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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate 7

As they headed for the third floor or the castle where Zak was, Xato, Leena and Etherin slayed many monsters that were protecting the path to him. They entered the last room right before the door to Zak. The room was just like the one Leena and Etherin fought, only larger and only had to very large pictures. The right picture was Dekmoniac, depicted as a black city surrounded by orange clouds and twilight sky, and a crimson sphere surrounding it. To the left, was Lumia, depicted as a white city with white fluffy clouds, blue sky, and a yellow sphere surrounding it. The pictures seemed to be moving toward one another, as to the left and right of the pictures there was a path made for both pictures to tread, and above, a golden pendulum swinging with random rhythm, sometimes swinging faster, other times slower, but with each swing, the pictures got closer to each other. Etherin would look at this and ask "what does this mean? Xato, do you think...?" Xato scoffs "impossible. It would be like mixing water and oil". Leena looks at both very confused. "Excuse me, but if I'm not mistaken... these pictures say those two cities will be together some day, right? What are the cities' names?" asked Leena, looking at both Xato and Etherin rather sternly, so wisely, Etherin answered. "To the right is the city of Dekmoniac, the city of demons and beings of darkness, and to the left is Lumia, city of those full of love and light." Xato continued explaining "the two cities were said to be together in harmony ages ago, however... that was a myth... right?". Leena gets closer to the pictures and says "myth or not, this easily means the two are getting closer to each other. Hmm..." she passes her hand on the paths the pictures were yet to treat through and said "yup... it's just a few years away." Xato and Etherin looked at each other quite puzzled, and Xeto opened his mouth, but Etherin, before Xato could say a word, said "it would be wise NOT to say it. It would also be quite healthy as well... lets rest" said Etherin as he takes out from a bag, the last of their supplies. A loaf of bread and some water, then while eating, they used herbs and potions on themselves to cure their wounds.

Outside in the courtyard, Amy and Kayla ran for dear live, but they could only run in a circle inside that shield. Amy constantly tried to fight back, but Kayla would pull her back and ran more. A new film of shield formed just as they reached the back side of the castle, blocking their bath. "AMY!? What do we do now!?" desperately creamed Kayla as she banged on the shield. Amy kept quiet and prepared to fight once more. As soon as the monster swung the scythe Amy jumped, avoiding the sharp blade, then she slashed so fast her hands and arms were barely visible, cutting the monster's arm off. Kayla rapidly grabbed Amy and ran to the other direction in order to get away. Amy tried to get lose, but Kayla held on tight. When they got far away enough, Kayla stopped to get her breath back; Amy stood next to her and looked at her sister seriously. "Kayla, why do you run when we have to fight?" Kayla's face turned as pale as a ghost "AMY! This is too much for us, we have to wait until Etherin or Leena come!" Amy did not change her expression and continued "sis, I love you, but you are acting like a real coward." Kayla was shocked when her sister called her a coward, but she kept quiet and listened. "Kayla, we cannot continue to rely on others all out lives. We have great abilities and skills far beyond those of even grownups, and we have to use them someday, and I believe that someday is today... it is now. We can beat it, but please, sis, don't leave me alone. I will need your help." Amy held her right hand on the air, holding both blades on her left hand. Kayla looked at her sister's resolve and realized that she was right, and any chance of someone coming to save them was very small. Kayla's hesitation was replaced by new resolve and she placed her right hand on her sister's then they both smile at each other. The monster had just recovered and was heading their way unarmed, and after seeing the monster, the two sisters looked at each other and nodded, then Kayla started summoning great amounts of energy, and Amy, her pointy silver fox years and her fluffy silvery tail stood straight as she stances ready for battle once more. The monster rushed toward them, changing his hand into a massive sword and as it swung it's large blade at Amy, Kayla shot a green fireball that opened the monster's chest wide open, the Amy rapidly cut the monster's face with her twin blades, then back away right before the monster hit her with the blade of it's red sword arm.

Back inside the castle, the three brave heroes are about to enter the room just past the stairs leading to the third floor. They all look at each other, nodding, then Etherin pushed open the large marble doors. Inside, on a large throne at the back of a dark room, was a shaggy looking white fox-man demi human. He sat there, lazily hanging his feet from the edge of the seat, his eyes were blue cat-like eyes, deep and penetrating. He gazed at the intruders and in a deep robust, but calm voice said "welcome, my guests, to my humble... castle. The road has been so long, you must be famished" with his hand he points to the left room saying "I had a special meal fit for kings, just for you." The room had a large table full of all kinds of foods imaginable, but there was a yellow light surrounding the atmosphere and the food. The white fox-man continues "but if you're not hungry, why not just rest. I have prepared a room with my BEST beds, with pillows so soft, they would make any dream as sweet as you allow it, and these mattresses are to... die for" with his right hand he points to his right to a room with three kingly beds. The sheets were made of silk, but the room was filled with a dark blue light that seemed unnatural. Etherin held on to Leena's hand, whom was dreamily heading for the beds and Xato's tail, whom was drooling for the food and whispered at them as he pulled them back "guys, focus! Zak works with temptation" Both come back to their senses, Xato sniffs the air and says "psychic energy, and lots of it". "No?" continued the shaggy white fox "then please, tell me why you are here, Etherin, son of those wretched Jacob and Lynn. Or you, little miss Leena, daughter of that fool white knight Kolbeth, and that despicable and repulsive human Meraii, what brings you here?" Leena's face turned red with anger "why you! How DARE you mention their na-" Etherin holds her hand tight and pulls her back just then and whispers "don't let him get to you. He only absorbs negativity for more power", then the fox-man continued "And what about you, Xato, son of that hairball Xetto, and that, hehehe... delicious... Geerenma?" Xato camly asks, "what's it to you, Zak, you monster? Either way you are going to die." Zak laughs so hard it almost infuriates Xato and says "ME? Die? Oh no, no, no, I believe you are mistaken. The only deaths today will be the five of you." He takes a sip from a golden cup he had to his left then smiles, showing large jagged teeth dripping with blood that he had just sipped from the cup. Etherin looks at Leena and Xato then asks "five? But there's only...?" Leena realized what Zak mean and gasps loudly then tries to get out, but the door closes shut right behind them. Xato was the only one who did not know what was the commotion about, then Etherin hesitantly asks "What... what do you mean five? There is only three of us here." Zak continued smiling then started to float, getting off his throne, then hovers close to the ground and says "Oh, so you don't know? The two children followed you to this place, however they are trapped outside in my special shield. Even if you go out now, you won't even be able to hear them. Don't worry, one of my best is out there dealing with them just now." Etherin's face fills with panic "Kayla... Amy!" Xato gets ready to fight, summoning his scythe to his right hand "Etherin, you brought CHILDREN, here??" Etherin unsheathes his sword and says "you know me better than that; they must have followed us inside right before the door closed. Leena..." Leena's heart was full of worry for the girls and was trying to open the door, but looks at Etherin as soon as he calls for her. "Leena, we have to kill him now, or those girls are as good as dead." Leena's face was so full of panic, fear and concern, but she loudly gulps and nods and prepares the yellow lighting, although this time it was as large as Etherin's sword. "Now listen you both" said Etherin "Zak is known as Beelzebub, Satan, or just The pure Evil by many. We cannot let our guard down for a second, got that!?"

Outside, the monster had turned both it's hands into short swords and was going at it with Amy, who surprisingly was doing a lot better than Kayla. The blades constantly clashing at high speeds, Amy blocking all of the monster's attempts to do her harm, and cutting small pieces off the monster with each clash. Kayla gets of from the ground after being kicked by the monster and heals her sister immediately, then prepares a large ball of green energy above her head. "AMY!!! Wind Cuts!!!" Yells Kayla. Amy nods and gets away from the monster, then Kayla releases the energy. The ball goes directly above the monster whom was just three feet away from Kayla. IT had swung one of it's swords at her, but Amy was quick enough to push Kayla out of the way just in time, then the ball gets inside the monster, stopping it on it's tracks, then the energy turns into eight bars that surround the monster and inside the bars the wind was blowing hard, cutting the monster in many places at the same time over and over. The monster shrieks in pain while the wind keeps cutting it over and over again until the monster turns into a blob on the floor. "You did it , sis!" said Amy happily, but Kayla, catching her breath, pointed at where the glob was. It was reforming itself. "Aww, COME ON!!!" said Amy in disbelief. The monster reformed itself, this time making his hand into a large dual-sided hammer. Amy notices the monster was missing little bits of itself and was oozing red goop from those gashes. "Kayla, it's weakening, let's go." Said Amy as she heads to battle again. Kayla was winded after unleashing so much energy, but she grabs a small crystal ball from her pocket and concentrates. The ball turns to light, then gets inside Kayla's hands, apparently recovering her. She then shoots a small fireball that her sister slashes through, sending the shock wave at the monster, making it roar in anger. "Oh yeah, we can WIN this!" said Amy excitedly as she launches at the monster with her swords ready for more.

Inside, things were starting to get tense. Zak was hovering close to his throne smiling a horrible smile at the three heroes. "What hope do you think you have? I have become so powerful, that not even Jacob could feel my presence all those years." said Zak with great satisfaction "face it, all the real heroes are now dead and gone, and all that's left is you." Etherin pointed at Zak with his sword and said "we do not need heroes of old. We, the new generation, can handle monsters like you no problem." "That's right" said Xato. This new generation of heroes far surpasses the old, and there's three of us here. You don't stand a chance". "That's right" said Leena. "As long as we are together, we can beat you." Zak was holding his left eye with the palm of his hand and rubbing his forehead with his index finger, looking rather annoyed saying "these... heroic monologues can be so... cheesy" and with that, Zak waves his hands, sending fireballs from the tip of his fingers, forcing the three friends to separate. Xato, immediately after landing, launches himself toward Zak and swings his scythe with great force, landing the blade on Zak's neck. Xato chuckles, but Zak only looks at him as if nothing had happened. Xato's scythe turns to dust, then Zak hits him with his elbow, sending the wolf-man flying against a wall, but before he could continue his assault on Xato, Etherin and Leena combining their lights, shoot magic directly at Zak, but he only yawns as he reflects the projectiles with the palm of his hand. Zak then raises both his hands above his head, then the entire room gets surrounded in darkness. Etherin and Leena could not see a thing. Suddenly Etherin feels a knife stabbing his back, then Leena feels claws slashing her stomach, then both get sent flying toward the same wall as Xato. The darkness vanishes, all three friends down on the floor. "That's nice, all three will die together." said Zak, pointing at them. Etherin grabs Leena and Xato, then jumps out of the way, and as he does, the floor explodes with great force. Behind a pillar they hide from Zak. "Etherin, what are we going to do now? My scythe turned to ashes, and he's quite formidable" Etherin desperately thinks for a moment, but just when he got a plan, Zak blasts the pillar they were using to hide, then continues shooting endless fireballs at them from the tip of his fingers. Suddenly he stops attacking. Etherin and Leena tried to take this as an advantage, but they were suddenly trapped inside a translucent lilac shield. Zak looks at them saying "too easy" then walks toward them. He looks at them saying "pathetic" but then he notices he was missing the Xato. "Where is that wolf-man?" he asked. Xato launches a surprise attack, landing a hard punch at the white fox's face. Zak lands on the other side of the room, and before getting up, he holds on to his eye. As soon as he lets go he realized his disguise was breaking off; his eyes was blood read, his skin was spiky and scaly. He softly growls at Xato.

"Etherin, can you get out of there?" asked Xato preparing for the assault to come. Etherin looks at Leena and grabs her hand then tells Xato "Xato, we are going to prepare a spell, can you give us some time?" Xato smirked and punched he left hand with his right, saying "well of course", then launched himself at Zak, giving him a barrage of punches saying "so THIS is how you look like. Nice disguise, but you can't fool us, you UGLY monster" then continues to beat down on Zak while Amy and Kayla kept fighting outside for dear life. They were both getting exhausted, and the monster, although bleeding a lot, kept on coming at them at full force. "Kayla" yelled Amy almost out of breath "I... I need... more energy". Holding her chest with her left hand and out of breath, her right hand fills with aqua energy and says "Here... sis... fight... on". The monster roared loudly as it launched once more at the girls, it's hammer hand, although smaller, still packing great force.

To be concluded

MAR. 1 2009
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