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Friday, March 20, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Rejuvinate 2

Morning hits Lumia. Jennie wakes up and while stretching and yawning, she sounds like she's singing. After brushing her teeth and having some milk and cereal, she tells her dad she's going out to play. Puts on a light white dress, then flies out. Luke sends her off with his blessings, then goes back inside. On Dekmoniac, Geo wakes up to a beautiful twilight. He looks outside his window and notices the dead and dry tree next to his window was growing leaves, for the first time ever. He runs to the kitchen to tell his mom about this, but she had left a note saying she was going to be in town for a long time. He grabs a small apple from the table and eats it quickly, then belches as he heads out, then laughs saying "if mom heard me do that, she'd probably get mad... hahaha!" He heads to the farming regions of Dekmoniac wondering what to do now. In the city of Dekmoniac, the demons and people were all cheering as one of their leaders curses the name of Lumia. "The accursed city of Lumia is NOTHING compared to our fair city. One day that shield of them will crumble and they will ask for our help, yes! Will we help them?" said the human with demon wings and limbs as he riled up the rest who immediately answered "NO!!" and there was Aria screaming at the top of her lungs "LET THEM ROT IN HELL!!!" They even had pictures of Lumia, made by themselves, and they started to rip them, shred them, shot at them with all sorts of blades, guns and magic spells, smiling contently as they did.

As Geo headed further into the farming region, he met three bigger kids. One was a human with a purple demon tail, the other also human with one skinny demonic wing and two horns, and the third, a full blooded demon. "Hey kid, where do you think you're going?" asked the one-winged kid, but Geo simply ignores him, so the full demon trip him, making Geo fall face-first on the ground. Geo doesn't get up so the others start mocking him "oh look, the clumsy baby fell" "Yeah, you should learn how to walk, kid" "HAHAHA, I bet he's going to run home to his mommy now." Geo gets up and smiles, then snaps his fingers, turns around and starts walking to his destination once more. The three kids were going to chase him, however, the ground under them crumbled, then three blunt stones rose up, hitting each of them in the face, and knocking them unconscious on the floor, then still smirking Geo says "The correct answer was kicking your sorry butts" then he heads to the dark forests of Dekmoniac. Going deep into the dark forests, the trees looked at him with a mean expression, and looked as though they were ready to strike at any moment, however Geo walks by as if nothing was happening. One of the trees came to life and tried to grab him, however, Geo jumps and points at the ground next to the tree, then the tree sinks underground until only it's branches remained above ground. "Anyone else wants to try their luck? No?" said Geo in a very cocky attitude. All the trees straightened out and opened a new path to a strange swirling energy field. Geo looks at the energy but was not surprised at all. He calmly walks in, both his hands behind his head and whistling a strange tune.

Back in Lumia, Jennie was flying to the farming regions of Lumia. All the trees were so beautiful, the grass was so green, and it appeared the farmers were having a great time. It was hard for her to believe the news about Lumia's decline, when she sees everything so positively. Something catches her eye going into the woods. The others waved at her asking her where was she headed. "I'm going into the woods today." said Jennie. "Be careful" said one of the fox farmers "remember to give us the signal if anything happens." Jennie nodded as she smiled and entered the forest. Again, something seems to catch her attention again, so she investigates. It was a white rabbit, however he had a red lightning bolt shape on it's fur,a nd Jennie found this very curious, so she tries to grab the rabbit, however it starts running away, and Jennie, of course, started chasing after it. Deeper and deeper into the woods she went. Sunlight hardly touched the ground, the trees were tall, and had thick roots, but Jennie was concentrated in catching the rabbit, she didn't notice how far inside the woods she was, then suddenly a swirling energy field opens up right in front of her and the rabbit, but she did not notice, her attention fixed on getting the strange little rabbit, then in she goes. Once inside, the rabbit spots Geo. "Huh? What's a Zabbit doing here?" asked Geo to himself, then Jennie storms inside and grabs the rabbit "GOTCHA!", she said laughing. Geo's eyes filled with shock and fear "HEY GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?" Jennie looks at Geo puzzled, but then the rabbit turns it's body into a red electricity, thankfully the shock made Jennie let go of the monster just in time. The zabbit started to rush her, making her trip. Geo got in front of her and the zabbit, and as the monster stared at Geo, Geo places his hand on the ground, realizing there was no ground here. the floor was made of a swirling white energy, as was all around them. Just a swirl of energy. Geo got scared; he could not use earth magic in here, and he did not know what was the zabbit's next move. Jennie gets up and asks him to get out of the way. "What are you--" but before he finished asking, Geo noticed the girl was taking a deep breath. He opens his eyes widely then jumps out of the way as she expelled the air, creating a shock wave of shrieking sound directed at the zabbit.

Inside a small decaying ruin in the outskirts of Lumia, Jacob and Lynn were exploring, looking for something. They are inside a room surrounded by strange drawings and symbols, a large door, and to the left of the door, three levers. Jacob had a ball of light to illuminate the room and he was looking at the symbols and drawings, as if trying to decipher their meaning. "Any luck?" he asks Lynn, who was on the wall to the right of the room, doing the same as him. "No, just doodles of children and their families" replied Lynn, who was looking at a carved picture of a girl, her two parents, their house and what appeared to be a sun, or maybe a cat. Suddenly Jacob exclaims "A-HAH, I found it" He then heads tot he levers and pulls the one in the middle upward. The door opens as Lynn jumps on him, kissing him on the cheek and calling him a genius, then he warns her "be careful honey, if he happen to even touch the other two now, the whole room will collapse" and so he heads into the next room. As Lynn fallows him, a few strands of her hair get tangled up with the left-most lever. She stops before pulling anything and releases her hair, but after the did, the lever falls down, and she lets out a loud "Oops..." then gulps. Jacob's face turns blue then faces her "you said oops.... Why oops. Oops is bad." Lynn smiles as she enters the room, then the door behind her slams shut, making her shriek a bit, and the entire room they had just been inside can be heard collapsing. Jacob started to sweat a little softly saying "that... was out way back". Lynn lowers her head apologizing then spots something "Ooh, ooh, honey look!" A golden cup was on a pedestal at the end of the room. Jacob gasps "that's it! We just need to take that and get out... somehow." they get close to the pedestal and look inside the cup. Inside were three beads, one orange with five holes in it, one indigo with two holes, and one green with just one hole. "Alright, we are supposed to pick the one that has a cross in it, and since the only one that has holes crossing it is the indigo one, we'll take this one" said Jacob confidently. The second he touches the bead, the room starts rumbling. "Oh crap, why do these things ALWAYS have to be booby trapped" screams Jacob with a frightened expression in his face. The room started to collapse from the entrance to where the two were now. Lynn closes her eyes and concentrates a ball of swirling black and purple energy, then the ball expands and turns into a laser, then she blasts a hole that lead back outside. Both Lynn and Jacob fly to the newly made exit and escape the death trap. As they both floated on the air, they watched as the ruin turned into dust. Jacob sighs and says "so much for that ruin. Ohh well, at least we found what we were looking for." Lynn quietly smiles at him, then suddenly Jacob realizes something "Wait a minute! Lynn, when did you learn that? That spell was just amazing." Lynn giggles and smiles as she says "Starstriker taught me that", then she points her left index finger up and a small ball of black and purple swirling energy materialized, then shrinks and disappears. Jacob flies close to her, grabs her and kisses her on her cheek saying "I love you, you amazing woman, you know that?" Lynn giggles as they fly to their next destination, and as they fly, Lynn asks Jacob "honey? Think we should have told Etherin that we both can fly?" Jacob looks back at her and says "that would spoil the fun of seeing his face".

Jennie continued shrieking until the zabbit gave up and ran away, back to Dekmoniac. As soon as it did, Geo looks at her and quite calmly says "hey, that was cool. I've never seen anyone do that before... in fact..." he looks at her up and down "...I have never seen anyone like you around here." Jennie looks back at him and giggles. Geo blushes as he scratches his left cheek, trying to ignore his burning face, then says "well, anyway, thank you for helping me get rid of that zabbit. They can be quite dangerous. Oh, my name is Geo, what's yours" Geo extends his hand to hers, then she quietly tell him "...umm, my-my name is Jennie..." She giggles again as she shakes hands with Geo, again, making him blush, but then she abruptly asks "so that was called a zabbit? I have never seen something like that before." Geo looks at her seriously for a second "so, you've never seen one? That's interesting. Everyone knows about zabbits." Jennie looks at him puzzled but then asks "and what where you trying to do to that... zabbit, was it?" Geo starts blushing again, and hurries to come up with a good excuse, but get takes a breath of air and answer "nothing... it didn't work here any-" suddenly Geo realizes he can't find his way back home and panics. "Oh no! I don't know how to go back now!!! Argh, Mom's gonna yell at me if I am late again!" Jennie tries to calm him down, but he was too overexcited, then as if an idea just hit her she tells him "oh, home's this way." Geo stops in his tracks, then Jennie walks back to where she came from, as if instinctively knowing where to do, then she vanishes behind the swirling energy wall. Geo was about to panic again, but Jennie pops in her head again, then her hand, then signals him to follow, so he quietly follows her in. Once in the forest of Lumia, he notices that Jennie was surrounded by a light green light. His face turns ghostly pale, then he sees the trees, so green, full of leaves and life. Jennie got worries, seeing him in such a state. "Geo...? What's wrong? Are you sick?" Geo was too scared to answer back, then he realizes... he looks at his arms, then his feel, then around his torso, behind him then he looks at Jennie, his eyes filled with so much fear, it was as if he had just seen death, then he quietly says "Red--red light? I'm-I'm in... Lumia... no..." He could not move, he was in complete shock He was surrounded by red light, he was in a place completely different from his home, and realizing where he was brought even more fear into his heart. Jennie tried to bring him back into making sense, but he let himself fall on the ground and started hugging his knees. Jennie continues to call out to him, and make him wake up, but the shock was too much, and all Geo could think about was what to tell him mom, if she should find him there.

To Be Continued...

MAR. 20 2009
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