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The second story is Legends of Lumia: Illuminate

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Legends of Lumia: Illuminate Final

Xato continues his assault on Zak, who, for some reason would not fight back, and just took the punches head on. Behind them, Leena and Etherin held both then hands, slowly being able to move inside the trap barrier they were in. Xato finally punched Zak so hard, he sent him flying against his throne, blasting it into pieces. Zak gets up laughing harder and harder as he got up. "Is that all you GOT!?" asks Zak mockingly. Xato was a bit winded, but he stands up straight, takes a deep breath, then stretches his arms, saying "I'm just getting warmed up." "Oh quit bluffing, wolfie" said Zak calmly. "My power goes beyond what any of you can even comprehend. Not even that petty sword of light could harm me now." Zak looks at Leena and Etherin, then his blood red eyes fill with wonder then mocks them "so this is it? You're going to dance? That is your secret weapon? Please... DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!" Zak launches himself at the two, but Xato gets in the way and punches Zak in the face, sending him against a wall. The impact was so great, Zak was coughing as he got up again. "Sneaky little wolf. You concentrated your own light around your fists... very impressive. Let's kick this up a notch, shall we?" As soon as Zak stops speaking, he starts absorbing red energy from his surrounding, then the food and beds vanished, revealing a room full of acid to the left, and a room full of thorns and spikes to the right. As soon as he absorbs this power, his body becomes buff, the white fur replaced by more thorns and scales around his body. His face now looked like a deformed lizard, and his voice turns deeper and raspy. "Let's see how you can handle me now, wolfie!?" then launches himself at Xato.

Back at the courtyard, Amy is hanging on for dear life. Exhausted, and hurt, she continues fighting the weakened monster, while her sister, Kayla heals her with the last of the herbs left, as her magic is almost completely depleted. The monster turns it's weapon into a small pike and tries stabbing the quick half fox girl. Amy, after avoiding an attack from the monster, sees an opening and slashed open it's head. The monster roars in pain as it's size starts diminishing. Shortly after it was already the same size as Amy. Without thinking for another second, Amy lunges her swords at the creature, stabbing it on the chest and face. It stops moving and roaring for a few seconds, then suddenly Amy is pushed back, her swords flying alongside her, as the monster turns into a thousand tentacles, then expands, roaring furiously, then explodes, and as it does, Zak feels as if his heart is being stabbed then receives a punch from Xato, straight in the face, sending him flying against the window where he sees the girls alive, and his monster turned to mere pieces. Kayla runs to Amy "Amy, Amy! re you alright?" Amy lies on the floor, out of breath, then raises her fist giving her sister the thumbs up. Kayla smiles and laughs, celebrating their greatest victory. Zak was furious "HOW!? Two little girls KILLED IT!?" Xato smiles "what's the matter, Zak? Not as strong as you though, huh? Come, I wish to give you some more medicine for that face." Xato's mockery only made Zak that much more furious. Etherin and Leena, inside the barrier sigh in relief for the girls, then Zak calms down, which scared all three heroes. "No matter" said Zak calmly, summoning the pieces of his monster to him. "I'll just have to improvise" and with those words, his tail sprouted large thorns all over. Xato prepare for the worse, and Etherin and Leena continue to store energy.

Zak punches Xato on his stomach, giving him the chance to continue to beat up the wolf-man. After a small beating, Xato is sent flying to the acid filled room, but he is able to grab on to the doorway just in time, then Zak rushes to him and grabs him by his neck. The weakened wolf could do nothing to escape as Zak immediately starte syphoning energy from him. "Mmm, this energy is just what I needed. Thank you kindly wolf." said Zak, as he tossed Xato like a rag doll to the destroyed throne. Zak begins to chant a spell "Ke-minai-nimo-noke... HIREGI!!!". Xato weakly gets up "what... what did you do?" Zak smiles, his jagged teeth bare for all to see and says "I just sent those two children a parting gift". Xato's eyes widen, Leena gasps, Etherin asks her to concentrate "Leena, please concentrate, we are the only chance they have now! CONCENTRATE!!!" Outside, Kayla used the last of her magic to heal Amy back to perfection. "Well Amy, you're all better now" she said smiling. Amy got up "we sure showed that monster, huh Kayla?" Kayla giggles saying "what are you talking about, sis? You're the one who beat the living daylights out of it." They both laugh, unaware of the danger behind them. A second red goop monster was right behind them, this one was as fast as Amy. It rapidly turns into the statue, it's hand a large spike ball, then swings the weapon, landing a mighty blow at Kayla's head. Amy's smile slowly fades as she realizes what just happened. Kayla's body bounces twice on the ground before stopping just beside the shield that prevented their escape. The monster, as fast as it materialized, it turned back into red goop and vanishes underground. Amy was barely able to follow, she still could not believe her eyes, but after staring at her sister, lying there on the ground, for a few second, she realizes what just had happened and runs to her "Kayla! KAYLA, GET UP!" She drops next to her sister and tries to get her up. "Sis, sis, come on, get up! Sis. Sis?" Blood flows from under her lilac hair. Amy was still in shock and could not believe what was happening, then start to cry. "sis... come on, wake up... look, that thing... it-it broke my knee, ouch, ouch!" but Kayla would not get up. Amy started to cry, yet somehow finds enough control to summon a lilac light to the tip of her left hand, places it gently under her sister's head, curing the wound, but Kayla would not wake up. Amy places her face on her sister's neck, crying uncontrollably, but she hears a heartbeat. She slowly stops crying then forces a smile, softly saying "you're alive... you're alive, sis."

Back in the throne room, Zak was using Xato's body as a wrecking ball, then smiles at Leena and Etherin who struggled to maintain concentration. "I'll get back to you as soon as I am done with this garbage. Don't worry.." he says turning to Xato " will be all over soon" Zak wraps his scaly hands around Xato's neck and squeezes hard. Xato was too weak to fight back, struggling desperately to get lose from Zak's grip. Xato begins to lose consciousness, then he sees a tunnel made of many lights leading toward a bright white light. Xato immediately realized... he was dying. His life passes by before his eyes, then his thoughts turned to a woman and thinks "I am sorry Kira. I will not return home as I was, but as light" then his thoughts drift away. Outside, the monster reformed behind Amy and roars loudly, turning both it's hands into sabers. Amy gets up looking at her sister "don't worry sis, I'll protect you" then turns around, her eyes filled with fire, baring her teeth at the monster "you hurt my sister" screams Amy as her swords slowly fly back to her hands "and for that I will show you WHAT HELL IS LIKE!" when her swords reached her hands, both blades were surrounded by orange light. "I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!" She launches herself against the monster, immediately clashing blades with the creature, blocking, swinging, dodging, repeating. Each time she hit it would roar in pain, she kept on going fiercely, not leaving any respite for the creature. Inside, Xato wasn't moving, but Zak would not let go of him saying "I want to hear that neck snap!" Xato was reaching the light when all of a sudden he heard Etherin's voice "is that all you got? Come on, the Xato I know would never give up so easily. Come on, you can fight... and I will be there to help. But you have to first help yourself... chicken" Xato's spirit got surrounded by red flames "WHAT!? you got some NERVE calling me a chicken, COME BACK HERE!", then Xato's body regains strength. Zak was caught off guard, and Xato uses his left hand and claws Zak's eye out, getting free from the demon's clutches. Zak screams in pain, and behind him a large ball of light shines. "What's this?" asked Zak, holding his eye in pain.

Back outside Amy fought fiercely against the monster, but she was getting very tired, very quick. the monster took the chance and turned it's left hand into a hammer, hitting Amy hard on her back, sending her flying beside her sister. Amy tried using her sword to get back up but she could not. She tried again and again, but she could not get up, once more a tear falls from her eye "sorry sis... without you, I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. The monster joins it's arms and turned both into a gigantic spike ball. It lifted it's arms high above it's head ready to strike. Amy closed her eyes, hoping it would end quick, then heard the sound of impalement. She though it had aimed at her sister, but when she opens her eyes and looks up, a fork was lodged into the monster's head. The monster roared in pain, then a silver fox woman, baring teeth and claws, started clawing and biting the monster while a large man with a thick gray mustache takes out the fork and stabs the monster on it's back. The monster roars again, then it's body melts to the ground as the beautiful silver fox woman continued to claw it to it's death. Amy opens here eyes wide and smiles wide "MAMA!!! PAPA!!!" The man and fox-woman walk toward their daughters "Amy, my baby!" said the fox-woman as she holds her daughter in her arms and gives her a big hug. The man grabs Kayla, just as she wakes up, and weakly she asks "papa? Is that... you?" The man nods and says "yes darling, your mama and papa are here. It's okay now". Kayla weakly asks "but how did...?" Amy had fallen fast asleep on mother's arms as the fox-woman answers "we would go to the ends of this world for you, don't you forget that... ever." "Now we have to wait until those up there finish the job, and we can go home" said the man. Kayla smiles, then falls back to sleep.

Leena and Etherin had unleashed the energy they had been storing, breaking the barrier that had them trapped. Dancing around in the air, ever step they took shot a beam of light toward Zak, who would scream in searing pain with each blow. Xato would look at the battle from a safe distance as he got out the last of the elixirs and drank it, healing himself. Etherin looks at Xato and warns him "Xato, this spell might level this castle, get out while you can, we'll give you some time!" Xato smirks and says "I'll be out before you know it" then rushes out a window and climbs his way down. The shield surrounding the courtyard broke piece by peace as Zaks powers waned, and Xato finally spots Kayla and Amy and their parents. "What happened? Are they alright?" asked Xato from a distance as he headed toward the family. "Who are you, sir?" asked the man. "I am Xato. We were worried about the girls, are they okay?" "Yes" said the mother and Xato replied "good, now let's get as far away from the castle as we can. It's going to blow any minute now!" They all run for the mountainous edges of the courtyard and wait. Back inside, Leena and Etherin's magic was drawing Zak to them. Zak was trying to get away as best he could saying "this CANNOT end like this, I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!" Leena and Etherin looked at each other, nod then smirk. "Let's finish this, and go back home" said Etherin as he smiled at Leena. "Yeah, I REALLY want to take a nice bath after this" replied Leena. They stopped dancing, then let go of their hands, then rapidly clapped them together, then their light turned to swirling shadow. Zak smile thinking this will aid him, and lets go, confident this shadow will give him more strength, but as soon as he touched the swirl he started screaming in great pain "ARGH!!! HOW CAN THIS BE!? How can this shadow burn more than LIGHT!?" Etherin and Leena smiled and Etherin explained "because, Zak, light and darkness don't necessarily mean good and evil, and we tend to forget, there is as much good in the darkness as there is in the light, and combining both for good creates a power that even the feared "god of evil" cannot deny!" With that, Zak screams a bloody scream as the ball of swirly shadow consumes him down to his very bones. Once the job was done, the shadow disappears and light surrounds Etherin and Leena once more, softly letting them down on the ground. Once on the ground, Etherin and Leena look at each other, then Etherin says "god, I love you Leena" then kisses her". He then smiles at her, and she smiles back, just like the first time they met, then she grabs hold of him and kisses him back.

The two come out of the castle through the entrance gate. Xato smiles, overjoyed to see them well, then runs to them. When all three regroup by the stairs leading up to the castle, the ground begins to rumble and a grumbling voice in the air penetrated their ears. The girls and their parents, whom were getting closer to the three warriors fell to the ground due to the magnitude of the rumbling. "HOLD ON!" said the father, as both him and the mother hold to their daughters, doing their best to cover them. Half of the castle begins coming down and from there, a black dragon, it's eyes red in color, it's body full of thorns and scales that looked as strong as steel, arise. The dragon was twice the size of the castle itself opens its wings threateningly and roars at the heavens, turning the skies into dark thunder clouds. Loud thunder and bright lighting surrounded the dragon. The dragon, with a loud deep voice said "this world shall be covered in chaos, I shall be victorious and you will be blamed for all this!!!" The dragon opens it's wings ready to strike, but a bright yellow sword slashes right through it's neck, and slowly, the dark dragon's neck slides down, then before the head touches the ground, it turns to dust, it's body rapidly follows. The dark thunder clouds vanish as soon as the dragon turns to dust, and behind all the dust a silhouette of a long wavy haired woman is seen absorbing the large light sword back to her hand, and from inside the smoke comes Leena smiling. Etherin and Xato both had their mouths wide open, their eyes looked like they were about to pop out, then placing her right hand on her hip she winks and says "What!? You've never seen a girl kick dragon butts before?" Etherin and Xato look at each other in a state of shock, then start to laugh. Etherin runs to Leena, hugging her and kissing her on her cheek, making her giggle. Happily, all seven return to Etherin's house. Celebrating their victory was the entire city of Lumia, filling the streets with many smiles, and lots of parties, but the heroes were too tired to party. Inside Etherin's house, Amy was beating Etherin in every video game they played, Leena and Kayla were talking, the parent's laughing and smiling, but Xato had something on his mind. Etherin quits the game, Amy mocking him, calling him a loser, then Etherin tells the solitary wolf "go. Don't worry about a thing. You'll see, she'll forgive you" Xato looked at Etherin, rising his sights to Etherin, but leaving his face down, sighs, then gets up saying "thanks Etherin. I'll leave you to your fun... my journey continues for a bit now, but this one is on my own". Etherin smile and places his hand on the wolf-man's shoulder then nods.

Xato leaves Etherin's house and heads to the farms. He arrives at a large white house with yellow windows late at night. The right window was still lit. Xato takes a deep breath then goes on, and knocks at the door. After a few moments the door opens. A wolf woman was standing inside the house. She had white fur that went from her mouth down to her tail, the rest of her fur was grayish blue. She was stunningly beautiful, and as she opens the door she asks "yes, who is...?" She stands there in shock looking at Xato, who had his sights down, his ears lowered, then he says in a very low tone of voice "Kira?" Kira stands at the doorway then grabs the wolf-man's face and lifts his head. She whimpers, then slaps him "do you HAVE any idea how WORRIED I was!? I though you were dead I though...!" yelled the woman as she embraced Xato tightly in her arms then continued "you idiot; you fool, don't you ever do that again" then started to cry. Xato holds her back saying "I'm sorry sweetheart. I am home now. I will never leave you again... that's promise." And so the two wolves stay outside for a little longer holding each other before going inside, Kira eager to hear Xato's tale. In the morning, Leena and Etherin visit Merkob's tomb. "Uncle Merkob, we did it. You are free now" said Etherin, then suddenly Merkob's ghost materializes in front of them saying "good job, Etherin. Thank you so much. You saved this entire universe, and freed me. But how did you manage to beat Zak and still be in one piece?" Etherin looks at Leena and says "Uncle, i present to you, Leena, my life partner. Xato helped a lot too. If it weren't for them, I'd probably be dead, and Zak free to do whatever he wanted." Leena gets closer to Ehterin and he wraps his hand around her. Merkob opens his eyes wide saying "that's quite a catch". Leena and Etherin blush then Merkob continues "ah... it's time I moved on now. Etherin, your parents, before I leave, I must tell you that they are about to return, but there is something else, surrounding them. I can't quite say, but it seems Lumia and Dekmoniac are in for the ride of the eons." And so Merkob's soul drifts up into the light before Etherin could ask him more. Leena and Etherin look at each other concerned, but they decided they would handle whatever came, whenever it came. As they head back home, they stop by Amy, and Kayla's new house that was just a few houses away from Etherin's. Outside the house was a gold plaque that read "The Hikeros". Etherin opens his eyes wide then Amy, who was sitting on the window says to them "What? What did you think? That we were just plain Amy and Kayla? Give me a break." then she bites on an apple she just swiped off Kayla's plate from inside the house. Etherin, very surprised keeps pointing at the plaque as Leena, very confused keeps asking what was wrong, and so ends the tale in the Legends of Lumia.

The End... Epilogue up next.

MAR. 02 2009
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