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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 1

It has been one thousand years since Lumia was saved by Jacob, and Lynn. They disappeared two years ago, without warning, while on a trip to the woods of Limua and haven't been heard from since. Inside Lumia, the people have succumbed, once more to individuality, low respect for one another, and now vanity has invaded the hearts of many lumians. The world outside Lumia has been victim of many wars and countless deaths. Technology has taken many steps backward every time it reached the point of conscious technology. Although it's been a hundred years without a single war raging, something stirs on the lands, and the light of the world dims. A lumian is sent to investigate and to stop this decline on worldly light, and possibly on the lumian's behavior as well.

It was a dark night in a thick forest where some monsters who had just beaten a woman to the verge of death, were ready to begin eating her when a flash of light near the forest's clearing startled them and made them run. A man wearing a brown cloak came out of the light and touched the woman's bloody forehead. A lilac light came from his hand and she woke up, all her wounds healed. She looked very puzzled and all she remembered was feeling pain and seeing death in the face just a second ago. The man grunts as he gets up then sniffles, helps the woman up, then starts walking slowly away when the woman stops him and asks if there was a way she could repay him. He shook his head, tried to walk away, stumbled to a tree and said "Don't worry, I get sick when I heal those who are on the verge of death. Do not worry about me, I will be fine in the morning". She wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said "Nonsense, my house is not far, you must rest as payment for saving my life, sir".

In the morning, the man woke up with his hood lifted, showing his brown, spiky hair, brown eyes and blue bandanna with some trickles of blood on it. "Good morning" said the woman in such a sweet voice "I have some muffins on the table, feel free to eat some if you want". He never had the chance to get a good look at her due to the darkness of night, but now in the morning light he saw how beautiful the woman was. Dark brown, wavy hair with some blond highlights, blue eyes and a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. He got a better view of her as she left the room; she had the body of a goddess, he thought to himself. He rubbed his eyes, shook his head and headed out the door, but that's when she grabbed his hand, sat him on the table and started to ask some questions.

"My name is Etherin, son of Jacob" he said, to which the woman opened her blue eyes wide with exclamation and said "Then you are the son of... Jacob? From Lumia?? But, what are you doing here on Ophalt? I thought Lumians couldn't leave or they'd lose their lights!". Etherin looked down to the ground and said "I am here to save these worlds. There is great evil and Ophalt, at this very moment, is home of one of those evils. Please, forgive me but you haven't mentioned your name to me yet miss..." "Oh my" she exclaimed, "forgive me, my name is Leena, daughter of..." "...Kolbeth the white knight". She was surprised that someone knew of her heritage. He noticed her surprise and added "only he could have an offspring of such beauty and light". She blushed "Oh my... thank you" she replied with a smile on her face, but the time for relaxation and introductions was over as soon as it started. Etherin suddenly felt a change in the atmosphere. The birds were unusually quiet, and he could hear loud flaps against the wind. Then, without warning, a shadow dragon swept down and tore the roof of Leena's house apart. Etherin was able to protect the both of them with a light dome. He carries Leena out of the house and away from the dragon, then heads to face him. As soon as he gets close enough to the dragon, he takes off his brown cloak, revealing an average looking man wearing a backpack, possibly for supplies, a dirty white shirt and some broken down brown pants. He glares at the dragon then took out a white sword with an oddly colored yellow hilt then shot a beam of yellow light from the tip of his finger that went through the dragon's neck. He then jumped up and slashed the beast with his sword, but to no avail as the dragon's skin was like steel and was now thrashing around destroying what was left of Leena's house. She couldn't contain herself, she started to cry, and this infuriated Etherin, but every attack he tried just made the dragon madder and that is when Leena suddenly summons a sword made entirely of light the size of the dragon itself, swung it cutting the shadow dragon's neck, ending the rampaging beast from destroying anything else. The Shadow dragon's body turns to ashes, leaving behind some precious jewels it had eaten. Etherin looks around and realizes that the pieces of lumber on the ground were actually Leena's house.

Nervous, he bows to her and says "I am so sorry. I'll help you rebuild everything, I swear, no matter how long it takes, ok?". Leena puts away the light sword and smiles again "It's ok. Now it's time for me to join you and fight against this evil too. Will you let me travel with you, Mr. Etherin?" Etherin hesitated for a bit and looked at her. She was about to unleash her rage on him if he said no, so he made the wisest decision of his life and simply nodded. "I don't know if it's in me, but I'll do my best to protect us both. Leena....let's go to Kelin Tao". Leena jumped and hugged him, making him blush so hard his ears let of steam like a hot tea kettle, then giggling she picked up what was left of her things, some fresh clothes and some muffins that miraculously were left intact. and set out to destroy the world's evil that was so evidently overwhelming all.

To be continued

FEB. 18 2009
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