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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 3

After defeating the source of decay of the town Kelin-Tao, and while the celebration was taking place, a wolf-man had challenged Etherin to a hand-to-hand match. The wolf-man put his hands on the ground and a light ring surrounded Etherin and himself, then he rose his hand above his head, then clapped them, turning the ring into a light-dome that not only prevented entrance or escape, but also prevented sound to come in or out. Outside the dome Amy was cheering as loud as she could, but Etherin or the wolf-man couldn't hear a thing. "You are a REAL IDIOT, you know" said the wolf-man in a rough voice. "Sorry Xato" said Etherin "I don't have time for grudges". Xato launches a punch which Etherin jumps to avoid for good reasons; the punch breaks a crater on the ground below them. "That girl's mother was a dark one, and she probably is too". Etherin launches toward the Xato with a kick, twirls in the air just before Xato intercepts him and lands a kick in the back of Xato's head ""that girl", as you so kindly call her, has a name. Leena has more light than you, me or any other Lumian combined" said Etherin as he turn around to face the wolf-man. "Another thing, I thought I asked you to take care of Lumia while I was gone. What happened?" asked Etherin, and Xato, launching another attack answers "I came because I was told that YOU had found the daughter of Kolbeth...and her!!!". Etherin, although seemed weaker than the muscled wolf-man grabs hold of both Xato's fists and pushes him back with little effort. "That is a rumor, it's all lies" replied Etherin "her mother may have had a shadow instead of light, but she was as pure and good as mama Lynn". "That's exactly why you must get AWAY FROM HER" said Xato as he lands a kick on Etherin's face. Recovering quickly, Etherin launches again and tackles the wolf to the ground "I am telling you, Leena's mother was good and Leena has the light we need to save all. Why can't you accept the facts, huh?". Putting his foot on the wolf's neck the match was over, and that is when they both noticed that Leena was inside the dome and had heard everything. "Leena..." but before Etherin could continue Leena walks towards him, almost running, bashes him on the face and knocks him down; with a face full of tears she asks "YOU BASTARD! You were merely going to use me, weren't you?" The dome vanishes and Hito, and all the villagers looked at them in great surprise. "You were JUST going to use me to get back to Lumia and save ONLY Lumia, right?" she yelled and tried to run off, but Etherin grabbed her arm and said "no, listen, I'm not using you, I swear!" but even when she kept commanding him to let go, he held on "we need to talk, please, listen to me" he said. Hito smacked Etherin on the head so he'd let Leena go, and it worked, then he said "don't, kid. Let her go. Once she calms down, she'll come back". Xato had left, Leena left too, now Etherin was alone, and being treated by some as public enemy number one... Three hours passed and Leena wouldn't come back, Amy kept passing by and kicking him in the knee, and as soon as she did, Kayla would come to take her away, but wouldn't say a word to him. He decided to head back to Lumia and told Hito to give Leena a very old letter addressed to Leena from someone called Meraii. Before he left, Kayla stopped him at the gates and asked "are you really just leaving like that...? You were really going to use her?" Etherin shook his head, but said nothing then walked away into the cold darkness. Kayla yelled at him "don't worry, you'll understand, you just need some time" and so she went back home.

Sad and alone, Etherin slowly walks towards Lumia. He would kill the monsters in the way but he barely noticed the jewels and treasures those monsters were leaving behind. He wouldn't even notice how many monsters at once were attacking him. He felt something strange the farther he went from the town; his heart felt heavy, his arms and legs felt sluggish, and tears would come out inexplicably. Kayla's words echoed in his mind, but then he would remember Leena's face and then thought of going back, but he wouldn't. Late in the evening Leena went back to the inn. It was obvious she had been crying, but she would just smile, as if nothing had happened. She had wounds and bruises all over her arms and legs and strange markings on her neck. Hito offered her some food and after chatting with Hito for a bit, he gives her the letter and leaves her in a room he had prepared just for her with a large bed that was adorned with silk covers. Leena sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the letter. When she read who it was from she opened her eyes wide, tore open the letter and began to read -

Dear Leena:
By the time you read this, Etherin probably has told you about me but I still want you to know, from your mother's handwriting, what had happened. When I met your father I knew he was a Lumian, but we both fell in love and we decided to live together, but when I tried to enter Lumia something happened; instead of light, I was surrounded by purple flames, apparently a mark of someone who is or was once touched by evil, or so started saying the people there. The Lumians rejected me and tormented me and my husband trying to force us to leave. They kept saying about a dark demon who entered their lands through magic that looked just like my "light" and that made them feel threatened. Some debated how the user of said magic turned to the side of good after falling in love with the strongest Lumian ever, while others kept saying "that was the past, this is now". We left Lumia just a month before your birth with heavy hearts. When you were born, your father could see you had the same light as me, and yet every time he looked at you, he couldn't help but smile and feel at ease. One day an angel came in my dreams and told me that soon I would give you the purest light so that you would one day save the lands from the "hell" that would become Lumia. I knew what he meant, and I gladly gave it to you. I only have a few more days of life from the day I write to you, but I don't mind for our lights will combine and become the most pure and powerful aura Lumia, and the world will ever see. And about Etherin, if I were you, I'd keep him close to me *wink*.

"Love: mama Meraii" finished Leena as she looked at the letter for a while then sprinted off her bed, called Hito, explained to him that she had to reach Etherin somehow. "But Leena, he's probably in Lumia by now, and who knows where that is." "I can find him, I know I can" said Leena desperately. Hito looks out the window of the inn and says "well, if you feel so strongly about it... We need to find someone who is willing to take you, and I'm not arguing this point, outside is way too dangerous with all the shadow dragons and trolls. And with those wounds on you, i doubt you'll last long. This is a problem." Hito pondered for a minute, then suddenly, from inside the closet pops out Amy screaming because there was a cockroach the size of a small bead in there. She lands on Leena and smiles saying "I know where you can get a horse, a carriage AND two strong and beautiful drivers" Amy winks and Leena giggles a bit and asks "Oh really. "And who could those be?". Amy puts as Leena giggles and smiles. On the carries, Hito instructs Leena "now remember, even in here you could be attacked, so please be careful and try and take care of these young ones if you can, ok?" Leena nods and gets inside. Outside the carriage, Amy and Kayla were receiving instructions from their parents. "Now Kayla, you take good care of your sister, alright?" said the man, and Kayla replied "yes papa, you know I'll take good care of her". "And Amy, once you're done, come straight home, understand?" Amy rolls her eyes saying in an annoyed tone of voice "Yes, papa". Their mother would hug them right before they left and off they went. The parents lean their heads on each others shoulders "so how long do you think it'll take them to be back?" asked the fox woman. "I'd say about two, three days. Could be more, sweetheart". The fox woman giggles, "well at least we know they'll be just fine." Hito comes and places his hands on their shoulders and says "these kids can be a handful sometimes, huh?" All three nod at the same time.

While on the road, Leena starts to remember what had happened to her after running off from Etherin. She went to the back of the town, just reaching the outskirts. There was an old tree there, a well and a small pond. She sat on a rock under the tree and cried. From behind, the wolf man Xato tried to ambush her, but she saw his reflection on the pond, so she got out of the way just in time. Xato tried to bite her, punch her, kick her, but she dodged a lot faster than Etherin, however, she did not notice she ran out of room, so she slammed against a large rock that rested a little farther from where she was. Xato takes this chance and grabs her arms, slamming her hard against the rock and pinning her. "I am NOT letting you destroy Lumia, or this world" growled Xato. He opened his mouth and aimed at her neck. Right when he was about to bite her, a dark figure jumped from the tree, kicked Xato on the nose, back off a little, and as soon as Xato let her go, Leena summoned another yellow lightning to her hand, but this time she used it to punch the wolf on the face, sending him flying to the desert. Panting, she holds her arms, cut from being slammed so hard against that rock. Lucky for her that her hair softened the impact on her head. The figure present himself. He was pale skinned, thin, tall and wore a black button shirt and black pants, white shoes and had two mean looking swords on his belt. Leena thanked the figure as she backed away, back to town, but the figure stopped her. "Is this how you thank people? Pity. I guess the pretty ones are just unmannered by nature" said the man in a kind and soft voice, however, his cold stare scared Leena a bit. "Oh relax" said the man, "I already had my... nourishment. What a show you did back there in town, such kindness an sweet spirited conversation, huh? "Oh, you were gonna use me, oh"" said the man, mocking her. Leena got really angry, "what the HELL is your problem? It's no concern of you what I do. Go on, get OUT of here!" but the man laughed "why don't you run away. I've seen how good you are at it." the man smiles coldly then continues "little lady, I was sent her to deliver a little message for you". He was getting on Leena's last nerve. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE DAMN MESSAGE!!! Just tell me and leave me ALONE you..." She started cussing at him. "My, my such a lovely voice, do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?" Leena growls and prepares another yellow lightning ball, but the man dodges her attempt then continues, "young lady, please, aim a little better the next time" he dodges another one "now for the message AHEM" he dodges a third one "you need to head to Lumia, regardless of what you think of... him. If you don't, you mother's sacrifice will have been in vain." Leena widens her eyes "my mother? What...?" "That's the message", interrupted the man "now I shall leave you to your thoughts. Oh, and next time aim a little to the left." Leena loses her temper and start shooting magic wildly at the man, creating a thick cloud of smoke. When the smoke clears, the man had gone, but he left a message that read "I don't get on people's nerves, I am just misunderstood". Leena gets furious but she looks at herself on the pond's reflection and thinks of Etherin. She could not control her tears and stays longer under the tree.

Suddenly Amy started yelling and Leena comes back from her memories. Flying monsters were swooping down violently. Kayla would shoot large fireballs turning all monsters that touched them into ashes. Leena tries to help, but from the other window, Amy lands inside a little dazed, then a larger demon swoops down and knocks the carriage to the ground. Leena gets out with Amy on her hands then hands her to Kayla and tells them to stand back. She charges up her magic and sends a huge ball of yellow lightning that lands on the demon's face, disintegrating the monster in just seconds. "Is everyone ok?" asks Leena, as the girls got up. They nodded and started to push the carriage up. Once up, Kayla healed the horse and so they went on.

Etherin felt weak and tired, but he could not explain why, since he always walked and jumped and run and still had energy to spare. His heart felt so heavy and his arms and legs started feeling very wobbly, and that's when he heard loud thumping noises on the ground. Normally he'd hide, but he didn't care; he wanted to be found and possibly killed. The thumping had stopped and then he heard steps, but he wouldn't look up until a familiar voice would say "My, my, my, what a handsome young man, and Lumian to boot". Etherin opened his eyes wide, and as if some form of energy surge rushed to his body. He lifted his face and stood up in seconds, smiled as if he'd just seen an angel and all he could say was "Leena... you... how did you find me?" "Come here" says Leena as she give him a hug. Kayla and Amy were hiding behind the carriage giggling and aww-ing at the sight. Etherin felt relaxed and at ease now. "I'm sorry I ran off like that" said Leena. "I read the letter and now I can understand a little, but one thing keeps bothering me. How is it that you had this letter?" Etherin replies "an angel came to me and gave it to me, told me to leave Lumia after 20 years from that day and search for the pure light with blue eyes and a heart-melting smile. I was 40 by that time...". Leena looks at him puzzled "but you look like you're just 20, or 21 the most... you Lumians are something" she giggles. Etherin looks at the carriage and says "I know you two are there. Thank you for bringing her safely. Come with us so we can send you back home with some protection. I doubt I'll be able to sleep at night sending you off on your own. Etherin lead the horse, driving the carriage all night until they reached Lumia's border by morning. Etherin wakes them up, but as soon as he does, Xato again tries to murder them both. Etherin got tired of this and started to fight back with all his might. Leena also helped, but when the two sisters tried to help, Xeto ran toward them. Amy confronted him directly, but he just tackled her. She started to cry and scream "AAAAHHHH my knee!! It hurts, it HURTS!!!" Etherin and Leena were in complete shock, but then Etherin started to shake, the horse opened it's eyes wide then ran away faster than when attacked by the demons. Leena looked very puzzled until she noticed Kayla. Her eyes were glowing yellow, he hair waved around as if there was wind blowing, when there is none, then a surge of energy comes from Kayla as she screams and lifts her arms up in the air, forming a colossal blue ball above her head. "You creep! You piece of discarded excrement, HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY SISTER" Xato lowers his ears and tries to run, but she threw that ball of energy and impacted him quickly, sending him flying inside Lumia, howling in pain, without a chance to stop. Amy stands next to Leena and Etherin smiling. Etherin looks at her surprised "but wait, I though you were..." Smiling, Amy lifts her finger, lowers her left ear saying "I was acting, tee hehe". Leena smiles, but at the same time looks at the girls with respect, and so does Ethering, although in his case it looked more like fear.

Unable to send them back, Etherin invites the girls with them, offering them to stay at the inn in the city while he and Leena dealt with whatever was needed. They both went in at the same time, Kayla looking a bit sick from all that power she had used before. Once inside, their lights started to shine. "Oh my gosh, Kayla you are glowing green, how cool is THAT. You are an ALIEN!" Kayla looks at her arms then points at Amy and says, "well at least I'm not glowing orange, hehehe" "No fair" bellowed Amy "I should be silver!!!" Outside, Etherin and Leena were ready to enter. "Let's go in together, ok?" said Etherin, and Leena nodded. As they entered, Etherin's golden light shone brightly, and so both came in. Leena's light was not showing at all. Etherin was about to try and comfort her, seeing as she was about to cry, but then she started to shine bright white. Brighter and brighter, her ling shone, then it started to spread so fast, the evil veil that covered the entrance had vanished, and now the sun was once again visible inside Lumia. After they witness this miracle they hear a incredibly loud roar that came from the farther mountains, and the roaring would intensify as Leena's light consumed the darkness in Lumia. "Remember that great evil I told you about?" asked Etherin, to which Lenna nods merely saying "uh huh..". "Well, he knows we are here". Leena and Etherin hold hands as they look towards the mountains, where the growling and darkness were coming from.

To be continued

FEB. 20 2009
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