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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Legends of Lumia : Rejuvinate 1

Night of the new moon in the town of Kelin-Tao; everyone locks their door tightly and hide in the comfort of their homes. It is twelve in the morning, and only one light brightens the intense darkness of the night. "So, you believe it is time already?" said Hito as he places his tea cup on the inn's table. "Yes, it has been two years since Zak's death. The pendulum slowed down, but it seems it's only a matter of mere months, maybe days, before it happens" said Xato, sitting on the other side of the table, facing Hito, and to his left, Kira sat quietly listening. "But Xato" continued Hito "do you really believe this world is ready for this? I mean, last time this happened, the sirens were almost wiped out from existence." Xato closes his eyes and thinks for a minute, then answers "whether we are ready or not, it is going to happen, and when it does, may the gods and angels save us all, of something goes wrong" said Xato. Xato then looks directly at Hito then asks "and when are you going to tell me your real name?" Hito was a bit surprised, however he merely smiles and says "I did not expect there was still someone in this life that could tell. I am sorry, but you would be safer if you never knew my real identity." Xato nods and sips on his cup of tea. Kira looked at both men quite puzzled, but decided to stay quiet for now. Hito continues speaking "when last this event took place, we had that warrior... Starstriker with us. *Sigh* If he were here now, he would help us." "How do you know of that name?" asked Xato, but Hito kept quiet. Xato smirks "so I was right. I will not ask more in the matter but I will let you know this... it was Starstriker who sent us on this mission." Hito could not believe his ears. It was as if he just heard the most wonderful news in his life, but then realizes what Xato had just said "...b-b-but how can he be...?" but Xato lifts his hand in front of Hito then says "in due time all will be revealed. Besides, we have an eavesdropper just outside. Damien enters through the window and sits on a free chair, three tables behind, then waves with a smile "I am SO sorry" said Damien sarcastically "but the conversation was too interesting to ignore." Xato recognized the man, however he seems different from before, but before he could say a thing, Kira storms off her chair demanding explanations from Damien. "Who do you THINK you are, after almost killing my Xato, now you act all friendly and... grrr" but Xato holds her by the shoulders and pulls her back to her chair, then he continues "you seem to know a lot more of what's going on. Care to share?" Damien ponders for a minute then looks at Hito, who was still sitting on his chair, sipping on his tea, facing Xato's back now. He opens one eye as he sips, then nods at Damien. "I know almost as much as you do, wolf man, however I have a task of my own." said Damien, looking rather serious for once. "I am sure that as always... HIS predictions will come true, and we'll have a mess on our hands like always." Xato looks at Damien's eyes and could tell he was not evil, however still was arrogant and mysterious. "So you claim you also know Sta-" "DON'T!!! Mention his name to me. It's not to my liking, and wouldn't be to yours either I guarantee it!" blurted Damien before Xato could continue. Damien gets up and heads out the door and right before he leaves he looks back with his left eye and says "we will meet again, just not as soon as you'd hope." and with that, two large demon wings sprouted from Damien's back and in the blink of an eye, he was already high in the air, heading to his next destination. Xato stood at the door looking at the direction of Lumia and tells Kira "Kira... I want you to contact Etherin and tell him Leena was right. This is not just Lumia's problem anymore" then Kira closes her eyes and started glowing blue, then a thin beam shoots from the crown of her head and flies toward Lumia at the speed of light. Hito sips on his tea once more, but grips the cup so hard this time, it cracks a little on the side.

In an unknown part of the world, in a city were the sky is always in twilight, the streets are barren, the water fountain, adorned with demonic figures, runs on black slime, a boy plays innocently on the streets, alone. "GEO~" calls a woman from a very dirty house. The roof was made from straw and had many holes on it, the windows were all broken and the surroundings had no sign of life, yet the child happily answers his mother's call. "Coming mama!" yells the seven year old Geo. As he ran to his house near the city he passes by many tall buildings that had been closed up and their entrances and windows covered barricaded by wood all around. Only a few businesses were left, one being the small supermarket, the other being a night club for demons only and on the gates to the city, a large sign, it's letter almost completely gone do to wear, read "W lc me to Dekmoniac Cit " (Welcome to Dekmoniac City). The child arrives home and politely greets his mother, a woman that looked like a big human woman, however she had the eyes of a cat, green in color. She wore a dirty white head band over her dirty unkempt hair and wore a yellowish green dress and over the dress, a purple apron. "There you are child, it's dinner time, so have a seat already" said the woman in a tired tone. The child enters the kitchen and answers "fine, fine. So what are we having today?" The woman places a very large metal pot that had some rust on the sides, then lifts the lid saying "Wings of bats with some vegetables I found in that old refrigerator" she says poniting at the ancient looking refrigerator they had. The handles were broken, the color had faded, yet it worked like new. The child grabs a portion of the meal with some carrots then thanks his mother, which seem to lift her mood a little. Once dinner was done, the dishes cleaned, the woman heads outside the house and stares at the twilight sky. Geo come out looking a bit sleepy, then rubbing his eyes he asks his mother "momma? are you talking to dad again?" The woman looks surprised but just sighs and nods. "Mom, if dad saw you like that, you know what he'd say" He lifts his hand up to his elbow and points a finger up then mimicking his father he says "Aria, stop thinking about things you can't do anything about, just do what you can HA-Ha-HA-HA~~" The woman stares at the child for a second, then start laughing "your right, you're right, that is So what your father would say. Oh, how I wish he were here with us. I miss having a man around the house." Geo pouts, but Aria pats him on the head then rubs his head, messing his already messed up hair. "Let's go sleep, ok son?" Geo smiles then runs inside, then immediately heads for bed, but Aria looks back and stays looking at the twilight sky from teh window a little longer, then a tear drops from her left eye as she whispers "I really miss you.. Zak... My love" and then she heads to bed, crying herself to sleep.

In the city of Lumia, a small half siren half human child plays with three other children, two being human girls, and another being a red fox boy. A man's voice is heard from the distance "Jennie~! Time for dinner!!" "Coming father!" yelled the siren girl in a tone that made it seem she was singing. She waved her friends goodbye and using her odd pink petal-like wings, she flies home. She has bushy blond hair that reaches her shoulder, her eyes are completely aqua with reddish pupils, her arms were covered in silky turn-color feathers. She had a human face and a human torso and limbs, with the exception of also being covered by light blue and green silky feathers all over and her feet looked like falcon claws, although she had her claws smoothed out so no accidental cutting would occur. She arrives at her home, her father, a tall thin man wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt, awaited for her at the house's entrance. As she lands on her father's arms, she gives him a big hug and says "I'm home" in a singing tone. Her father laughs and smiles as he hugs back saying "it's almost dinner time, sweetheart. Oh..?" She holds her by her arms and gets a good look at her and asks "only wearing your shorts today?" and as he gently puts her back on the ground she casually answers "well, it's a little too hot today, and besides, I was just playing with my friends." Her father laughs hard and tells her "it's ok child, I was just curious". She laughs with him as they head inside. After a spaghetti and sauce meal, Jennie's favorite food in all Lumia, they talk for a bit while her dad cleans the dishes. "Dad..." she said in a somewhat low tone of voice. "What's wrong, my child?" responded her dad with concern. "Dad, I think... I'm forgetting about mom." As she finishes saying this, a tear falls from her eye. Her father cleans his hands from the soap he was using in a hurry, then hugs her tightly "my child, you can never forget your mother. She lives in your heart, as in mine. Can you feel her? Our hearts beat together for her, and as long as you remember this, you will never forget your mother." With tears in her eyes, she forces out a big smile, then hugs her father again, then heads to her room, stopping by the small shrine with the picture of her mother in it, praying in front of the shrine, then heads to her room. That night her father was writing in a small blue book:
"Dear diary,
What I feared one day might happen actually happened sooner than I expected. She's missing her mother deeply. I do not know what to do, but I'll do what my heart tells me what is right. That is what she would have told me, right my darling Ria? My name is Luke Sypake, and to this vow I stand, I will do my best for my daughter... but I must confess, sometimes my own heart feels weak and makes me wonder how far I can truly go. Ria, I know you check up on us from time to time. Please give me the strength I need to go on."

And with that, he closes the little book and starts to cry. Jennie was outside the door looking at her father worriedly, however she wouldn't dare enter his room for fear that he might get mad or disappointed in her, so she heads to her room and quietly sobs as she falls asleep.

On the destroyed white castle, where Etherin, Xato, Leena and all their friends defeated Zak, the evil that threatened existence itself, in the room of Lumia's and Dekmoniac's prophecy, the pendulum above the pictures stopped for a second or two, then suddenly swung violently, then both pictures rapidly got so close to each other, they almost crashed. Only one inch of space remained between the two pictures of prophecy, then the pendulum completely stops moving, hanging above the two pictures. A red star started to shine, it's light touching the gap between the two pictures. Suddenly, in an unknown location Hedder gasps, his glasses almost falling off. "What's wrong sweetie?" asked a women from another room. "N-nothing. It's nothing. I'll just need some fresh air". He goes to a white balcony and looks up at the sky, then sees the red star. His face turns pale, his expression suggested as if he had just seen something too horrible, then he runs back inside, goes to the room where the woman was, then trembling he yells "The red star... it's the RED STAR... AYA, AYA! Call for a meeting. This is not good. HURRY PLEASE!" The woman with red eyes gasps and nods, then sends a whit spark flying toward the large coliseum in the sky. Many beings answer the calla nd head to the large white dome.

To Be Continued...

MAR. 18 2009
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