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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 2

Etherin and Leena, are walking by some thick woods, destroying the ever-increasing number of monsters that were roaming there. They arrived to a town called Kill-ia. They both looked at the name rather puzzled, as they noticed the town's original name "Kelin-Tao" was slashed by a blood-red colored stripe. They looked at each other, put on their cloaks to cover their faces, then headed into the town. Once in town, they noticed the alarming rate of decay the town had endured. "This town..." exclaimed Leena "I've only been away for a month; how can an entire town decay like this in such short time?" Etherin lowered his head, closed his eyes and when he opened them, it looked as though he had just seen a ghost. "Leena, listen carefully..." he whispers to her ears "there is great evil here. Possibly one of the powerful evils consuming this land of Ophalt." Leena merely lowered her view for a second and prepared what seemed like yellow lighning in her hand, but Etherin stopped her, shook his head, and pointed at a near-by Inn. "Etherin?" Leena asked "wh-where are the people?" Etherin quietly shushed her, then pointed behind her. The towns-people were behind them just looking at them, and when Leena looked at them she noticed something terrible. Their skins were wrinkled, dried and white, their eyes had caved in, only dark holes were left, their mouths were oozing black slime from within, and they walked very slowly. Leena gulped loudly as to not scream and walked besides Etherin towards the inn. When they got inside the inn, 4 pitch-forks, two on the left, one on the right, and one in front where the only things welcoming them in the inn. "Mr. Hito!?" exclaimed Leena. The fork in front of them lowered, and soon after the other three followed "Leena, is that you, child??" said a voice right in front of Leena and Etherin. "Come inside, child; come inside" they both got pulled in and into a well lit kitchen.

"Mr. Hito, what's going on here, what has happened to the town?" asked Leena. Mr. Hito hugs Leena like a father would hug his child, "Leena, you chose the worse possible time to come visit. This town...well you've seen it's state." Mr. Hito looks at Etherin "who's this young man?" "I'm sorry" says Leena "this is Etherin. We are on a quest of sorts..." "...we are here to help remove the evil in the mayor's office" continued Etherin. "So you noticed..." said Mr. Hito "I'm afraid that right after you left from the last visit, dear Leena, a shadow landed on our Mayor's office, and since then, the people here have been dying...or so we thought. We buried them by the numbers, until only us four were left." The other 3 people revealed themselves, two girls, one human, the other half human half fox; she had the face of a human, but her ears were that of a silver fox and she also had a silver fox tail, and one man, a half-wolf demi-human. He looked at Etherin with disgust and growled at him silently. The human girl bowed saying a soft "hi" while smiling, the other girl kept very close to the lilac haired human and would just stare at Etherin. Leena patted the little girl on the head saying "hi, little one, how are you?" Etherin extended his hand, but the little girl simply grined, then in a second she used her sharp nails to try and slash at Etherin. "AMY!", said the lilac haired human. "Forgive her, she's very high spirited. Her name is Amy, and she's my little sister", said the human girl. Etherin then said "well hello Amy, aren't we the fast one?" Amy tried kicking Etherin in the face, but he dodged her with great skill. The human girl then presented herself "I am Kayla... and we..." Hito continued for her " these poor girls. Kayla is fourteen and a half, and Amy is thirteen. Their mother went to see the mayor the day that shadow fell, and then their dad succumbed to grief and was one of the first to die. Even worse when his body rose, he tried to kill little Amy. Thank the gods she's so fast and so cunning." "My daddy's NOT DEAD, he's under a SPELL" said young Amy, while her fox ears lowered a little. Kayla shushed her, but Etherin just smiled and winked at Amy. "This man here came to town the day the bodies started to rise, but he still won't say a word to us." said Hito. "Hito, you were telling us about the villagers... what happened to them? And you just mentioned, her dad rose, and bodies rising? What do you mean by that?"

Hito continued his story "Oh yes, sorry, I shall continue. After we finished the burials, all of a sudden, the bodies came back to life, and a foul aura began to spread from the mayor's office. The only place left to hide was this inn, and we still don't understand why." Etherin stepped away from the demi-human who kept growling silently at him and said "this place was blessed by someone from Lumia centuries ago, so no monster, or evil could enter here; what I do not understand is why was this made? Was this day foreseen?" "It doesn't matter" interrupted Hito "the important thing is this place is safe and has an endless supply of water and food; Lumians must be amazing to have such power as to create protection and endless supplies of nourishment." "ENOUGH CHATTER" yelled Leena looking rather upset "Etherin, let's go to the mayor's office and clean this town." Etherin nodded. They ran out of the kitchen without noticing a pitch-fork had been tossed at them. It was headed for Leena, but at the last possible moment, Etherin got in front of Leena, and took the fork to his stomach. Leena could only watch on horror, but Ethering took it out, grunted a bit and said "Don't worry... this will heal in a few seconds. Leena got furious "WHO THREW THAT FORK!?". The two girls were in shock at the sight. "It's ok, look I'm as good as new" said Etherin with a smile on his face. The wound was gone and Leena calmed down when she saw he was alright. Etherin looked at the wolf man who was hiding in the shadows growling silently and glaring at Etherin from the distance.

Hito came out and threw a key at Leena "use that key to enter the mayor's office building. "We're counting on you" said Hito as he hid back inside the kitchen witht he two girls. Once outside, Leena and Etherin looked around and only saw the undead people and wondered if they would attack them. They ran as fast as possible to the mayor's office, avoiding confrontation with any of the undead villagers, and entered the building using the key Hito had given them. Once inside they noticed the second floor collapsed in a particular area, and in the middle of the destroyed floor was a purplish blob oozing black slime on to the floor below. They went to the second floor and were horrified to see the entire office covered in the slimy, puplish blob, and in the middle, a face that looked like the mayor's, smiling a twisted smile. "WELCOME TO HELL" it yelled. Ethering unsheathed his sword and slashed at the monster, opening a huge hole on it and noticed a beating orb inside. "LEENA" yelled Etherin "did you see it's heart?" Leena nodded "I will slash again and when I do, blast that heart to pieces!" Leena prepared the yellow lightning in her hand again, Etherin slashed again, Leena shot the creature's heart, but before it hit, the blob used it's ooze, turning it solid, to impale Etherin. Leena screamed as she saw the lumian fall on the ground with a big hole on his chest. She ran towards him, he was breathing heavily and in a lot of pain, but as Leena looked into his blank stare, she felt she could heal him, so she closed her eyes and visualized her hands glowing with that lilac colored light Ethering had used on her, completely healing the wound. When she opened her eyes, to her surprise, the wound was gone, and Etherin was smiling now "you did good, Leena. You would have made your father proud" Then Ethering falls unconscious, and so does Leena, who had just used a lot of energy healing that mortal wound.

The morning after, they both wake up in the inn. Hito was very glad to see them alive and well. "You two gave me one heck of a scare" said Hito. Leena gets up asking "where's Etherin? Is he alright?" Hito pointed to the bed next to her, and there he was just having woken up and stretching his arms up in the air. He looks at Leena, smiles and says "Good morning" Leena start to laugh saying "good morning." Hito urges them to come outside, and both Leena and Etherin look at each other in concern, however Hito was smiling widely, so they decided to go out and the first thing they notice was that the towns people were back to normal, as if nothing ever happened, although the town was in need of mayor repairs. The townspeople were all laughing and celebrating over the victory. Leena gets close to Etherin and whispers in his ears "so you knew what that little fox girl was saying was true?" Etherin nods the cheerfully said "well of course. She has so much innocence, it was easy for her to see the truth behind all these shadows". Leena then giggles and says "and I thought you winked at her just to get on her nerves". Suddenly Leena spots the wolf-man and warns Etherin about him. The wolf-man was at the town's center, next to a fountain, looking suspiciously at Etherin and silently growling, but this time, Etherin looked back to the demi-human's eyes, stood up and prepared for hand-to-hand combat against this apparent enemy of his. The cheers stopped, the town was suddenly very silent again. Amy and Kayla had just arrived to the scene. Kayla looked worries, but Amy started to jump around excitedly saying "kill him! Rip his neck of, COME ON, FIGHT ALREADY!!!" Kayla was completely shocked at her sister, then asked "who are you cheering for?" Amy smirked and said "for the winner, of course". Kayla simply responds "Oh my" as a big man with a thick gray mustache accompanied by a beautiful silver fox woman stand behind the two girls, the silver fox woman holds Amy by her shoulders and now the entire town watches as the battle unfolds right in the middle of a happy celebration.

To be continued.

FEB. 19, 2009
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