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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Epilogue

A week after their return from the evil castle, and the battle against Zak, all involved in the incident were invited to a quick reunion at Etherin's house. Xato and Kira were last to arrive and sat together. Kira had Xato handcuffed all the time ever since he returned to her. He did not seem happy about it, but that is expected. Amy and Etherin were at it in the video games, and Amy would win every single game, which frustrated Etherin. Kayla sat behind them on the couch, laughing every time Etherin would make a mistake that would give Amy the edge over him. Leena and Jean, Amy and Kayla's mother, were at the dinner table talking and serving the meal Etherin had prepared just a few hours ago, and Vron, Amy and Kayla's father sat in front of Kira and Xato, just talking with them, asking the reason for the handcuffs, and Xato would get for his help, but every time he did, Kira would look at him with daggers in her eyes. Right after Amy beats Etherin on a fighting games, oddly enough based on them, she happily skipped to the dinner table.

Once the meal was done, they started discussing various things: "Amy, something is bothering me" asked Kayla, and Amy looked at her puzzled "when I was knocked out by that horrible monster... you healed me, right? But how... you don't have magic." Amy lowered her head and a tear fell down her cheek and said "I was just so scared, i though you were going to die, and.. I really don't know how, I just wanted you to be well again and I started imagining myself curing you with energy and... well it just happened." Kayla smiles and hugs Amy tight, whom had her eyes filled with tears. "So you never told us how did you get inside Lumia without a lumian's help... I mean I know Etherin helped me but...?" Leena asked Jean and Vron. "To be completely honest with you..." said Vron "Jean had followed our daughters' scent to the entrance, however all we could see was a mountain wall, too smooth to climb, and to hard to break through with anything we had". Jean continued "but I insisted they went through the wall, so Vron somehow closed his eyes, pushed hard against the wall then went right through. I freaked out when I saw that, didn't I honey?" she said looking at Vron who continued "yes darling, which made it that much harder to help her in, but I said to her "Jean, you just have to close your eyes and believe", but she still couldn't come through". Jean smiled and continued "but then Vron had the smartest idea and asked me "do you trust me?" then looked at me in the eyes and, oh, he always knows how to handle me so well" she blushed and smiled then continued "so I closed my eyes, just as he asked, and I trusted him, then he pulled me in. I was amazed when I saw him covered in that lilac light" then rubbing noses with him, Vron continued "not as surprised when I saw my Jean shining that gorgeous light blue color" then they suddenly realized where they were and separated immediately, clearing their throats. Etherin was quietly smiling at the other end of the table, so Leena says to him "you know something, and you are not telling! Spill it!!" Etherin rests his back against the chair, crossing his arms behind his head and looking up "well, the reason it was so easy for you to enter here is because Vron is a Hikero, and even though he was born outside of Lumia, his bloodline allowed him to enter with ease, which is why Jean could not enter as easily, needing his help." Xato was a bit surprised and asked "so they are... part of my family?" "Exactly" said Etherin, pointing at Xato. "But before you ask, it is because Alanos Hikero. your grandfather, had a brother who went venturing outside of Lumia, eventually falling in love with a fox-woman. They lived very hard lives, I must tell you, since by those times, half humans weren't accepted outside of Lumia as they are now. Somehow, though, his lineage continued through humans, and so Vron, here, is you ten times great nephew or cousin or... well thing is you are related."

Jean and Vron looked at each other and Jean said "related or not, I would have dug a hole in that wall for my babies" and Vron nodded saying "and I would have helped her definitely". Amy and Kayla shrunk their heads blushing and said at the same time "WE ARE NOT BABIES!!!" Jean and Vron looked at them and Jean said "but to us, you will always be our children, don't forget it." They all laughed as the two girls blushed in embarrassment, then Leena skilfully veered the conversation "I want to know, Etherin, about that castle,a nd those pictures of the two cities. Who built that, and why? And how come they had so many prophecies drawn there?" Etherin ponders for a second "well, Lumia has quite a few ruins and ancient architectures hidden all around, and us finding that one leads me to believe they aren't myths as Xato and I though." "Then that means..." continued Xato "that the pictures of the two cities coming together... think it's true?" Etherin pulls himself from his lazy position, placing his elbows on the table and resting his head on his hands, looking very serious "well even after half the castle was leveled, the pictures were intact. Even now they continue moving forward, closer to each other. When that time comes, it is obvious that, ready or not, the two cities WILL join, however I do not understand how is this going to happen, or exactly when. I just hope it doesn't end in a catastrophe." Etherin notices the mood changed from a happy one to a glum one, then he cheerfully said "aww, come on, this is a happy occasion. It's Kayla's fifteenth birthday. Let's not spoil it now. Besides, I am positive that we can handle anything, should it arise" One by one they all cheered up and agreed with Etherin, then Etherin smirks and asks "hey Xato, Kira, what's with the lock-up?" Kira blushes and giggles and Xato yells "NEVER YOU MIND!!!" They enjoyed the rest of the day, celebrated Kayla's birthdate, and even got her a surprise cake and candles. As soon as she blew on the candles, her light grew thicker, startling her a little then Etherin explains "relax. Whenever someone in Lumia grows a year older, their lights grow as well... although it is only if the lumian is strong enough for further growing" then he smiles at Kayla. After a while, when the party was over, everyone went back home, saying their see you laters and great party, and a threat from Amy for another beat down for Etherin during online gaming.

Three days later, a grand celebration in Lumia took place as the 15th mayor passed on Lumia's key on to the 16th mayor, but so many lumians had succumbed to vanity, not caring for the celebration, paying more attention to their physique and clothes than to the great event taking place. As Etherin and Leena walked around the streets, wondering how to break the lumian's free of that vanity, Amy, running around at great speeds spots them and stops to say hi. "so, what'cha doing?" asked the speedy girl. Leena giggled and said "oh, just walking about. And you? Where are you off in such a hurry?" Amy smirks and answers "I am training to become part of the explorers group." Etherin smiles "well, I am sure with you in there, they won't need more recruits. Just remember to never overdo yourself." She brushes her hair saying "when have I overdone myself?" then rushes off, running at incredible speeds. Leena laughs "I think we woke up a powerful warrior in her, huh?" Etherin nods, then they continue their walk. At noon, they headed to their home, and just before they entered, Etherin felt something in his skin. "Leena, inside" then points at the left of the door. He burst open the door, his hand on his sword, ready to strike, but to his surprise, sitting in the living room, two familiar figures. "So this is how you greet us after so long?" said a man. "And here I though you missed us" said the woman beside the man. Etherin lowers his defenses, and so does Leena. She looks at them as Etherin walks toward them and gives them both a big hug. "I really missed you guys. What happened to you, where were you?" asked Ethrin, then Leena looks at the two figures and says "these are Jacob and Lynn?" "Oh my goodness" exclaimed Etherin "yes, these are my parents, Jacob and Lynn. "Leena was in a bit of shock, seeing them for the first time. They looked as young as Etherin, only a little taller, but they had to be at least one thousand years old. "Lumians can last up to five thousand years, even more if we allow it" said Jacob, before Leena could ask. "Mom, dad, this is Leena, my life partner and soul mate" says Etherin with a smile, then Lynn says "Oh we already know. She's just as Starstriker told us, right honey?" "Right" exclaimed Jacob. Etherin and Leena both looked quite surprised. "Starstriker?" asked Etherin. Lynn and Jacob nod "and we also know what you have been through and we have to say we are so proud of you all, and you friends are just amazing." said Lynn, then Jacob continued" those two little girls are to become Lumia's greatest hope in a near future, if Starstriker's predictions are correct. We need to talk, so call you friends immediately. We haven't much time." and so there was another sudden reunion filled with many surprises for all in the house, and as dawn breaks Lynn and Jacob cover themselves in black cloaks then head to parts unknown inside Lumia saying "remember what we just told you, and keep close contact with each other." said Jacob then Lynn adds "and son, remember we love you very much."

High above the lands outside of Lumia, a large dome of white adorned with many pillars and statues, strange being, pale skinned, some tall, some short, other looked mean, others looked kind. They were all inside the dome, where the light of the Sun could not reach, in a stadium. They were accompanied by many wizards and wisemen of all kinds. In the center of the stadium, a single wiseman stands. He wore a long robe of white with a long light blue and lilac scarf and small glasses. Brown, unkempt short hair and a stern, serious look in his face were always present. "Brethren of the secret society, high above the clouds take heed" said the wiseman in the middle of the stadium, his voice resonating against the walls "the time is upon us. Lumia and Dekmoniac will join, and although this is a happy occasion, we will be needed to assist on the events to come. Vampires, wisemen, wizards, werewolves, sirens, and dragoons, be prepared to spread the message and defend those who's lives are to be threatened by those filled with ill-wishes. My brethren, never forget that we can also be consumed by these ill-wishes, so go but being very careful of yourselves. May the light and the darkness guide you!" With this, great cheers roared inside the stadium. Soon, the stadium started to empty. The wiseman in the middle of the stadium was preparing to leave, but someone approached him. "Ahh, Damien" said the wiseman. "And so, Damien? How did it go?" The tall pale skinned man, wearing the black button shirt that talked to Leena before stood next to the wiseman, his two large swords still secured tightly on his belt. "The mission was a complete success, although some difficulties arose, but were easily overcome." said Damien. He brushed his hair with his fingers upward then continued "that Etherin sure proved to be something. That Leena was quite difficult to guide. She was as stubborn as you when you were young." The wiseman scoffs "is that all?" "No", continued Damien. "Jacob and Lynn are back; all nine of them know of the union of the two cities and are well aware of what's to come. This will surely set back our plans for Leena." The wiseman accommodates his glasses with his left hand saying "perhaps not. Remember this is just how Sta..." "DON'T SAY THAT NAME IN MY PRESENCE!" bellowed Damien. This made the wiseman smile then continued "this is just as HE predicted. My guess is that we might have to interfere this time, my old friend." Damien smiles widely as they start to walk to the exit, and just before entering the exit doorway Damien asks "so how are things... mister Chris?" The wiseman stopped. He was annoyed but tried to hide it... poorly. "I told you many times... do not address me by that name here. My proper name is Hedder, and don't you forget it." Damien was sitting on the protective tubes on the first row of chairs then asks "so you're still a virgin, huh?" Hedder's face turned completely red, took out his staff and started to shoot blots of lighting at Damien, missing him, saying "THAT, is a VERY inappropriate QUESTION!" Damien mocked Hedder as he missed ever shot he fired, thanks to Damien's inhuman speed. "Ha ha, you missed me... what are you aiming at? A blind old lady could shoot better" Damien would say, and Hedder got so mad he screams in rage, shooting faster and faster at Damien.

MAR. 04 2009

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