzzled then Leena asks "goddess? I'm not a goddess..." then Etherin rather annoyed said "look, Xato, she forgives you, and I forgive you too, but I think you are taking things far too long now". Xato gets up and grabs Etherin by his shirt "Ehterin, she is the goddess reborn. Goddess Epheria!" Thering looks puzzled and quite annoyed as well. Xato slams the palm of his hand on his face "for being the son of Jacob, you know NOTHING of Lumia. Let me explain..." suddenly Xato was wearing a college graduate cap and a long white jacket and held a stick and points it at a green board with white drawings on it "Goddess Epheria was the goddess that blessed these lands that we now know as Lumia. I was also Epheria who created the dome and cloaking magic around Lumia to protect it. The only known traid of her to this day is that whenever she used her powers, she would shine two auras: One being the size of Lumia's protective dome, and the second one a fiery white light with sparks of gold that would fly about whenever she used her powers." Etherin looked a Leena quite puzzled once more, but all she did was smile and wave at him. "You're liking this, aren't you?" said Etherin in a jokingly tone. Xato, now wearing his regular attire again, got close and said "it was prophesied that she would return to Lumia one day, but that was long before the second mayor took over. For all we know, Etherin, she could be."

"ENOUGH", yelled Etherin. "Xato, what happened, who burned you like that?" Xato's eyes filled with fear saying "Etherin... it's Zak. He's back". Etherin's face turned pale, as if he had just seen a ghost "you mean... Zak...? The same Zak that almost drained the light from all living creatures...? the same Zak that tricked uncle Merkob to thinking he was evil?" said Etherin in disbelief. Leena did not understand much, except that they were in trouble, "guys! Who is Zak?" Xato replied to her with fear still clinging to his face "Zak is a very terrible dekmoniac that learned the ability to siphon light from others, killing them, making himself stronger. He had entered when Lynn, Etherin's mother, opened a portal the let into Lumia countless of terrible demons. We was reborn the second Jacob had slain him countless years ago, and now I am sure he is going to try and continue his worldly domination attempts. If we cannot stop him now, this entire universe will turn into nothing." Etherin got in front of Xato "Xato, Leena, there is a great chance we will die here, and now, however... if you want to go now, I will not stop you." Xato and Leena looked at each other and laughed hard. Leena grabs Etherin's shoulder, who looked rather ashamed for asking that, then she says "I did NOT find my life partner now, just to let him go die on his own" then she smiles at him. Xato places his hand on Etherin's other shoulder and says "for too long we have been best for friends. There is no chance in hell I will leave you to die, when there is something I can do to help you survive." And with that, Etherin thanks them, and on they go, toward the third floor where a great evil awaits them.

Outside in the courtyard, Amy and Kayla were fast asleep, when something that looked like a read blob appears from under the grass. It slowly and quietly got closer to the two sleeping girls. When it got close enough to Amy, it rose and quietly tried to consume her, but Amy had already sprinted off her sleeping bag "TOO SLOW, PAL!!!" she yelled, waking up Kayla, whom springs off her sleeping bag as soon as she sees the red goo. Amy gets her two short swords ready, and Kayla prepares a green light on her hands. The red goo grows in size, making him three times the size of the girls, then it took the form of the statues on the castle stairs. "Amy" said Kayla trembling, but Amy would only keep her sights on the red glob as it turned it's hand into a scythe, then it launches at them with great speeds.

To Be Continued

FEB. 27 2009
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 5

Kayla wakes up on the large courtyard next to her sister, Amy, whom was already awake. "Good morning, sis" said Amy, as Kayla wakes up, then continues "it's been very quiet, and I haven't see Etherin yet." Kayla looks at her sister puzzled then hesitantly asks "you- you saw Leena then?" Amy nodded and frowned. He expression changes to that of confusion and fear and says "it was... as if she was in a complete trance. Her eyes, sis, were so empty. As if she wasn't even in there. It was scary, but what's worse...". As her sister spoke, Kayla got up and tried walking toward the castle, but a shield that felt as though it was made out of glass prevented her to get close to the castle, or the new stairs leading down. "...There's that invisible shield there. I couldn't reach her. Sis... I think I'm getting scared." Kayla immediately ran back to her sister and knelt next to her hugging her tightly "sis, don't say that. Courage, little sister, that is what we need now" said Kayla to her sister. Amy lifts her head and ears up and smiles again, looks at her sister thanking her.

In the dimly lit room, Etherin wakes up, his arm still reaching for Leena's. He squeezes his hand and terror fills his hears as he feels something was missing. He lifts his head with much struggle and opens his eyes. He thought he saw Leena for a second, but as soon as his sight cleared, he noticed she was gone. Struggling, he gets up as fast as he could, but he was still so dazed and he still didn't have full control of his limbs. His heart raced as he looked around and still no sign of Leena anywhere, and what was worse was the entrance was completely gone. As hard as he tried, every time he called for her, a feeble sound came from his voice. His heart and body were now filled with so much fear; fear for her loss. What if she was hurt, or worse, killed and consumed by a monster. He started to cry, but he would comfort himself thinking that she was well, but probably had been captured and she needed him. His fear turned to courage, and with this, he could control his limbs better. He started to run to what seemed to him was forward, but the room looked the same, any way he looked at it, and it was so dark inside, it made it even harder. He keeps running, but was still lost. His heartbeats quickened, his thoughts were becoming maddening, where was he, where was he going, where should he go? All these thought came rushing through his head as he continued running in a straight line in that room. He slipped and fell on the ground, his body spinning as he kept on sliding, then crashed against one of the marble pillars. Now he was truly lost. "Where the heck AM I!!?" he screamed as despair once more consumed his heart and mind. As he stood up, all his thought were on Leena, whom was probably lost and alone somewhere in that crazy place, but then, a light grabbed his attention. He moved toward one of the pillars with a torch. As he got closer, he could see a brighter light next to the torch, and then, after going through two pillars that were very close to each other, he entered the same room, only it was well lit, and there was a white set of stairs leading up. He smiled when saw Leena's energy leading up. "She's ok" he said, as he took a deep breath of relief. As he reached the stairs, he started calling out of Leena, and would call for her as loudly as he could every few seconds or so. He finally reaches the courtyard with the white castle in the middle. He saw the statues of the men with weapons for hands, immediately unsheathing his sword. As he got closer skeleton warriors were silently rising from behind. Amy and Kayla would scream at him, but the shield that held them back was preventing him from hearing or seeing them.

"Kayla, he can't hear us, what do we do!?" Kayla placed her hand on the ground and place a red energy ball on it, then grabs Amy and runs away from it. The ball sunk into the ground then it exploded with great force. The vibration alerted Etherin of the creatures behind him. "Phew, you did it sis" but Kayla did not answer and just stood in front of the shield, wondering if they would ever be able to get out of there, but then Amy yelled in alarm "Sis, behind us!" Three of those skeleton warriors were right behind them. Kayla prepared her magic, pushing Amy behind her first, but Amy got beside her. "Amy, I know you can fight, but I doubt your kicks and punches will do much against these creatures. They are made of magic and you need steel to harm them." Amy did not reply and simple pulled two short swords from her tail then smirked at her sister. "AMY!? where did you get those? You could have hurt yourself!" "Don't worry, Kayla, I brought these from Etherin's house. He said it was ok" she giggled then prepared herself to attack. Meanwhile Etherin had already begun to battle the undead creatures. He took care of them in a single slash from his sword, but as soon as he killed on, three more would pop up from the ground. He would slash the air and a beam of light would fly toward the enemies, turning them to dust. Those touched by light did not return, so Etherin smiles as he continues to slay the skeletons. Amy and Kayla, not having actual battle experience, had a lot of trouble with the skeletons. Amy would cut off their arms and heads, but they would just put them back on, and Kayla would blast them with her flame spells, but they only singed the creatures. "Amy, any ideas?" Amy went back to her sister's side in a flash and shook her head saying "Nu-uh, I though you would have figured something out by now." Amy spots Etherin and sees how he killed the creatures. "Kayla, I want you to shoot your fireballs at my swords" Kayla was shocked but then saw Etherin and understood and said "alright, just careful you don't get burned, ok?" And with that, Kayla sends two fireballs to her sister's swords, and Amy would slash the air, creating that light blade Etherin was creating with his sword, turning the first skeleton to dust. "YEAH!" yelled Amy as she jumped excitedly at the defeat of the skeleton, but Kayla said "umm, sis? There's still those two" Amy stopped bouncing, look at them and said "oh yeah" and immediately she had to block the skeleton's sword then back away. Etherin had just finished his last skeleton when he started to climb the stairs to the castle, but in front of him, four undead warriors, rose from under the stairs. Only two wore helmets, but each had a different weapon, their eyes red, their decaying skins purple and their bare teeth crawling with insects. The four warriors spread. The one with helmet and sword was in front, to the left was one with a spiked club, farther to the left, the other ghoul with helmet and bow and arrows, and to his right the ghoul with a staff.

Etherin began to battle with the warrior with the sword, but rapidly had to block the spiked club, avoiding a dangerously well shot arrow, then a blast of dark magic hit him. Etherin decided to run away from the stairs, but as he did, the sword wielding warrior jumped in front, so Etherin jumped to the left side and kept running as fast as he could, reaching the bow and arrow warrior and killing him immediately with a well placed fire blast. The spiked club and sword warriors had caught up, and Etherin jumped high in the air to avoid their attacks, but a dark blast hit him, sending him flying down the stairs, landing on the ground just next to the stairs going up to the castle. Meanwhile, Kayla and Amy had just beaten the second skeleton. The third skeleton ran back to where the first one had fallen and Amy was already celebrating again, but then the skeleton pulled a bone from the ashes and it turned into a shield on it's hands. Amy lowered her ears yelling "that's not fair!" They tried the magic slash, but the shield protected the skeleton flawlessly. It laughed as the girls regrouped out of options. Etherin got up from the ground and was going at it against both spiked club and sword warriors. He managed to blast the sword warrior with a ball of white light inside it's eye, turning it into flowers the moment it fell, then dashes toward the magic wielding warrior. Amy was dashing back and forth, landing a few hits on the skeleton's back, and while it swung its sword at Amy, Kayla would blast him with small fireballs right where Amy had landed her attacks. The skeleton was getting weaker, so Amy pushes her luck and slashes the monster's shield arm clean off, barely missed by the monster's own sword. "NOW!" yells Amy, and Kayla immediately shot two fireballs, Amy slashes them with her swords, sending the shock wave at the skeleton. the monster looked pathetically at the shock waves heading his way, and just before they hit, he loudly said "oh shi-" then turns to dust. Exhausted, Amy drops on the ground panting, and Kayla kneels breathing heavily, and almost out of breath she said "we did it, sis", and Amy laughed as she lies on the ground catching her breath. Meanwhile, Etherin had received some wounds on the face from the spikes on that club, now fighting both magic and club warriors at the same time. The magic warrior prepared a heavy magic attack, and the club warrior swung at Etherin, hitting him on his torso on the left. Etherin took advantage of this and grabbed the monster's arm and slammed him against the magic warrior, whom at the same time had just released the magic blast, but the impact from the other warrior made the magic bounce back, blasting both undead monsters to dust. Etherin was exhausted, but he kept going up the stairs.

He was about to open the door when the ground under him started rumbling. He leaps back, sword at the ready and in a second, a large knight in thick black armor with golden outline in each of the pieces, a large dark helmet, heavy iron boot and a massive axe sprung from under the ground. It bowed at Etherin, then prepared himself in a battle stance. Ehterin was tired, but he could not turn back now. He ran, screaming at the knight, but it moved just as Etherin's sword landed, then Etherin tried a magic spell, but the knight dispelled the magic, then used it's forearm on Etherin's face to send him flying back. Etherin got back up but the knight was already on top of him, grabs him by the shirt then throws him against the castle doors. Etherin was losing consciousness, so the knight took this opportunity to finish him. He raises the large axe all the way behind him, looking at Etherin, ready to cut Etherin in half, but then it stopped, then drops the axe. The torso part of the armor flew off, revealing a scythe that had gone through the knight's ribs, then back out. As the monster turns to ashes, Xato was standing behind it, smiling at Etherin. "I never thought I would see the day when it was I who saved your butt, huh Etherin?" Etherin could not believe his eyes, but before he knew it, Xato was offering Etherin a small bottle with a blue liquid inside. Etherin grabbed the bottle weakly, then struggles a bit to open it, and as he does, blue magic sparks come flying from inside. Etherin drinks it, magically recovering his strength and all his wounds healed in just a second. "So much better" sighed Etherin. "Xato, why'd you...?" but before he could continue Xato said "I am sorry, Etherin. For everything. I should have known better than to doubt your judgment. I guess I was so blinded by these myths and rumors. Please forgive me. Allow me the honor of..." Etherin raised his hand to calm Xato down "don't worry, old friend, just snap out of it and let's go find her" Hope had filled Etherin's heart now that Xato was helping him. They enter the castle together. Inside, the castle was made of white and light gray stones and adorned with many different depiction and statues of gods and goddesses. Immediately inside on the first floor the stairs leading to the second floor stood there, but once they reached the second floor, they realized Xato was the only one that could go on ahead. "Xato, we're gonna have to split up. If either one finds that source of evil oozing from here, let's regroup on the first floor, got it?" Xato nodded and was about to jump up when Etherin places his hand on Xato's shoulder and says "don't risk your life, got it?" Xato smiled and said "I'm part fox and part wolf. My instincts wouldn't allow it anyway", then he jumped to the wall and used to to climb up, then continued on. Etherin explores the second floor, going though many doors until he reached a large round room. The floor was adorned in light brown, the center a lighter brown ball of light that would send rays of the same color of the ball to the walls, and at the end of each ray there were murals. Some depicted his parents' own adventure in Lumia so many years ago, and there he saw the picture of his uncle Merkob right before his death, his silvery shining ever so brightly, but then he noticed his own story with Leena. There she was, the pictures of her birth, of both her own and her mother's light joining, and how he came to meet her and then a very terrible picture of Leena, her hair waving like snakes, bight yellow in color, her eyes crimson colored, wearing a dress as black as the night, destroying the entire world. Besides the one it was him with Leena, just as he remembered her, but he had a golden chain around her neck, and she was bowing to him and the other lumians. "This... this isn't right" he whispered to himself, then he noticed something funny on the wall, like a small crack, but before he could investigate he turns around, unsheathing his sword.

After he turned around the room filled with light from outside, his eyes widened when he saw Leena standing in the very center of the room, looking down, her tears falling on the ground. Etherin lowered his sword almost immediately "Leena" he happily called, but did not move from his spot next to the mural he was just looking at. He saw her tears, and noticed how he hair was no longer wavy, but smoothed, and it was bright yellow instead of the usual golden brown. He remembered the other picture of her destroying the land, then fear once again claimed his heart. "Leena?", she softly asked. "Shut up!" she yelled, still not lifting her head she continued "why? Why did you continued to lie to me?" Etherin tried to talk but she continued "you know, I loved you, I really did. But the evidence is so clear to me now; as clear as those pictures you're standing next to" and without lifting her head, she points at the two pictures of her outcome then continued "you were going to use me. But what if I refused? What if I do go mad and kill all?" She started to sob, then turned her sobbing into maniacal laughter. Etherin tried to get closer, but something held him in place. "Leena, these pictures, I swear, I did not know. There is no way I would do this to you. Yes, it's true, at first I was sent to find you, to save Lumia; to save the world, but I swear..." "LIES!!!" Leena screamed at the top of her lungs, sending an intense shock wave that threw Etherin off balance then she continues "you're treachery knows no bounds. You're going to use my love for you for your own, disgusting, and selfish reasons, but now..." She raised her head revealing crimson colored eyes, an evil smile on her face, her tears dried up, her hair started to wave on it's own, looking just like serpents, just like the picture depicting her evil self. A dark red aura now surrounded her. When Etherin saw this, his eyes filled with terror as he realizes the power she possessed. Not only did she have just powerful light, she also possessed great darkness, and could use both auras at the same time. Leena continued ", dear Etherin, we will fight. The winner will keep his, or her life, and the loser... Well, the loser will die. On her left hand she summons a small sword made of light, on her right, a large hammer made of darkness. Etherin's mind was going crazy. He knew he couldn't kill her, but he couldn't let her kill him just like that. And so, they stand looking at each other, waiting for the first one to make their move.

Meanwhile, outside on the courtyard, Amy and Kayla had just recovered their breathes and were looking for ways to get out of there. Amy ran as fast as she could, banging on the crystal shield at great speeds, but there were no openings anywhere. When she returned to her sister to deliver the news, they both sighed, but then Kayla noticed something from the skeleton's ashes. It was their supplies, and sleeping bags. "Wow, who would have thought...?" said Amy in surprise and as she prepares some tea, she then realizes "wait a minute, sis... if these skeletons had part of out things, do you think the one's Etherin killed were...?" Kayla opened her eyes wide and went close to the shield to see, and to their horror, their extra set of clothes were on the other side of the shield, some had been shred to pieces, other singed by fire, and some extra supplies of food just lying there out of reach. Amy was wailing and screaming "WAAAAAH!!! That was my most FAVORITE SHIRT!!!! Oh no, all that FOOD!!!! NOOOOO!!!" She lowered her ears and knelt on the ground, softly howling, then Kayla came to her and said, "don't worry sis, we'll get you a new shirt, besides, we have enough food here to last us until Etherin and Leena return" then smiled at Amy. Amy still pouting, pointed a little to the right of her shredded shirt and said "well, isn't that the new bikini you had bought just a week ago?" "WHAT!?" yelped Kayla, turning red like a tomato. "Oh, no!, No, no, no ,no. Amy, Amy, we got to get that back, what if Etherin saw that, OH MY GOSH, I'll be so embarrassed. Amy, Amy, please we have to hide that, COME ON!!!"

To be Continued

FEB. 24 2009
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Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 4

A few minutes after Leena had entered Lumia, her light started to shine and expand. As it expanded, it consumed the darkness that had covered Lumia completely. He light reached all the way to the forests, where a mass concentration of darkness reigned. Not even Leena's massive light could consume that. Etherin looked at Leena and said "it seems with your light alone we can beat this. It might even be easier than I though". He smiles at her and she smiles back. Suddenly there was another loud roar, this one made the ground shake, and Amy jumped on Kayla's arms, shaking. The people of Lumia started to come out of their houses, some would look up and be amazed by the sunlight, others wondered about the loud roar, but then they looked up to Lumia's entrance and saw Etherin, accompanied by three outsiders. Some started to cheer, calling them saviors, while others just questioned Etherin's decision to letting in the outsiders. Out of the alley, where a large crater could be seen, came out Xato yelling "Stop cheering, this INSTANT!!! These aren't saviors. The woman with no light right there, that is the daughter of that witch, Meraii!" The people gasped, some got afraid and others entered their houses. Some started screaming "get out of here" "How could you, Etherin." Etherin looked at them in disgust "what in BLAZES is you problem. Who's light do you think pushed back all this darkness? He pointed up and as he did, hi grabbed Leena's hand and lifted it. The people noticed how the light above them reacted. They were speechless. Xato looked surprised. He looked around over and over, but he could not say a word, so he leaves quietly. Etherin escorts Leena, Amy and Kayla to his house "sorry for bringing you here, but I doubt the inn will let you stay, said Etherin to Amy and Kayla. Leena entered and sat down on the table, looking around. The house was big. The kitchen alone was very comfortable, although a bit dusty and messy. The living room area has things she had never seen outside. A square black box made of plastic with a black glass box inside, rubber strings attached to the box, she was amazed. Etherin explained before anyone would ask "that is called a television. With it you can see transmitted signals that include shows... like theaters. Five hundred years ago, the outside world has so many of these... oh, the gray and white things are called Video game systems. We play electric games on them to pass the time" he smiled and noticed Amy was more curious about it, since he said the word "games" so he showed her how to turn it on, insert the game disks and how the controllers worked. She picked that up and was already playing as if she had already played those before and said "anything faster? Too... slow. Too easy" She was zombified in front of the television. Etherin smiled and started to prepare a meal. Kayla, Leena and Etherin all ate on the table, but Amy would eat bit from her plate while playing more videogames. Night falls and soon it is time to sleep. Amy had fallen asleep in front of the television with a video game controller in her hands. Kayla picked her up and they went to Etherin's room. It ws a bit stuffy, so Etherin tampers with a box with grills on it. It was an air conditioner, but the sound it made scared the others stiff. "Don't worry, this will make the room cooler, nothing else... the world outside had these as well, some cities still do. You'll sleep here, the bed's quite spacious, so you'll fit in fine." "Where will you sleep?" asked Leena, to which Etherin replies "don't worry, I'll just use my parent's room." Etherin frowned then looked down to the ground. "Don't worry" he said as he lifted his sight, smiling at Leena, "you three just rest", and so Etherin closes the door and heads to the living room to pick up the mess. He then remembered how his mother and father suddenly vanished without a trace. He started to remember his childhood, and how he spent hours playing videogames, and so he fell asleep on the couch, dreaming of days past.

Morning came fast. Etherin had already waked up by the time Leena got up. He had prepared a large bag, with food, two tents and supplies and healing kits for their trip. He smiles at her "good morning", he said, and Leena groggily replies "good morning... I need to brush my teeth... but I forgot my toothbrush back in Kelin-Tao". Etherin points at the dinner table and there were three toothbrushes ready for them "I went and bought those just a bit ago" said Ehterin, and Leena replied "you sure are full of energy in the morning." Kayla wakes up and said good morning, and shortly after, Amy gets up and goes directly to the table, grabs her toothbrush and asks "what's for breakfast?" then heads to the bathroom. At mid-day they all head out, and Etherin looks at the house, as if saying goodbye to it, then they all head to the forest. The people of Lumia were staring at them, quietly. Some would insult them and cuss at them. Others closed their doors and windows, while others looked down on them. After a long walk, they reached the forest. Etherin looks up and sees the swirling dark clouds. Doubt ever takes over his mind, evident in his face. Leena grabbed, and hugged him tightly and said "no doubts, no fear. Let's not back down now, alright? Remember, as long as we have each other, we can never lose." Etherin's face fills with determination once more, he looks at Leena and nods. This gave Leena the courage she needed to move on, as she too, was frightened. Amy looked as calm as if nothing was happening, while Kayla looked a bit worried. The forest was a very beautiful place, filled with all kinds of flora and fauna, all happily going by their days, but the deeper they went into the forests, the darker it got. Trees looked dead and gray, animals looked mean and hungry, but they pressed on. Amy bonks a black fox that was behind her, sniffing her legs. "Bad boy" she said as the fox creeps away. Deeper into the woods, the trees grew dark purple colored. They seem to be trying to reach fo them, looking ominously at them, but all four continued on. They reached a clearing in those dark woods, so Etherin decides to set up camp there. He sets up both tents while Amy and Kayla would start a fire large enough to use as cover. Leena looked up, the clouds looked very dark purple, swirling above her head. She felt as if the clouds were trying to grab her and pull her up, but Etherin calls her close to the fire. She got a bit startled by his call, but she rapidly went to him. "Is it night... already?" asked Leena. Etherin nodded and said "although I cannot be too certain, this place is always like this. I remember when Xetto would bring me and Xato here for training." Leena and the others opened their eyes wider and Leena asked "you and Xato? You were friends?" Etherin looks at them seriously and says "yes, we have always been close friends. He's actually the son of Xetto, one of Lumia's greatest adventurers. He married a wolf woman named Geerenma and they had Xeto. That's why although he is very strong, he is also quite agile for a wolf. I'll tell you, Xato can be a pain, but he's only doing what he believes is right." "Right" said Leena in disbelief. "I know you don't believe me, but he's usually very kind and caring to others" said Etherin as he kept looking around. "We never went as deep as this before, mind you" continued Etherin, "I sure wish we had." They all went inside their tents for sleep.

Etherin woke up then sat down near the fire that was about fizzled out. He was lost deep in though, constantly grasping his chest, as if trying to grab something and pull it out. Kayla silently came out of the tent. "Think it's morning yet?" she asked, but Etherin hadn't noticed her, so he jumped a little and said "Kayla... you startled me. Sorry... umm yes, I believe it's morning. Unbelievable, huh? It's so dark, one cannot truly tell." Kayla smiled and said "you'll soon understand, Etherin, you just need some more time. These things are hard to understand sometimes, but they become quite clear when you give them the chance. You'll see. You will make the right choice when it comes." Etherin looked at her puzzled. How could someone so young know about what he was feeling, or thinking? She smiles and said "just because I'm fourteen and a half, doesn't mean I'm ignorant." The others wake up soon after. They picked up the camp and continued until the had reached the foot of the mountain. Amazingly, there was a strong ammount of light illuminating that area, revealing a large door with the image of a large god. With one hand, this god has light, but the other, behind it's back, was a dark bloody knife. "This is it" said Etherin, "this is where we'll find that evil and rid of it from the world. And to think it was right here in Lumia all along." Leena gave him a serious look "then why did you come back here in the first place. And don't give me that coincidence crap, I won't believe that!" Etherin looked at her straight into her eyes and said "because I thought you hated me and... I don't understand why, I just didn't care about anything else. I don't under..." Leena pressed her finger on to his lips to quiet him down and said "I'd never hate you, but..." she backs away and looks to the ground "but it really hurt... when I thought you were using me. It's a terrible feeling, you know?" Etherin looks at her smiling and as she looks up to him, she smiles back. They both turn around to face Amy and Kayla, but before they said anything, Amy had already set up a tent and was sipping on tea, saying "it's alright, we'll stay here until you return." Etherin opens his mouth to say more, but Amy continues "I know, you've already dragged us far enough, we'll be safe her, so don't you worry... kay?" Etherin looked at her, very surprised at her, his mouth still open, since she already knew everything he was going to say to them. He closed his mouth then Looked at Leena.

Suddenly the doors started to open on their own, and so, walking side by side, Leena and Etherin entered. As they entered, they disappeared inside the darkness. Kayla sat down next to Amy looking worried. Amy kept sipping on her tea calmly. "So that's it, no fuzz, no bellowing, no trying to convince me to follow them?" asked Kayla. Amy looked at Kayla and smiled. She gently put her tea on the ground, and in a second she picked up the entire tent and the supplies, grabbed Kayla by her hand, then ran at incredible speeds into the door that was just about to close. Kayla, not surprised by this simply sighed and said "well, now what? Do you know where they went?" Amy shook her head, but then they both saw white stairs going up, so they followed them. Kayla was uneasy, she felt this was all way too easy. The steps behind then started to fall off, Kayla shrieked, but Amy had grabbed her hand once more and started running at great speed upward until they reached a beautiful courtyard. It was very large in size and perfectly round. In the center, there was a white castle, and at the side of the stairs leading to this castle were many white statues depicting a man with a hand made out of a different weapon each. The girls got closer to have a better look, but a blue lightning hits in front of them, barely missing them, but the impact sent them flying back to the grass around the courtyard and away from the castle, unconscious.

Etherin and Leena were in the dark room below. There were many marble pillars, but only four of them had torches lit and each torch was far away from the other, dimly lighting the room. The floor appeared to be made of large squares made from black and white tiles, like a gigantic chessboard. Etherin and Leena held each other close and tightly grabbed each others hands. As they began to walk in, an eerie sound reached them. It sounded like music, but it was faint and they couldn't make out what the sound was. Etherin felt strange and felt their steps were in rhythm with the music. Louder and louder the music played until they could make out what the music was. It sounded like a waltz being played by carnival instruments. Etherin wanted to speak to Leena, but he couldn't, then he noticed how his body would move to the rhythm of the music. It was a psychic attack, but when Etherin tried to warn Leena, it was too late. He could not speak, and before he knew it, they were dancing all around the dimly lit room. Etherin's face immense amounts of fear, but it soon changed to determination when he saw Leena's blank stare. He had to free them from that spell, but how? He had never faced something like this before. Leena's blank stare was driving him mad, but slowly, he felt his own consciousness fading. They continued to dance until Etherin could no longer keep conscious, now both dancing to the sound of the music on their own. From Leena's left eye a tear would fall to the ground; as soon as it hi the ground, the music stopped, their bodies bowed, and all that was heard after that was a loud thud, as both their bodies fell on the cold, unforgiving ground, still holding their hands, one body in front of the other in the dimly lit room.

To be continued

FEB. 20 2009
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Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 3

After defeating the source of decay of the town Kelin-Tao, and while the celebration was taking place, a wolf-man had challenged Etherin to a hand-to-hand match. The wolf-man put his hands on the ground and a light ring surrounded Etherin and himself, then he rose his hand above his head, then clapped them, turning the ring into a light-dome that not only prevented entrance or escape, but also prevented sound to come in or out. Outside the dome Amy was cheering as loud as she could, but Etherin or the wolf-man couldn't hear a thing. "You are a REAL IDIOT, you know" said the wolf-man in a rough voice. "Sorry Xato" said Etherin "I don't have time for grudges". Xato launches a punch which Etherin jumps to avoid for good reasons; the punch breaks a crater on the ground below them. "That girl's mother was a dark one, and she probably is too". Etherin launches toward the Xato with a kick, twirls in the air just before Xato intercepts him and lands a kick in the back of Xato's head ""that girl", as you so kindly call her, has a name. Leena has more light than you, me or any other Lumian combined" said Etherin as he turn around to face the wolf-man. "Another thing, I thought I asked you to take care of Lumia while I was gone. What happened?" asked Etherin, and Xato, launching another attack answers "I came because I was told that YOU had found the daughter of Kolbeth...and her!!!". Etherin, although seemed weaker than the muscled wolf-man grabs hold of both Xato's fists and pushes him back with little effort. "That is a rumor, it's all lies" replied Etherin "her mother may have had a shadow instead of light, but she was as pure and good as mama Lynn". "That's exactly why you must get AWAY FROM HER" said Xato as he lands a kick on Etherin's face. Recovering quickly, Etherin launches again and tackles the wolf to the ground "I am telling you, Leena's mother was good and Leena has the light we need to save all. Why can't you accept the facts, huh?". Putting his foot on the wolf's neck the match was over, and that is when they both noticed that Leena was inside the dome and had heard everything. "Leena..." but before Etherin could continue Leena walks towards him, almost running, bashes him on the face and knocks him down; with a face full of tears she asks "YOU BASTARD! You were merely going to use me, weren't you?" The dome vanishes and Hito, and all the villagers looked at them in great surprise. "You were JUST going to use me to get back to Lumia and save ONLY Lumia, right?" she yelled and tried to run off, but Etherin grabbed her arm and said "no, listen, I'm not using you, I swear!" but even when she kept commanding him to let go, he held on "we need to talk, please, listen to me" he said. Hito smacked Etherin on the head so he'd let Leena go, and it worked, then he said "don't, kid. Let her go. Once she calms down, she'll come back". Xato had left, Leena left too, now Etherin was alone, and being treated by some as public enemy number one... Three hours passed and Leena wouldn't come back, Amy kept passing by and kicking him in the knee, and as soon as she did, Kayla would come to take her away, but wouldn't say a word to him. He decided to head back to Lumia and told Hito to give Leena a very old letter addressed to Leena from someone called Meraii. Before he left, Kayla stopped him at the gates and asked "are you really just leaving like that...? You were really going to use her?" Etherin shook his head, but said nothing then walked away into the cold darkness. Kayla yelled at him "don't worry, you'll understand, you just need some time" and so she went back home.

Sad and alone, Etherin slowly walks towards Lumia. He would kill the monsters in the way but he barely noticed the jewels and treasures those monsters were leaving behind. He wouldn't even notice how many monsters at once were attacking him. He felt something strange the farther he went from the town; his heart felt heavy, his arms and legs felt sluggish, and tears would come out inexplicably. Kayla's words echoed in his mind, but then he would remember Leena's face and then thought of going back, but he wouldn't. Late in the evening Leena went back to the inn. It was obvious she had been crying, but she would just smile, as if nothing had happened. She had wounds and bruises all over her arms and legs and strange markings on her neck. Hito offered her some food and after chatting with Hito for a bit, he gives her the letter and leaves her in a room he had prepared just for her with a large bed that was adorned with silk covers. Leena sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the letter. When she read who it was from she opened her eyes wide, tore open the letter and began to read -

Dear Leena:
By the time you read this, Etherin probably has told you about me but I still want you to know, from your mother's handwriting, what had happened. When I met your father I knew he was a Lumian, but we both fell in love and we decided to live together, but when I tried to enter Lumia something happened; instead of light, I was surrounded by purple flames, apparently a mark of someone who is or was once touched by evil, or so started saying the people there. The Lumians rejected me and tormented me and my husband trying to force us to leave. They kept saying about a dark demon who entered their lands through magic that looked just like my "light" and that made them feel threatened. Some debated how the user of said magic turned to the side of good after falling in love with the strongest Lumian ever, while others kept saying "that was the past, this is now". We left Lumia just a month before your birth with heavy hearts. When you were born, your father could see you had the same light as me, and yet every time he looked at you, he couldn't help but smile and feel at ease. One day an angel came in my dreams and told me that soon I would give you the purest light so that you would one day save the lands from the "hell" that would become Lumia. I knew what he meant, and I gladly gave it to you. I only have a few more days of life from the day I write to you, but I don't mind for our lights will combine and become the most pure and powerful aura Lumia, and the world will ever see. And about Etherin, if I were you, I'd keep him close to me *wink*.

"Love: mama Meraii" finished Leena as she looked at the letter for a while then sprinted off her bed, called Hito, explained to him that she had to reach Etherin somehow. "But Leena, he's probably in Lumia by now, and who knows where that is." "I can find him, I know I can" said Leena desperately. Hito looks out the window of the inn and says "well, if you feel so strongly about it... We need to find someone who is willing to take you, and I'm not arguing this point, outside is way too dangerous with all the shadow dragons and trolls. And with those wounds on you, i doubt you'll last long. This is a problem." Hito pondered for a minute, then suddenly, from inside the closet pops out Amy screaming because there was a cockroach the size of a small bead in there. She lands on Leena and smiles saying "I know where you can get a horse, a carriage AND two strong and beautiful drivers" Amy winks and Leena giggles a bit and asks "Oh really. "And who could those be?". Amy puts as Leena giggles and smiles. On the carries, Hito instructs Leena "now remember, even in here you could be attacked, so please be careful and try and take care of these young ones if you can, ok?" Leena nods and gets inside. Outside the carriage, Amy and Kayla were receiving instructions from their parents. "Now Kayla, you take good care of your sister, alright?" said the man, and Kayla replied "yes papa, you know I'll take good care of her". "And Amy, once you're done, come straight home, understand?" Amy rolls her eyes saying in an annoyed tone of voice "Yes, papa". Their mother would hug them right before they left and off they went. The parents lean their heads on each others shoulders "so how long do you think it'll take them to be back?" asked the fox woman. "I'd say about two, three days. Could be more, sweetheart". The fox woman giggles, "well at least we know they'll be just fine." Hito comes and places his hands on their shoulders and says "these kids can be a handful sometimes, huh?" All three nod at the same time.

While on the road, Leena starts to remember what had happened to her after running off from Etherin. She went to the back of the town, just reaching the outskirts. There was an old tree there, a well and a small pond. She sat on a rock under the tree and cried. From behind, the wolf man Xato tried to ambush her, but she saw his reflection on the pond, so she got out of the way just in time. Xato tried to bite her, punch her, kick her, but she dodged a lot faster than Etherin, however, she did not notice she ran out of room, so she slammed against a large rock that rested a little farther from where she was. Xato takes this chance and grabs her arms, slamming her hard against the rock and pinning her. "I am NOT letting you destroy Lumia, or this world" growled Xato. He opened his mouth and aimed at her neck. Right when he was about to bite her, a dark figure jumped from the tree, kicked Xato on the nose, back off a little, and as soon as Xato let her go, Leena summoned another yellow lightning to her hand, but this time she used it to punch the wolf on the face, sending him flying to the desert. Panting, she holds her arms, cut from being slammed so hard against that rock. Lucky for her that her hair softened the impact on her head. The figure present himself. He was pale skinned, thin, tall and wore a black button shirt and black pants, white shoes and had two mean looking swords on his belt. Leena thanked the figure as she backed away, back to town, but the figure stopped her. "Is this how you thank people? Pity. I guess the pretty ones are just unmannered by nature" said the man in a kind and soft voice, however, his cold stare scared Leena a bit. "Oh relax" said the man, "I already had my... nourishment. What a show you did back there in town, such kindness an sweet spirited conversation, huh? "Oh, you were gonna use me, oh"" said the man, mocking her. Leena got really angry, "what the HELL is your problem? It's no concern of you what I do. Go on, get OUT of here!" but the man laughed "why don't you run away. I've seen how good you are at it." the man smiles coldly then continues "little lady, I was sent her to deliver a little message for you". He was getting on Leena's last nerve. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE DAMN MESSAGE!!! Just tell me and leave me ALONE you..." She started cussing at him. "My, my such a lovely voice, do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?" Leena growls and prepares another yellow lightning ball, but the man dodges her attempt then continues, "young lady, please, aim a little better the next time" he dodges another one "now for the message AHEM" he dodges a third one "you need to head to Lumia, regardless of what you think of... him. If you don't, you mother's sacrifice will have been in vain." Leena widens her eyes "my mother? What...?" "That's the message", interrupted the man "now I shall leave you to your thoughts. Oh, and next time aim a little to the left." Leena loses her temper and start shooting magic wildly at the man, creating a thick cloud of smoke. When the smoke clears, the man had gone, but he left a message that read "I don't get on people's nerves, I am just misunderstood". Leena gets furious but she looks at herself on the pond's reflection and thinks of Etherin. She could not control her tears and stays longer under the tree.

Suddenly Amy started yelling and Leena comes back from her memories. Flying monsters were swooping down violently. Kayla would shoot large fireballs turning all monsters that touched them into ashes. Leena tries to help, but from the other window, Amy lands inside a little dazed, then a larger demon swoops down and knocks the carriage to the ground. Leena gets out with Amy on her hands then hands her to Kayla and tells them to stand back. She charges up her magic and sends a huge ball of yellow lightning that lands on the demon's face, disintegrating the monster in just seconds. "Is everyone ok?" asks Leena, as the girls got up. They nodded and started to push the carriage up. Once up, Kayla healed the horse and so they went on.

Etherin felt weak and tired, but he could not explain why, since he always walked and jumped and run and still had energy to spare. His heart felt so heavy and his arms and legs started feeling very wobbly, and that's when he heard loud thumping noises on the ground. Normally he'd hide, but he didn't care; he wanted to be found and possibly killed. The thumping had stopped and then he heard steps, but he wouldn't look up until a familiar voice would say "My, my, my, what a handsome young man, and Lumian to boot". Etherin opened his eyes wide, and as if some form of energy surge rushed to his body. He lifted his face and stood up in seconds, smiled as if he'd just seen an angel and all he could say was "Leena... you... how did you find me?" "Come here" says Leena as she give him a hug. Kayla and Amy were hiding behind the carriage giggling and aww-ing at the sight. Etherin felt relaxed and at ease now. "I'm sorry I ran off like that" said Leena. "I read the letter and now I can understand a little, but one thing keeps bothering me. How is it that you had this letter?" Etherin replies "an angel came to me and gave it to me, told me to leave Lumia after 20 years from that day and search for the pure light with blue eyes and a heart-melting smile. I was 40 by that time...". Leena looks at him puzzled "but you look like you're just 20, or 21 the most... you Lumians are something" she giggles. Etherin looks at the carriage and says "I know you two are there. Thank you for bringing her safely. Come with us so we can send you back home with some protection. I doubt I'll be able to sleep at night sending you off on your own. Etherin lead the horse, driving the carriage all night until they reached Lumia's border by morning. Etherin wakes them up, but as soon as he does, Xato again tries to murder them both. Etherin got tired of this and started to fight back with all his might. Leena also helped, but when the two sisters tried to help, Xeto ran toward them. Amy confronted him directly, but he just tackled her. She started to cry and scream "AAAAHHHH my knee!! It hurts, it HURTS!!!" Etherin and Leena were in complete shock, but then Etherin started to shake, the horse opened it's eyes wide then ran away faster than when attacked by the demons. Leena looked very puzzled until she noticed Kayla. Her eyes were glowing yellow, he hair waved around as if there was wind blowing, when there is none, then a surge of energy comes from Kayla as she screams and lifts her arms up in the air, forming a colossal blue ball above her head. "You creep! You piece of discarded excrement, HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY SISTER" Xato lowers his ears and tries to run, but she threw that ball of energy and impacted him quickly, sending him flying inside Lumia, howling in pain, without a chance to stop. Amy stands next to Leena and Etherin smiling. Etherin looks at her surprised "but wait, I though you were..." Smiling, Amy lifts her finger, lowers her left ear saying "I was acting, tee hehe". Leena smiles, but at the same time looks at the girls with respect, and so does Ethering, although in his case it looked more like fear.

Unable to send them back, Etherin invites the girls with them, offering them to stay at the inn in the city while he and Leena dealt with whatever was needed. They both went in at the same time, Kayla looking a bit sick from all that power she had used before. Once inside, their lights started to shine. "Oh my gosh, Kayla you are glowing green, how cool is THAT. You are an ALIEN!" Kayla looks at her arms then points at Amy and says, "well at least I'm not glowing orange, hehehe" "No fair" bellowed Amy "I should be silver!!!" Outside, Etherin and Leena were ready to enter. "Let's go in together, ok?" said Etherin, and Leena nodded. As they entered, Etherin's golden light shone brightly, and so both came in. Leena's light was not showing at all. Etherin was about to try and comfort her, seeing as she was about to cry, but then she started to shine bright white. Brighter and brighter, her ling shone, then it started to spread so fast, the evil veil that covered the entrance had vanished, and now the sun was once again visible inside Lumia. After they witness this miracle they hear a incredibly loud roar that came from the farther mountains, and the roaring would intensify as Leena's light consumed the darkness in Lumia. "Remember that great evil I told you about?" asked Etherin, to which Lenna nods merely saying "uh huh..". "Well, he knows we are here". Leena and Etherin hold hands as they look towards the mountains, where the growling and darkness were coming from.

To be continued

FEB. 20 2009
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 2

Etherin and Leena, are walking by some thick woods, destroying the ever-increasing number of monsters that were roaming there. They arrived to a town called Kill-ia. They both looked at the name rather puzzled, as they noticed the town's original name "Kelin-Tao" was slashed by a blood-red colored stripe. They looked at each other, put on their cloaks to cover their faces, then headed into the town. Once in town, they noticed the alarming rate of decay the town had endured. "This town..." exclaimed Leena "I've only been away for a month; how can an entire town decay like this in such short time?" Etherin lowered his head, closed his eyes and when he opened them, it looked as though he had just seen a ghost. "Leena, listen carefully..." he whispers to her ears "there is great evil here. Possibly one of the powerful evils consuming this land of Ophalt." Leena merely lowered her view for a second and prepared what seemed like yellow lighning in her hand, but Etherin stopped her, shook his head, and pointed at a near-by Inn. "Etherin?" Leena asked "wh-where are the people?" Etherin quietly shushed her, then pointed behind her. The towns-people were behind them just looking at them, and when Leena looked at them she noticed something terrible. Their skins were wrinkled, dried and white, their eyes had caved in, only dark holes were left, their mouths were oozing black slime from within, and they walked very slowly. Leena gulped loudly as to not scream and walked besides Etherin towards the inn. When they got inside the inn, 4 pitch-forks, two on the left, one on the right, and one in front where the only things welcoming them in the inn. "Mr. Hito!?" exclaimed Leena. The fork in front of them lowered, and soon after the other three followed "Leena, is that you, child??" said a voice right in front of Leena and Etherin. "Come inside, child; come inside" they both got pulled in and into a well lit kitchen.

"Mr. Hito, what's going on here, what has happened to the town?" asked Leena. Mr. Hito hugs Leena like a father would hug his child, "Leena, you chose the worse possible time to come visit. This town...well you've seen it's state." Mr. Hito looks at Etherin "who's this young man?" "I'm sorry" says Leena "this is Etherin. We are on a quest of sorts..." "...we are here to help remove the evil in the mayor's office" continued Etherin. "So you noticed..." said Mr. Hito "I'm afraid that right after you left from the last visit, dear Leena, a shadow landed on our Mayor's office, and since then, the people here have been dying...or so we thought. We buried them by the numbers, until only us four were left." The other 3 people revealed themselves, two girls, one human, the other half human half fox; she had the face of a human, but her ears were that of a silver fox and she also had a silver fox tail, and one man, a half-wolf demi-human. He looked at Etherin with disgust and growled at him silently. The human girl bowed saying a soft "hi" while smiling, the other girl kept very close to the lilac haired human and would just stare at Etherin. Leena patted the little girl on the head saying "hi, little one, how are you?" Etherin extended his hand, but the little girl simply grined, then in a second she used her sharp nails to try and slash at Etherin. "AMY!", said the lilac haired human. "Forgive her, she's very high spirited. Her name is Amy, and she's my little sister", said the human girl. Etherin then said "well hello Amy, aren't we the fast one?" Amy tried kicking Etherin in the face, but he dodged her with great skill. The human girl then presented herself "I am Kayla... and we..." Hito continued for her " these poor girls. Kayla is fourteen and a half, and Amy is thirteen. Their mother went to see the mayor the day that shadow fell, and then their dad succumbed to grief and was one of the first to die. Even worse when his body rose, he tried to kill little Amy. Thank the gods she's so fast and so cunning." "My daddy's NOT DEAD, he's under a SPELL" said young Amy, while her fox ears lowered a little. Kayla shushed her, but Etherin just smiled and winked at Amy. "This man here came to town the day the bodies started to rise, but he still won't say a word to us." said Hito. "Hito, you were telling us about the villagers... what happened to them? And you just mentioned, her dad rose, and bodies rising? What do you mean by that?"

Hito continued his story "Oh yes, sorry, I shall continue. After we finished the burials, all of a sudden, the bodies came back to life, and a foul aura began to spread from the mayor's office. The only place left to hide was this inn, and we still don't understand why." Etherin stepped away from the demi-human who kept growling silently at him and said "this place was blessed by someone from Lumia centuries ago, so no monster, or evil could enter here; what I do not understand is why was this made? Was this day foreseen?" "It doesn't matter" interrupted Hito "the important thing is this place is safe and has an endless supply of water and food; Lumians must be amazing to have such power as to create protection and endless supplies of nourishment." "ENOUGH CHATTER" yelled Leena looking rather upset "Etherin, let's go to the mayor's office and clean this town." Etherin nodded. They ran out of the kitchen without noticing a pitch-fork had been tossed at them. It was headed for Leena, but at the last possible moment, Etherin got in front of Leena, and took the fork to his stomach. Leena could only watch on horror, but Ethering took it out, grunted a bit and said "Don't worry... this will heal in a few seconds. Leena got furious "WHO THREW THAT FORK!?". The two girls were in shock at the sight. "It's ok, look I'm as good as new" said Etherin with a smile on his face. The wound was gone and Leena calmed down when she saw he was alright. Etherin looked at the wolf man who was hiding in the shadows growling silently and glaring at Etherin from the distance.

Hito came out and threw a key at Leena "use that key to enter the mayor's office building. "We're counting on you" said Hito as he hid back inside the kitchen witht he two girls. Once outside, Leena and Etherin looked around and only saw the undead people and wondered if they would attack them. They ran as fast as possible to the mayor's office, avoiding confrontation with any of the undead villagers, and entered the building using the key Hito had given them. Once inside they noticed the second floor collapsed in a particular area, and in the middle of the destroyed floor was a purplish blob oozing black slime on to the floor below. They went to the second floor and were horrified to see the entire office covered in the slimy, puplish blob, and in the middle, a face that looked like the mayor's, smiling a twisted smile. "WELCOME TO HELL" it yelled. Ethering unsheathed his sword and slashed at the monster, opening a huge hole on it and noticed a beating orb inside. "LEENA" yelled Etherin "did you see it's heart?" Leena nodded "I will slash again and when I do, blast that heart to pieces!" Leena prepared the yellow lightning in her hand again, Etherin slashed again, Leena shot the creature's heart, but before it hit, the blob used it's ooze, turning it solid, to impale Etherin. Leena screamed as she saw the lumian fall on the ground with a big hole on his chest. She ran towards him, he was breathing heavily and in a lot of pain, but as Leena looked into his blank stare, she felt she could heal him, so she closed her eyes and visualized her hands glowing with that lilac colored light Ethering had used on her, completely healing the wound. When she opened her eyes, to her surprise, the wound was gone, and Etherin was smiling now "you did good, Leena. You would have made your father proud" Then Ethering falls unconscious, and so does Leena, who had just used a lot of energy healing that mortal wound.

The morning after, they both wake up in the inn. Hito was very glad to see them alive and well. "You two gave me one heck of a scare" said Hito. Leena gets up asking "where's Etherin? Is he alright?" Hito pointed to the bed next to her, and there he was just having woken up and stretching his arms up in the air. He looks at Leena, smiles and says "Good morning" Leena start to laugh saying "good morning." Hito urges them to come outside, and both Leena and Etherin look at each other in concern, however Hito was smiling widely, so they decided to go out and the first thing they notice was that the towns people were back to normal, as if nothing ever happened, although the town was in need of mayor repairs. The townspeople were all laughing and celebrating over the victory. Leena gets close to Etherin and whispers in his ears "so you knew what that little fox girl was saying was true?" Etherin nods the cheerfully said "well of course. She has so much innocence, it was easy for her to see the truth behind all these shadows". Leena then giggles and says "and I thought you winked at her just to get on her nerves". Suddenly Leena spots the wolf-man and warns Etherin about him. The wolf-man was at the town's center, next to a fountain, looking suspiciously at Etherin and silently growling, but this time, Etherin looked back to the demi-human's eyes, stood up and prepared for hand-to-hand combat against this apparent enemy of his. The cheers stopped, the town was suddenly very silent again. Amy and Kayla had just arrived to the scene. Kayla looked worries, but Amy started to jump around excitedly saying "kill him! Rip his neck of, COME ON, FIGHT ALREADY!!!" Kayla was completely shocked at her sister, then asked "who are you cheering for?" Amy smirked and said "for the winner, of course". Kayla simply responds "Oh my" as a big man with a thick gray mustache accompanied by a beautiful silver fox woman stand behind the two girls, the silver fox woman holds Amy by her shoulders and now the entire town watches as the battle unfolds right in the middle of a happy celebration.

To be continued.

FEB. 19, 2009
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 1

It has been one thousand years since Lumia was saved by Jacob, and Lynn. They disappeared two years ago, without warning, while on a trip to the woods of Limua and haven't been heard from since. Inside Lumia, the people have succumbed, once more to individuality, low respect for one another, and now vanity has invaded the hearts of many lumians. The world outside Lumia has been victim of many wars and countless deaths. Technology has taken many steps backward every time it reached the point of conscious technology. Although it's been a hundred years without a single war raging, something stirs on the lands, and the light of the world dims. A lumian is sent to investigate and to stop this decline on worldly light, and possibly on the lumian's behavior as well.

It was a dark night in a thick forest where some monsters who had just beaten a woman to the verge of death, were ready to begin eating her when a flash of light near the forest's clearing startled them and made them run. A man wearing a brown cloak came out of the light and touched the woman's bloody forehead. A lilac light came from his hand and she woke up, all her wounds healed. She looked very puzzled and all she remembered was feeling pain and seeing death in the face just a second ago. The man grunts as he gets up then sniffles, helps the woman up, then starts walking slowly away when the woman stops him and asks if there was a way she could repay him. He shook his head, tried to walk away, stumbled to a tree and said "Don't worry, I get sick when I heal those who are on the verge of death. Do not worry about me, I will be fine in the morning". She wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said "Nonsense, my house is not far, you must rest as payment for saving my life, sir".

In the morning, the man woke up with his hood lifted, showing his brown, spiky hair, brown eyes and blue bandanna with some trickles of blood on it. "Good morning" said the woman in such a sweet voice "I have some muffins on the table, feel free to eat some if you want". He never had the chance to get a good look at her due to the darkness of night, but now in the morning light he saw how beautiful the woman was. Dark brown, wavy hair with some blond highlights, blue eyes and a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. He got a better view of her as she left the room; she had the body of a goddess, he thought to himself. He rubbed his eyes, shook his head and headed out the door, but that's when she grabbed his hand, sat him on the table and started to ask some questions.

"My name is Etherin, son of Jacob" he said, to which the woman opened her blue eyes wide with exclamation and said "Then you are the son of... Jacob? From Lumia?? But, what are you doing here on Ophalt? I thought Lumians couldn't leave or they'd lose their lights!". Etherin looked down to the ground and said "I am here to save these worlds. There is great evil and Ophalt, at this very moment, is home of one of those evils. Please, forgive me but you haven't mentioned your name to me yet miss..." "Oh my" she exclaimed, "forgive me, my name is Leena, daughter of..." "...Kolbeth the white knight". She was surprised that someone knew of her heritage. He noticed her surprise and added "only he could have an offspring of such beauty and light". She blushed "Oh my... thank you" she replied with a smile on her face, but the time for relaxation and introductions was over as soon as it started. Etherin suddenly felt a change in the atmosphere. The birds were unusually quiet, and he could hear loud flaps against the wind. Then, without warning, a shadow dragon swept down and tore the roof of Leena's house apart. Etherin was able to protect the both of them with a light dome. He carries Leena out of the house and away from the dragon, then heads to face him. As soon as he gets close enough to the dragon, he takes off his brown cloak, revealing an average looking man wearing a backpack, possibly for supplies, a dirty white shirt and some broken down brown pants. He glares at the dragon then took out a white sword with an oddly colored yellow hilt then shot a beam of yellow light from the tip of his finger that went through the dragon's neck. He then jumped up and slashed the beast with his sword, but to no avail as the dragon's skin was like steel and was now thrashing around destroying what was left of Leena's house. She couldn't contain herself, she started to cry, and this infuriated Etherin, but every attack he tried just made the dragon madder and that is when Leena suddenly summons a sword made entirely of light the size of the dragon itself, swung it cutting the shadow dragon's neck, ending the rampaging beast from destroying anything else. The Shadow dragon's body turns to ashes, leaving behind some precious jewels it had eaten. Etherin looks around and realizes that the pieces of lumber on the ground were actually Leena's house.

Nervous, he bows to her and says "I am so sorry. I'll help you rebuild everything, I swear, no matter how long it takes, ok?". Leena puts away the light sword and smiles again "It's ok. Now it's time for me to join you and fight against this evil too. Will you let me travel with you, Mr. Etherin?" Etherin hesitated for a bit and looked at her. She was about to unleash her rage on him if he said no, so he made the wisest decision of his life and simply nodded. "I don't know if it's in me, but I'll do my best to protect us both. Leena....let's go to Kelin Tao". Leena jumped and hugged him, making him blush so hard his ears let of steam like a hot tea kettle, then giggling she picked up what was left of her things, some fresh clothes and some muffins that miraculously were left intact. and set out to destroy the world's evil that was so evidently overwhelming all.

To be continued

FEB. 18 2009
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