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The fist story is Legends of Lumia
The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Friday, March 27, 2009


To anyone who read this, I am currently learning how to draw on a computer in order to start adding illustrations to my work. I'll be adding more soon.

~Fly High, Take Care, and Many Blessings~

~Edit more than a year after~

So many things have been going on. Right now, I'm not writing my original stories in order to write fan fictions for a game called Touhou (Eastern) - Project Shrine Maiden. This world belongs to a man by the name of ZUN, and his one-man team of Team Shanghai Alice. Still, I believe you'll still enjoy the read, as I have written these "fics" myself, and some with help from a friend. Anyway, here's the link, so if you are interested, please pay a visit to my homepage there. I am also posting them on another blog here at You can find this blog by clicking on my account icon. Anyway, here's the link for the fan fictions:

Hope you like them. Oh, and don't think for a second I have given up on these originals. Sadly, I am not inspired to write them since there are virtually no visitors here... Anyway.... take care

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