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Friday, March 13, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Character Descriptions

Once again, here are the characters descriptions. Yes, yes, I realize my descriptions can be vague at times during the tale, but don't you like it when it gets right to the point, instead of constantly beating around the bush? No? Ahh well. It's nice to sometimes use one's own imagination, I mean, for me each character looks in a certain way, but... what about you? Do you see them the same way as I? Well, it's all good because here are the descriptions. Again, if you haven't read "Legends of Lumia: Illuminate" yet, then you should skip this since it WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Please enjoy reading these tales. I hope to continue adding more and more, when more people read them *smile for you* :).

ETHERIN: He is the son of Jacob and Lynn. Loves wearing cloaks and goofing around. Usually wears white shirts, long black or brown pants that are torn, broken, or dirty at the bottom, thick brown leather boots, and on rare occasions, he wears a blue bandanna stained with trickles of blood around his forehead. He has brown unkempt, spiky hair, and brown eyes. He is 40 years old, however he looks like a 20 year old, and acts like a 16 ear old at times, particularly when playing video games with Amy, however, when he needs to, he can act seriously. Whenever there is an injustice or misdeed, he is second to none when dealing with this. He is not as strong as his father, but acquired his mother's magic skills and constantly combines them with the sword his father made for him before vanishing from Lumia. The sword has a golden yellow hilt and the blade is made of a strange white metal that is as hard as diamond, but also as heavy as iron.

LEENA: She is the 25 year old daughter of Kolbeth, the White Knight, a hero of old from Lumia's past, and Meraii, a human whom already possessed extraordinary powers, but was branded a witch, and hunted down by other humans. Leena's eyes are dark blue, and her hair is wavy, dark brown with blond highlights in three separate areas, making her hair look as if it were shining from her crown downard, however, when filled with hatred, her hair turns bright yellow, her wavy hair turns to snake-like strands and her eyes glow crimson. When she enters Lumia, her light pushes back all darkness consuming the light shield of the city. She also possesses a unique trait that nobody in Lumia has ever experienced before. She has an inner aura that changes it's color depending on her mood or needs, which, according to Xato, is a trait exclusive to their Goddess Epheria. Whether Leena is or is not the goddess reborn, it is yet to be seen. She has incredibly strong magic and is able to summon a large sword made of light, and sometimes can summon a hammer made of darkness. Although she is still learning, her healing already surpasses Lynn's level.

XATO HIKERO: He is a mix of human, fox, and wolf. His fur is light blue with white all around his chest and stomach, and his snout. He also has a small scar on his left cheek, but his fur covers it well. He is the son of Xetto Hikero and Geerenma Ageto, and so possesses great skill, power and wisdom, however, when in despair, he can be very hard-headed. At first, he saw Leena as the enemy due to ancient legends he once heard, however it changes when he discovers her true nature. He and Etherin have always been friends, and have been in countless adventures since their childhood, when training under Xetto Hikero, and a few other lumian explorers and warriors. Xato and Etherin both had the blessing of both Xetto and Alanos Hikero's wisdom and guidance, as well as special training from Jacob himself.

KAYLA HIKERO: Shy, reserved 14 year old girl, daughter of Vron {Vrrun} Hikero and Jean Ferrin {Feh-rin}. Her hair is long and lilac colored, her eyes are silver colors, although at times they look blue. She is very gifted when it comes to magic, and can cast spells and even amplify their power ten times her own level, however, doing so drains her significantly. She cares for her younger sister, Amy, who often gets in trouble, for the fun of it. Whenever her sister is in danger or hurt, Kayla will lose her temper and use ever ounce of magic to harm whomever has hurt her little sister. She almost died during their adventure following Etherin and Leena, however, she was saved miraculously by her sister, and ever since then, the magic power has doubled, and so has her wisdom, although she keeps it a secret them to rest, including Amy.

AMY HIKERO: Complete opposite to her sister, she barely keeps things to herself at all, which gets her into heaps of trouble constantly, not to mention under her sister's skin. She's 13 years old, has short blonde hair, and although she looks human, she has the ears of a silver fox and also has a silver fox tail. She has incredible agility and speed, and can also be incredibly stealthy. Unlikeher sister, she lacks magical powers, but makes up by being naturally gifted with weapons, specially dual short swords. She loves beating Etherin in the video games they constantly play, and the score stands at 150 - 0 in Amy's favor, which has Etherin frustrated to the point that he'll play games 24 hours straight, but still loses. During her adventure with her sister while following Etherin and Leena, she was able to use magic for the first time, but she refuses to practice it, however, in reality, she secretly trains in the outer forests of Lumia, since it is in there that her magic abilities are their strongest. Amy tries to enter Lumia's warrior ranks and is constantly training for this, for as soon as she reaches the age of 14, she's going to be allowed to participate in the entrance exam.

VRON HIKERO: A simple farmer in the town of Kelin-Tao, he fell in love with Jean at first sight, however Jean would refuse him often. He won her heart the day he saved her from a vicious pack of dragegons {dra-gee-gons} (small dragon-like creatures that feast on the living flesh of other beings and hunt in packs of 3 or more). He is now 45 years old, always wears overalls, constantly chews on the stems of the rice he harvests, has a thick gray mustache, short hair, small round brown eyes, and although is it portly, he is very srong and quite agile. His Hikero heritage is a bit of a misery although Etherin explains Alanos had a brother who left Lumia ages ago, this sill leave some gaps to be explained, but Vron prefers secrecy overall.

JEAN FERRIN: A sliver fox demi-human woman. She is 42 years old, but looks 25 and acts 18 at times. Has silvery-blue eyes, and her fur is almost completely silver except for the tip of her tail, which is white, and her left foot, that is black. She also let the hair on her head grow a bit, however, it looks more messy and unkempt than Etherin's, but she doesn't care as long as Vron doesn't mind. When Kayla was born, a little snag hit their relationship, since neither Vron or Jean had lilac hair, their daughter did, but love conquers all, and Vron accidentally found information regarding the mix between humans and demi-humans to cause certain mutations, mostly beneficial to the offspring.

HITO THE INNKEEPER: Not much is known of Hito. He came to the town of Kelin-Tao when he was already an elderly man. He has always treated Leena like a grandfather would treat his grandchildren, and has been taking care of the Inn for 10 years. He has not aged a day, ever, but the children love him a lot, and many of the young towns people have grown too accustomed to his presence, so they never ask questions. In his inn, there is a miracle, as the lower rooms contain an endless amount of food and water, a feat impossible by magic, but that is yet another mystery that nobody has bothered to uncover.

KIRA LEENOA {Kee-ra Lee-nou-ah}: Life partner of Xato. When Xato departed to try and destroy Leena (whom he had though was evil at first), she was left behind to take care of their newly-made house. Shortly after Xato had left, she received word he had fallen to his death before reaching the first checkpoint. Devastated, she locked herself inside the house, hoping to die of hunger, however, she has the ability to communicate with the dead, and after realizing Xato's soul was not wandering outside his body, her hope rekindled, continued living, waiting for his return. Her fur is dark blue with some black areas around her ankles and wrists, her eyes are violet and although she is half wolf, her face looks like that of a half-fox.

JACOB: Hero of Lumia and father of Etherin. He is now 1028 years old but hasn't aged a single year. Still uses his sword of light whenever needed. His hair is now short light-brown and his eyes blue, although his right eye is brown, but only he and Lynn know this. He came back to Lumia, but instead of relaxing, he came with news of a prediction for Lumia's newest heroes. He and his life partner, Lynn, now hide in the borders of Lumia as cloaked figures, searching for something inside the many forgotten ruins and temples in Lumia.

LYNN SILVERSTAR: Jacob's life partner, Etherin's mother, and the one being in Lumia who can use black magics for healing and even resuscitation. Although she helped Jacob save Lumia before, she hasn't completely forgiven herself for opening the portal for the demons to enter the city. Her Hair is pink and has grown so long, it's reaching her lower back and her eyes are lilac colored. She is also proud of being 1026 years old, but still look 22. When she came back to Lumia, the combination of her Aura, along with Leena's presence, has brought clam and peace tot he heart of the lumians who had succumbed to so much wrong. She now accompanies Jacob, searching the hidden temples and ruins as cloaked figures.

DAMIEN: Much mystery surrounds this man. Shaggy, long black hair, his skin is pale, wears a black outfit that looks expensive, however, he also carries two large swords that seem to be linked to a chain, always behind his back on his belt. His motives are still unknown, and although he helped Leena decide her path, he is still unknown whether to be ally or enemy. He can be arrogant to many... at times.

HEDDER {Head-er}: A wiseman, leader of a secret society that believes that dark and light are one in the same. When he's addressing the society, he wears robes of white or black, along with a blue and lilac scarf. He has short brown unkempt hair, and stern looking brown eyes. He seems to know Damien well, however they constantly fight over the most trivial of things.

OPHALT {Oh-falt}: Large country composed of 3 cities, 5 small villages and of course the town of Kelin-Tao, along with 3 more towns. Ophalt also has one of the most beautiful beaches in the planet, which lies two miles away from Kelin-Tao, going through a small desert. A dark mass had started to corrupt the beautiful country right after landing on the mayor's office in the town of Kelin-Tao, however, thanks to Etherin and Leena's intervention, the land was saved. Ophalt is also very blessed, being the country in which the entrance to Lumia lies.

KELIN-TAO {Ké-lin-Táo}: A relatively large town, rich in farming of grains and healing herbs. A tragedy befell the peaceful town one day, when a disgusting blob landed on the mayor's office and began to corrupt everything. People started dying, then coming back to life as ooze spitting zombies. Leena, who was a regular visitor of the town, was in shock after seeing it in such a state of decay, but thanks to Etherin and herself, the town was brought back to it's normal state, however, tragically, the mayor had become a symbiotic life-form inside the blob, and so he died along with the decay.

LUMIA: It has also fallen in a state of decay, however, it not by a monster's hand, but by the own lumian's hands. Greed, selfishness, no consideration towards their neighbors, and now vanity. Leena's arrival at the city saved it from becoming a dark dwelling for humans and demons, just like Dekmoniac. Lynn's reappearance inside Lumia has also helped the city to stabilize, however the damage is already done, and the people have to relearn unity, humility, love to one another, respect, and selflessness.

DEKMONIAC: A city of demons and people without light. These legends have been questioned by many lately. IS Dekmoniac really a city of evil, or completely misunderstood? An ancient castle in Lumia reveals that both Lumia and Dekmoniac are destined to reunite, however it is unknown, at these times, whether the cities were united once. Legends tell of this being true, however, these legends are now forgotten by many, becoming mere whispers or myths.

MAR. 13 2009
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